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(I’ve added stories about my orthodontist, but TL;DR: my teeth are too big for my jaw and I’m afraid/sickened by the though of both dentists and needles thanks to him. My mother badgered me to go to a new dentist that had been recommended to her since I hadn’t been near one since I left school and my teeth are a bit of a mess, so we both booked an appointment. We filled our information and a nurse came to double-check.)

Nurse: “OK, everything looks good here. Now, are either of you afraid at all?”

Me: “Yes!!”

(She reassured me that the dentist understood and would move slowly, and let me take breaks. The dentist was great during the X-rays and consultation, and went through and wrote down everything that I needed to have done,including wisdom tooth extraction in a specialist clinic due to nerves in my jaw being too close to the roots, as well as prices. Fast-forward a few weeks and we’re both back, I’m in for a filling with my headphones and lots of calm, soothing words – until I get out to reception…)

Receptionist: “… So the filling will be [price, as listed]. And I can get you booked in for the root canal whenever is convenient.”

Me: *suddenly anxious* “… What root canal?”

(Her face fell.)

Receptionist: “… I’ll just go get the dentist…”

(I’m left silently freaking out as my mother is still in for her appointment, and a minute later the dentist calls me back into her surgery room.)

Dentist: “I am so sorry about that. It turns out that this tooth is worse than we thought and has an abcess that needs to be sorted, but we can’t do that with a filling. Don’t listen to any horror stories you might hear about root canals, we use the newest, top-of-the-range practices and they don’t fail! But if you really want we can arrange an extraction along with the wisdom teeth. I’m sorry again, you did so well today that I didn’t want to scare you with this right now. ”

(It really wasn’t her fault and she was so nice, but the receptionist freaked me out so much. I waited for my mother, told her what was up, and of course she freaked me out even more about root canals. I decided to go for the extraction under general anaesthetic, but haven’t been able to face that place since!)

Not Thinking (About What’s) Inside The Box

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(I work in a branch of a fried chicken chain. We do several different boxed burger meals, two of which are very similar. They are almost identical, the only difference being that [Box Meal #1] comes with a piece of chicken and [Box Meal #2] comes with two hot wings. Both are very popular and are ordered very regularly. One day, as I’m wiping tables in the dining area, a woman comes in with one of our boxed meals. She is clearly angry.)

Customer: “Excuse me! You got my order wrong!”

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry! What was wrong with it? I can fix that for you right away.”

Customer: “This happens every f****** time I come in here. There’s always something wrong. I had to walk back from home for over fifteen minutes!”

(The cursing doesn’t bother me, since around here every other word is a swear word whether the person’s angry or not.)

Me: “If you just tell me what the problem—”

Customer: “You didn’t give me my f****** chicken.”

(She shoves the box into my hands. I open it up to check. Everything that’s included in [Box Meal #1] appears to be in there.)

Me: “Was this a [Box Meal #1]?”

Customer: *crossing her arms* “Yes.”

Me: “I’m sorry, but I don’t see any problems with it. Everything’s in there. The burger, the chi—”

Customer: “Two. Two pieces of chicken.”

Me: “I’m sorry?”

Customer: “I’m supposed to have two pieces of chicken.”

Me: “Oh, did you order an extra piece? I’m sorry, I—”

Customer: “No! I ordered a [Box Meal #1] and it comes with two pieces of chicken. Jesus, do you not know how to do your f****** job? Don’t they train you here? F***’s sake.”

(I now realise what she’s talking about.)

Me: “Are you sure you’re not thinking of [Box Meal #2]? That one comes with two hot wings.”

Customer: “Of course I’m f****** sure! I order this all the time! How can a [Restaurant] have staff that doesn’t even f****** know what food they serve.”

Me: “Actually, if you look at our menu board over there you’ll see that the [Box Meal #2] comes with two hot wings and [Box Meal #1] comes with just the one piece of chicken on the bone.”

(I point to our menu board as she squints at it, scrutinising every word. A look of embarrassment washes over her face as she realises her mistake. She turns back to me and smiles.)

Customer: *suddenly cheery* “Oh! I’m sorry. Thank you very much, love. Bye!”

(She turns and walks out of the restaurant as if nothing ever happened.)

Me: “What…?”

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(Me, my grandmother, my dad, my mum and my two brothers were in the car and me and one of my brothers were trying to get my other brother to say his own name.)

Me: “Say [Brother #2’s Name].”

Brother #2: “No!”

Brother #1: “Say [Brother #2’s Name].”

Brother #2: “No! Bad boy [Brother #2’s Name]!”