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Customer: What do you have that’s like a frappe? (pronounced frap-pee)
Me: Our coolers are like frappuccinos.
Customer: No. Like a McDonald’s frappe.
Me: But not like a Starbucks Frappuccino.
C: Don’t you know what a frappe is?
Me: I’ve never worked at McDonald’s. I have coolers, which are a blended coffee drink or a coffee less cooler that’s like a milkshake.
C: EVERYONE knows what a frappe is.
Me: I can make you a blended drink with coffee or without coffee. I’m not really sure what you’re asking for.
C: Have you never been to a McDonald’s?
Me: I’ve never had a frappe, I’m sorry.
C: They have signs everywhere! They look just like that! (Points to cooler sign that I’ve been gesturing at for 5 minutes.)

Shake-ing With Rage

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My manager needs to get some of her tasks completed so she lets me take charge and just operates as an acting manager. Our store has a policy that anyone taking orders in drive-thru always needs to end an order asking if their screen is showing correctly so the order does not turn out to be wrong in the end.

Lo and behold, a customer doesn’t check his screen and this is what happens.

Me: “Sorry, sir, what seems to be the problem?”

Customer: “I ordered a vanilla shake but you guys gave me a chocolate shake.”

Me: “All right, can I see your receipt, sir?”

The customer hands me the receipt and I see that his order says chocolate instead of vanilla.

Me: *To my coworker* “Did you ask if his screen was correct?”

Coworker: “Yes.”

Me: *To the customer* “All right, sir, so, as you can see here on your receipt, we had a chocolate shake on your order, and we did ask if your screen was correct. If you’re willing to go to the end of our line so I can help out the rest of the customers in line, I will be glad to fix the shake for you!”

Customer: “But I ordered a vanilla shake!”

Me: “I know, sir, but we did ask if your screen was correct. We have other customers to he—”

Customer: “Just go and make the shake!”

I’ve offered to help him by just having him wait maybe three minutes in line so I can help our other customers and I’ve been nothing but kind to him, so I lose all will to help him anymore.

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but like I said, we asked if your screen was correct and it even says here that it’s a chocolate shake.”

Customer: “Why can’t you just make the shake?!”

Because it’s a waste of product.

Me: “Because, sir, we asked if your screen was correct and we even have on the order that it is a chocolate shake.”

Customer: “I’m about to throw this shake at you!”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but we asked if your screen was correct and it even shows here that we have it ordered as a chocolate shake.”

Customer: “You’re a creep, you know that?”

I am a little taken aback as I was expecting a different insult, one that wouldn’t make me fall down laughing.

Me: “All right, sir! Have a nice day!”

Customer: “A real creep!”

I shut the window as he was shouting that at me and he drove off.

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It was Taco Tuesday, aka our busiest day of the week. The order ahead of this guy was over $60, so it took forever. The asshole who yelled at me had a special order, so it took a bit. He claimed he was sitting for an hour. I didn’t take his order, so I have no idea. I was a cashier, so I had no control over this. He started yelling at me and demanded to see my manager. My manager talked with him briefly, then went back to cooking because he was the only cook. When I went to check garbages, The asshole held his foot in front of the door to keep me in the kitchen! Do you expect your food faster if you stop the employees from working? He came in shortly after the supper rush, so we were still playing catch-up. When I was trying to get out and he asked if I needed to get out (after I was obviously trying to open the fucking door!), I told him that I needed to check the lobby. He said something along the lines of “Yeah, it’s so fucking busy!” He eventually got a refund and left. If his food took as long as he claimed, He should have complained after 5 minutes. Our policy is that lobby orders should take 90 seconds. Other customers were apologizing to me and calling him an asshole. People who were waiting for their food said he was out of line.

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I’m working drive through when a woman approaches the window. As I ring her up for her order she asks if she can return a bottled beverage (her husband doesn’t like that flavor). I scan the product for the return but it is not found in the POS. I run back to check with my supervisor who informs me we don’t sell that product in the store, it is only sold at supermarkets. I return and inform the woman. To boot, one of the bottles was opened and 1/3 empty. Also it’s summer and the diary beverage is warm to the touch…

Me: I’m sorry ma’am, but I’m unable to process this return because we don’t sell this product.

Customer: Well I bought it here a few weeks ago.

Me: Well, did you buy it at the other location perhaps?

Customer: (irritated now) No! I bought three of them here a few weeks ago but my husband doesn’t want this flavor. I would like my money back.

At this point, the line had gotten long so I wanted to get her on her way, but there was no possible way to process a refund as the product wasn’t in the POS.

Me: I’m sorry ma’am but there is no way you purchased this at this location. We do not sell this product and I’m not able to even refund it because it’s not in my system.

Customer: Well I can’t believe this place has such poor service. I’m never coming back here again.

Me: Again, I’m sorry ma’am, enjoy your day.

She speeds off. Best part? She came back to that store countless times and never seemed to remember me.

Old Scam Mismanaged

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I am the acting manager on the floor. My general manager will often come to work on the weekends so he can be aware of how all shifts are running. During these times, he allows whichever manager-on-duty is scheduled to continue to act as manager while he works as a team member, working whatever position he needs to and deferring to us for decisions. My manager has worked all shifts all days of the week and knows all the regulars by name.

This particular Saturday, I am acting manager-on-duty while my general manager works the front register. A lady came running in with one of our cups.

Customer: “I just came through the drive-thru and my latte has froth on it! I’m here all the time and you always get it wrong!”

Outside the fact that a latte always has foam on it unless a customer specifically asks for no foam, this is a woman I have never seen before and, by the look on his face, my manager hasn’t, either.

Manager: “Well, ma’am—”

He can’t get anything else in edgewise as the woman keeps ranting, so he finally just waits for her to finish. She ends with:

Customer: “I am a regular here and this is ridiculous! I personally know the manager and will see you all fired.”

I look at my manager curiously, waiting to see what he does. He sighs.

Manager: “Actually, ma’am, I am the general manager at this location, and I have never seen you before.”

At this, the lady became very red and left quickly. My manager, the other workers, and I all burst out laughing.

Moral of the story: if you are going to play the “I know the manager!” card, make sure you aren’t talking TO the manager!

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