Keep The Change, However Much It Is

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(One afternoon a customer walks in and orders a $3 item. He pays with a $5 bill and the coins needed to get a flat amount back. Before I can give him his change, he pulls three $1s out of his pocket.)

Customer: “I just realized I had these extra dollars on me. Think I could give you these then you could give me a $5 back?”

Me: “Not a problem.” *completes the transaction* “You know, this kind of looks like you spent $3, only to be given $5 and a drink.”

Customer: “What? How? Explain this to me.”

Me: “Ignoring the coins, your order was $3. You gave me $5, for $2 change. Then you handed me $3 so I combined them—”

Customer: “And I got my $5 back.”

Me: “And you got your $5 back.”

Customer: *laughs* “Okay. Tell me that one more time.”

(We ended up repeating this conversation three more times, the customer laughing harder each repeat. In the end, he thought it was amusing enough to let me keep the change!)

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(Back when I was 16 I worked at a major fast food restaurant. It was almost closing and a car comes up to the drive through. Before I can finish greeting them they started cursing at me to the point I could not make out the actual sentence between the curse words- if there was one. I put it on speaker for the kitchen and tried to get the manager on duty to listen, who caught the tail end of “f***ing PUNK!” and tires screeching. While I’m talking to her about what happened, I hear a voice behind me.)

Him: What the f*** is your problem?
Me: I don—
Him: I was f***ing talking to you g**d**** m*****f******!
Me: I still don’t–
Him: I thought people were f***ing rude where I was from, but you f***ing a****** take the g**d*** cake! What is you’re f***ing name!
(I look at my name badge, and I look at him. A short breath and…)
Me: [Name].
Him: How the f*** do you spell it?
(He’s looking like he’s ready to hit me at this point if I don’t spell my four letter, incredibly common and very well known Biblical name, so I spell it for him. There is some back and forth again, something about a fish sandwich and his sister, he leaves only after my manager gives him a free meal card. I ended up trapped in the restaurant until 2 AM waiting for this guy and the people he left in his car to give up waiting to jump me. I had to sneak out the back when they weren’t looking.)

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I used to work at a nice hotel during the night shift. It can get pretty
interesting at night, lots of rowdy people, drunks, etc. One night a guest
came to the desk and said they saw someone laying on the hallway floor. I
went up and one of the long term guests was passed out drunk, snoring away
in the middle of the hallway. I had to try a couple times to wake him up,
but finally did, and the guy was so drunk he couldn’t remember what room he
stayed in, even though he was sleeping right in front of his room. Another
night, I had to practically carry a different guest to her room because she
was so drunk.

Dew You Even Drink, Bro?

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(I am finishing up an order at the drive-thru.)

Me: “And what would you like to drink with that?”

Customer: “Mountain Dew.”

Me: “We have Coke products, ma’am.”

Customer: “Okay… Pepsi?”

Some Body Agrees

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(Our service desk is undergoing much needed renovations. One of the new things being built for us is a small closet to store extra cartons of cigarettes so we don’t have to run in back so often when we run out of a certain brand. The construction is very loud, and some of our customers are visibly upset, and I’m starting to get frustrated, too, since it’s making it difficult for me to communicate. After a while, a little old lady in her 80s approaches me.)

Customer: “Excuse me, miss. What are you building back there?”

Me: “I apologize about the noise; we’re building extra storage for cigarettes.”

Customer: “Oh, I thought you were building a place to hide all the bodies of the rude customers!”

Me: *laughs* “Oh, ma’am, I wish!”

Customer: *smiles* “Keep up the good work, [My Name]!”

(Her encouragement lifted my spirits for the rest of my shift despite the noise. It’s nice that some people can be understanding.)

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