For Him, A Screenshot Might As Well Be A Moonshot

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(One of our users from our engineering department phones me and describes a problem with a very specific piece of computer software. I know that one of our software analysts can fix the problem, but I also know they will want a screenshot of the error so they can troubleshoot. I know that for many of our users, “taking a screenshot” is a completely alien concept, so I always explain how to do it. Most people are happy enough to be walked through it.)

Me: “Hello, IT, [My Name] speaking.”

User: “Uh, yeah, hi. I’m having problems with [Specific System]; it’s giving me an error when I do [specific action he is trying to do].”

Me: “Okay, I can get that logged on our helpdesk for our software team to look at. Could I ask you to send me a screenshot of the error?”

User: “No, I can’t do that; I’m not IT literate!”

Me: “That’s all right. I’ll explain how to do it.”

User: “Yeah, but I’m not IT literate!”

Me: “Well let’s just try it, shall we? First of all, could you press…”

User: “Look. I told you: I’m not IT literate! Why are you not listening to me?

Me: *giving up* “Fine. Let me just log this for you.”

(I took his details and logged a ticket on our helpdesk. I put a note on there asking whoever picked it up to speak to me. One of my colleagues did pick it up, noticed there was no screenshot, and did come and speak to me. When I explained what had happened, she was very amused. Apparently this particular user is always like this. Ask him to do ANYTHING he’s not sure about, and his standard response is to say, “I’m not IT literate!” repeatedly.)

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(I am with my family for a weekend to celebrate my dad’s birthday. We decide to do a guided tour of a popular tourist attraction. My wife works there but today is her day off. We arrive for the tour and meet the guide, who obviously knows my wife.)

My Wife: *to tour guide* “Hello [guide]!”

Guide: *to my wife* “Hi [Wife]! You’re here with your family then?”

My Wife: “Yes, these are my parents-in-law:” *gestures to my parents* “And this is my husband [My Name].” *gestures to me*

Guide: “Oh hello [My Name]! [Wife] has told me a lot about you!”

Me: “Oh really? Has it all been good? Because if it’s been all good, then it’s all lies!”

(The guide laughs and my wife rolls her eyes.)

My wife (to tour guide): Don’t worry, if he gets annoying just leave him somewhere! *she and the guide both laugh*

Me (to my wife): Hey, come on! You’ve been trying that for 5 years now and it NEVER works! *laughing now too*

My dad: Yeah well, she’s not trying hard enough!

We all laugh. I love my family!

The Transaction Dipped But It’s Getting Better

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(I am the stupid customer in this one. On my way home from driving my wife to work, I decide to stop for food at a well-known international restaurant chain.)

Cashier: *to me as I look at the menu* “Hi there. What can I get you?”

Me: “Hi… um… Could I get a…” *glancing at menu* “…[Meal that comes with a choice of dip], please?”

Cashier: “Large?”

Me: “Please.”

Cashier: “Which drink would you like?”

Me: “Could I have a [Drink], please?”

Cashier: “And which dip?”

Me: “That’s a [Drink].”

Cashier: “Pardon? Which dip, sir?”

Me: “Oh! Sorry! I thought you said drink! Uh, no dip, please.”

(The cashier types in my order and I grin at what just happened.)

Cashier: “That’s [price], sir.”

(I reach into my pocket and get out the money.)

Me: “Wouldn’t taste nice if I dipped my food in [Drink], now, would it?”

Cashier: *laughing* “Not really, no!”

Me: “It would be a bit soggy!”

Cashier: *laughing still* “Yes, it would!”

Me: “I’ve made your day now, haven’t I?”

Cashier: “Yes, sir!” *she smiles*

Me: “Better than people coming in here swearing at you!”

Cashier: “Oh, totally!”

(I ate my meal and DIDN’T dip any of it in my drink! My head must have been elsewhere when she took my order. Still, I’m glad I could brighten up her day!)

Wants Their Meal Souped Up

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(I take a couple’s entrees to their table and let them know I’ll be back with their sides soon.)

Me: “Here are your salads and sauces.”

Customer: “Where is the rest of my meal?”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Customer: “This can’t be all my food. My husband has much more food than I do.”

Me: “Well, your husband ordered surf and turf with a side of salad and fries. You’ve only asked for soup and a sandwich. Is that correct?”

Customer: “Yes. But why did he get more than me?”


Got A Handle On This Management Thing

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(I am an IT technician. We have recently appointed a new operations manager, to whom I report directly. We also have a young man of school age in with us to get a bit of summer work experience. I have been asked to move several computers to temporarily accommodate some staff whose office is being renovated. I go with our student to collect the computers. When we arrive at the destination office, I ask the student to connect everything up while I supervise, so he can get a bit of experience. He’s working away — doing a very good job I might add — when our boss, the operations manager, walks in. We get on very well, and spend a lot of time joking around and teasing each other.)

Operations Manager: *to me* “Ah, here you are [My Name]! When you’ve finished, could you go and see [Person in another office]?”

Me: “Of course, [Operations Manager]!”

(The operations manager looks over at our student, who has finished connecting everything up and is about to switch on the computer.)

Operations Manager: *to me* “Hey, why are you making him do all the work while you just stand around?”

Me: “Because I’m training to be an IT manager!”

(The two other people in the office chuckle. My manager doesn’t say anything, just shoots me a dirty look and walks off. As he leaves, the office manager turns to me.)

Office Manager: “That was a good answer, [My Name]!”

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