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Usually, when someone orders something off the “Dinner” page of our menu, they get a dinner bun with it. However, probably 90% of customers don’t eat the bun, so we end up having to throw them away. So recently the higher ups decided we were going to stop providing dinner rolls to reduce cost and waste. This happened about a week after we ran out of our last order of rolls.

2 elderly ladies are sitting together, I bring them their food. They both order dinners.

Me: “Here’s your dinners ladies”
Lady 1: “Can I get some napkins?”
Lady 2: “Where’s my dinner bun? It’s supposed to come with a dinner bun.”
I start to leave the table to get the napkins, but first say –
Me: “I’m sorry we don’t have dinner buns, we phased them out.”

As I walk away, I hear Lady 2 repeat what I said. I grab a couple napkins and return to the table.

Me: “Here you go, can I get you ladies anything else?”
Lady 2: “This is supposed to come with a dinner bun.”
Me: “I’m sorry m’am, we don’t have dinner buns anymore. Most people didn’t eat them so we stopped ordering them. I can offer you some toast or bread instead if you would like.”

At the point I say that most people didn’t eat them, she looked at me like I personally insulted her.

Lady 2: “But this is supposed to come with a dinner bun.”
Me: “We don’t have any, can I bring you some toast or bread instead.”
Lady 2: “Bring me toast.”

I go to the kitchen window and ask for a side of toast. This was during our busy Sunday lunch rush and I had had more than enough of this woman by now. Luckily, my manager asked there was anything he could do for me, I told him to bring the side of toast to the table so I wouldn’t have to go back there. She must have been so heartbroken about not getting a dinner bun that she didn’t tip.

The Bieber Falling On Hard Times

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(I work for an online company and help those who sell on the website. This includes taking phone calls and answering emails. I get a gem of a phone call one morning.)

Customer: “My verification isn’t going through. I’ve called in about every day for the last two weeks.”

(Those who want to sell on the website have to go through an identity verification that includes a copy of their driver’s license. It’s not much different than an employer asking for it. Plus, in the shady market of online selling, it’s best to make extra certain.)

Me: “Okay. Let me pull up your case to take a look at any notes those associates may have. I can’t see the documentation as I don’t have permission to see it.”

Customer: “I’ve already attached it to the case. Also, they keep responding in French and the last response said I can’t sell on the website.”

(I find this a little odd, as this team isn’t the one to tell people they can’t sell here anymore, but I look into the case. The customer is being responded to in French and has received a notice saying he can’t sell. Usually, if the verification doesn’t go through, it has something to do with another document they sent us. For example, if we can click and highlight anything on a PDF, we immediately reject it as not being genuine. I find nothing wrong with that document. I pull up the driver’s license and have to do a double-take. The picture for the ID matches that of Justin Bieber. This guy sounds twice the age of Justin Bieber. I put the customer on hold to “look into things.” I get the help of a coworker and we end up finding a website teaching you how to fake a Quebec driver’s license. The picture is that of Justin Bieber. After I decide what to do, I get back on the phone.)

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but we can’t accept this as a valid form of ID.”

Customer: “What do you mean?”

(He must really think I’m stupid.)

Me: “It’s a picture of Justin Bieber.”

Customer: *click*

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At the restaurant I used to work the floors were swept and mopped twice a day. I began mopping after the lunch rush and was stopped by an elderly woman sitting in the corner of the building at one of only two occupied tables.

Customer: Did you have to start right here?

Me: I already cleaned the rest of this section of the restaurant, ma’am. I just need to get this little area and I’ll be out of your way.

Customer: Take that somewhere else! Someone who enters could slip and fall!

Me: It all dries up pretty fast, actually. Besides, we’ve got wet floor signs out to warn anybody who might come on.

Customer: Look, I don’t want to have to listen to mopping sounds while I’m trying to eat. It’s gross and it’s rude!

Before I had the chance to respond a coworker calls me back to the front line. I excused myself and moved the mop bucket to a location out of any customer’s way. When I make it back to the front I start explaining to my manager what just happened. Two sentences in I see the woman dash across the floor to throw away her garbage (Later inspection revealed she had no leftovers) before leaving for the day.

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(Our office is above a bank, and our windows look out over the bank’s drive-thru. One morning we hear a frustrated customer honking her horn)

Coworker: Look at this! *Points out window*

(I look out the window to see a woman who has driven past the tellers’ machines by at least half a car length. We can’t hear what the conversation is, but the customer is gesturing wildly at the teller window and not speaking into the speaker. Note that this woman is in the third lane of the drive-thru, and the tellers probably can’t hear her.)

Me: What is she doing?

(The woman continues to be irate, and after about 5 minutes she finally figures out she needs to back up so she can reach the machine and place her deposit in the receptacle. Even then she continues to wave a menacing finger over at the teller’s window 3 lanes away, and when she receives her deposit slip and some cash back, she examines it for 3 minutes before finally driving away.)

Me: I’m so glad I don’t work in customer service anymore!

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Customer : that creal is $2.45
Me: are you sure mam, sales are usually in the computer
customer: I saw the label it said 2.45
Me:ok I’ll send a bag boy to check out the price
customer :no I’m going
customer returns with the label that she ripped off the wall
customer: see I told you 2.45
me: mam that says save $2.45
customer : that’s false advertising I demand to speak to your supervisor
Manager: is there a problem here
Customer : she is trying to cheat me out of my money I demand to be given this sale
manager :mam this isn’t on sale it’s just saying that you are getting it cheaper than if you got it at another store
customer :what kind of place is this (she throws the box of creal at my face screaming every swear word I know of) I don’t want your f***ING creal you b**** wh**
she then leaves without any of her items or her purse her husband came by to pick it up and apologize for her about 2 hours later