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( I have worked for this company for a full summer as a way to make money to help pay for University. One of the Bosses is an almost 70 year old man that does as much work as he can at his age and is very easy to get along with, however the other is just a boss and someone that likes to do things her way without thinking of others. On this particular day I have been send mowing, which I have done since I was 12 with my family and absolutely hate. My coworker and i are at a residence and just as we are finishing up I get a call)

Female Boss: Hello, are you still at [First Property]?

Me: Yes, we were just about to finish up actually and take off, why what’s up?

Female Boss: I just got a call wondering if we would be able to go mow a lawn for the first time this year. I’ll send you the directions.

(It was already June which meant that the grass had been growing for approximately 6 weeks, causing it to be very long. As my co-worker and I come to the property, we notice that the grass is out of control. Luckily we have a very good ride on mower called a Z-trak, and a heavy duty whipper snipper, but still it will take awhile to do. After we finish mowing we have to rake, which takes as long as the mowing itself. Once we are finished we load up the machines, but before we can leave the woman who owns the house runs out.)

Home Owner: Thank you so much for this, my husband is a fisherman and I usually have to mow the whole lawn myself with just a push mower but it was broken and we just got it fixed. Without you guys it would have taken me days to mow this.

Co-worker: It was not a problem, it’s our job!

Home Owner: Well I appreciate it, here take this.

(She hands us both a bottle of water and $5 as a tip. We refuse but she insists. Even though i hate mowing it is people like her that make it bearable, and thanks to her $5 I was able to buy an energy drink which always makes my day easier!)

Has Mixed Feelings About HR

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(I am of mixed race — my mom is black and my dad is white — but I have predominantly Caucasian features. I get called into HR after a verbal fight I had with another mixed coworker. She is accusing me of being racist towards her. I have a generic first and last name, so unless I choose to disclose my parentage, I can easily pass for white.)

Human Resources: “Hello, [My Name]. Thanks for coming. This is a safe space to share our feelings in, so no one feels attacked here.”

(My coworker sniffles and glares at me as I sit down.)

Me: “Okay.”

Human Resources: “So, let’s discuss what happened on Thursday, and how we can move forward. [Coworker] feels like you’re singling her out for being mixed and are purposely giving her easy work and putting her down in front of the boss due to her race.”

Me: “Now—”

Coworker: “I just feel so unsafe at work.”

Human Resources: “Don’t worry, [Coworker]; we are here to change that.”

Me: “Can I say something?”

Coworker: “You’ve said enough. It’s clear how you feel about black people.”

Human Resources: “Now, now, let’s stay calm. It’s a safe space. Now, [My Name], since is the first altercation, you won’t be fired.” *Yes, this is literally how she started the conversation* “But—”

Me: “Uh, excuse me? Aren’t you going to ask my side of the story?”

Human Resources: “Uh, well, sure, but—”

Me: “I hope you aren’t just taking her side because she’s more black than I am.”


Me: “NEWSFLASH! I’m mixed, too!”

Coworker: “What?”

Me: “I look white, but my mom is black. So, let’s go back you accusing me of being racist towards you for being mixed. Now that it’s clear I’m mixed, too, please explain to me how I’ve been demeaning to you because of your lineage. I’m sure my parents want to know where they went wrong with me.”

Coworker: *rushed* “Maybe I overreacted.”

Human Resources: “Okay, due to this turn of events, maybe we can settle it.”

Me: “Yeah, thanks to you finding out I’m mixed, all of a sudden I’m not the bad guy, huh? What if I hadn’t been mixed? You weren’t even going to hear my side of the story! You would’ve just taken her at her word, and I might’ve been out of that supervisor promotion I applied for. You could’ve ruined my future at this company all because I ‘look white.’”

(I stormed out of the office and found the nearest office with the words supervisor on it. I was led to the supervisor of the HR rep, and he listened to me rant for at least an hour before, calmly, helping me find a solution. Neither the HR rep or my coworker were fired, but the HR rep was unofficially demoted and my coworker was moved to a different floor. I haven’t had any trouble since, and although I got passed over for supervisor, my current boss practically told me I have her position when she goes on maternity leave. After this altercation, my mom half-jokingly told me to leave a picture of all of us on my desk in case of future misunderstandings of my race.)

Not Too Proud To Apologize

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(I get into an argument with a coworker who is annoyed that our boss is giving those who asked the day off to go to the Pride Parade. Although I am straight, a few of my family members are not and I am going to Pride to support them.)

Coworker: “I don’t get why [Boss] is giving you that day off! You’re not even gay!”

Me: “So? Ever heard of allies?”

Coworker: “Oh, my God! Everyone is asking for the day to just slack off! You know that’s our busiest day! God, is anyone going even gay?”

Me: “Uh, yeah. You know some of our coworkers are gay, right? They wear pins all the time, and their wives even come by to pick them up.”

Coworker: “Who?”

Me: “Seriously, how have you not noticed? It’s [Coworker #1] and [Coworker #2]. Their wives are so nice and—”

Coworker: “What? They aren’t lesbians! They don’t look like lesbos.”

Me: “You can’t tell people’s sexualities by looking at them.”

(My coworker laughs and walks away; however, the next day, he corners me in the break room before I sign in.)

Coworker: “You know how you said yesterday about not being able to tell people are lesbos by just looking at them?”

Me: “Well, I said you cannot tell people’s sexualities just by looking at them, not just lesbians.”

Coworker: “Yeah, whatever. I talked to your uncle while you were getting your stuff from the back yesterday and he agreed with me. Straight people just have good gaydar, I guess. Even your own family agrees with me and—” *he stops since I burst out laughing* “What? What is so funny?”

Me: “You just disproved yourself!”

Coworker: “What?”

Me: “You just said my uncle’s straight, right?”

Coworker: “Wait—”

Me: “You told my uncle, who is gay by the way, that you can tell people are gay just by looking at them. You said all this without realising my uncle was gay!”

Coworker: “But he looked straight!”

Me: “Is your definition of gay wearing sequins and having a feminine voice? Gay people come in all different shapes, races, and voices. I think I won this argument.”

Coworker: “Wow… Does your uncle hate me now?”

Me: “He probably thinks you’re a little homophobic.”

Coworker: “I don’t think anyone has ever proven me wrong so successfully.”

Me: “You proved yourself wrong, buddy. I had nothing to do with it.”

(My coworker was so shocked by this that he apologised to my uncle when he next saw him and stopped complaining about people getting off for the Pride Parade. Obviously, change doesn’t happen overnight, but he has absolutely stopped making homophobic comments, and although he didn’t come to the Parade, one of my coworkers told me he asked her where he can buy a Straight Alliance pin. He promises to come to the Pride Parade this year, so we’ll see what happens.)

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(We have an Admin Clerk, since we are comprised of several departments. All business cards contain this number because the Admin Clerk knows if we are in the office or not. Today, I am filling in because she is out sick. This was my call. I am not an admin clerk by any means but thought I handled it well.)

Me: “Good Morning, [Department].”

Man: “I left a message for Mr. [X]. Is this also the office for Mr. [Y].”

Me: “Yes, sir. Please allow me to transfer you.”

Man: “I don’t want to talk to him. I want to talk to Mr. [X].”

Me: “I’m sorry about that, sir, I assumed you meant that Mr. [X] was not available and were hoping to speak with Mr. [Y]. Allow me to transfer you.”

Man: “Well why did he not answer the phone? This number is on his business card.”

Me: “This is the main reception and all business cards display this number as reception knows if employees are in that day.”

Man: “So if no one answers, that means Mr. [X] is not in.”

Me: “No, that means that everyone is busy helping customers either at the counter or on the other line.”

Man: “Well, what’s Mr. [X]’s number.”

Me: “I am not sure what his direct line is, you will have to ask him for it once I transfer you.”

Man: “You work there and don’t know his number?”

Me: “Sir, this is the number to reach him. I know his extension and can transfer you.”

Man: “Well this is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Why can’t I call him on another number?”

Me: “Sir, I am going to transfer you to his phone and you can ask him for his direct line for the future.”

Man: “Well why wouldn’t you just do that in the first place?!”

Me: *transfers* …ugh.”

That Is Knot Where I Was Going With That

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(My parents and I are watching TV, and my dad is absently rubbing my mom’s neck. She’s enjoying it.)

Mom: “Mmm, does it feel naughty? It feels naughty.”

Dad: “Oh, yeah.”

Me: *cringing*

Mom: “No, not naughty, KNOTTY!”

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