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Where I work, we take orders for contact lenses. Once an order is placed, the only way to change the address is to cancel the order and place a new one as the system does not allow modifications after the order is placed. This lady was pleasant up until I explained that we would need to do this.

Me: So, we can certainly do that and place a new order for you, to make sure it ships to the correct address.

Customer: I can’t believe that in the age of computers we can put a man on the *expletive* moon and you’re too stupid to change a 2 to a 5! *hangs up*

I just sat there for a moment in complete confusion.

Email Fail, Part 20

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Me: “Thank you for calling [Company]; how can I help you?”

Customer: “I emailed you over four hours ago and haven’t heard a response. The waiting time for a response on your website says four hours! It’s been way longer than that!”

Me: “I do apologize, sir. Our email system has been down all afternoon. We are working as fast as possible to get it running again.”

Customer: “Well, why didn’t anyone email me to tell me that?”

Me “…”

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My mom has fibromyalgia and often flubbs her words, but this was one of the better ones! My 9 year old was going outside and has put on his coat, but not zipped it up.
Mom, in her very stern voice, said “Xander! You haven’t even finished vacuuming your shirt yet!” Needless to say, he was very confused, especially when mom started laughing!

Slick Parenting

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(We sell a certain brand of collectible stuffed animals that are very popular with kids. It’s a very common occurrence to see kids asking their parents for these. A dad and his little girl come to the cash with one of the stuffed animals, and the girl is very excited.)

Me: “Good choice! He’s one of my favorites!”

Girl: “What’s his name?

(They come with names printed in the tags.)

Me: “Slick.”

Girl: “Slick. He’s so cute! Slick, Slick, Slick.” *matter of fact* “It’s a good thing we can use the credit card. You should always keep your credit card on you, in case you need it to buy things!”

Me: *trying not to laugh* “That’s… very good advice.”

Dad: “Especially when you have children.”

(I couldn’t stop laughing after that; they made my day!)

They Deserve To Be Locked Up In A Cell

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(A mobile customer calls in to check if her bill is due.)

Me: “I can definitely check to see if your mobile bill is due. I’ll just need the cell phone number, please.”

Customer: *gives me the number*

Me: “Okay, I searched that number and it’s not bringing up any results. Is this for your mobile account?”

Customer: “That’s the correct number. I only have one number.”

Me: “So, the number is [number]?”

Customer: “Yes!”

Me: “I’m sorry, but it doesn’t appear that this number is with our cellular services.”

Customer: “Well, no, it wouldn’t be. It’s my home number. My cell number is [other number].”

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