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My manager has just seated a table in my section, an older woman, her husband, their adult daughter and her toddler. I guess prior to being put in my section, they tried to sit somewhere else but my manager told them that server was just triple sat so she could not put them there. I take their drink order and as I’m preparing it, another server is restocking our salad station where we make toss salads for customers who order them. This is very close to the aforementioned table, raw onion was one of the things that were just filled. I barely get close to the table.

Older Lady: “I smell a gas leak.”

Me: “Oh no, that’s just the onion we have for toss salads in the waitress station, it was just filled.”

Older Lady: “No. I smell gas.”

Me: (I’ll admit that I was short with her when I said this as I found it ridiculous that someone who just came into the building assumed they knew more about the surroundings than someone who was working there) “I assure you, we do not have a gas leak, it’s just onion you smell.”

The rest of their meal went fine, I was pleasant with the rest of our interactions. After leaving them the bill, the older man goes up to pay but I can hear the older lady complaining about something, I’m not close enough to hear her exact words. After they left, I asked my manager what she said and he told me she said that the other manager, the one who sat them, and I were “snippy” with her. He also told me while she was complaining her husband snuck me a tip on the credit card receipt, making sure she didn’t notice.

Slooooowly Does It

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(It’s early in the day and fairly slow. I’m manning the till while my coworker is preparing trays of pizza dough just a few feet away. A man dressed in business attire walks into the shop and approaches my till, endlessly jabbering on his phone. He thrusts a coupon for a free one-topping slice at me, but says nothing apart from continuing his phone conversation.)

Me: *quietly, turning to my coworker* “It’s a policy of mine to ignore customers if they’re on their phone.”

Coworker: “Yeah, me, too.”

(I remain at the till but say nothing to the man, waiting for him to, at the very least, swivel his phone from his face for the half a second it would take to say whatever topping he wants on his slice. But alas, he continues his phone conversation like we’re not even there. I continue to stand in silence, just waiting, for a good three minutes at least, still holding the coupon, and I haven’t touched the order screen at all.)

Me: *turning to my coworker* “Dude, this is getting awkward.”

Coworker: *nods*

(Finally, the man takes a moment away from his super important phone call.)

Customer: “Are we about ready to go here, or what?”

Coworker: “Yeah, we’re just waiting on you.”

Me: “Whenever you’re ready.”

Customer: “Oh, uh, I’ll have pepperoni.” *returns to phone call*

(We made him his pepperoni slice, but we took our time and made sure to put it in the oven that cooks slower.)

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It Takes One Customer To Ruin Your Day  

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(I’ve just returned to the sales floor to check on how my coworkers are doing. I see an older woman waiting by the counter and each of my coworkers helping a different customer, so I jump in to help her.)

Me: “Are you ready to check out?”

Customer: “Yes. I don’t understand why it takes three people to help one person.”

(I turn and look at my two coworkers, while standing fairly close, each helping a different customer.)

Me: “I think you misunderstand. Only two of those four people work here.”

Customer: “Yes. I don’t understand why it takes three people to help one person.”

(She punctuated that statement with a look of smug satisfaction, like she had just gotten my goat by repeating herself. I thought I should correct her again, but I know better, and I let her feel like she “won” the exchange.)

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She’s Not The Brightest Spark

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(I’m pumping gas at a self-serve station. The bugs are out in force tonight, mosquitoes mostly. A woman is pumping gas on the opposite side of the pump I’m using.)

Woman: “I hate these bugs! They need to install bug zappers here!” *swats furiously at her arms, neck, and legs*

Me: *starts laughing a bit* “I don’t think that would end well.”

Woman: “I’m sure it’s just because they are too cheap to buy them. There is no other reason!”

Me: “Same reason you can’t smoke here: gas is flammable.”

Woman: “How would a bug zapper start a fire? There is no flame!”

Me: “I would think the spark that kills the bug would start a fire. Just like a spark is what ignites it in the engine.”

Woman: “You’re just being a smarta**!”

(She finished pumping her gas while swatting more bugs and left in a huff.)

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I work in a sandwich shop that has several varieties of bread and topping options. Near the end of my managing shift of being understaffed and having more sales than we’ve had in a long time, I had this conversation with a customer.

Me: “Thanks for calling [sandwich shop], my name is [name], how can I help you?”

Customer: “Uhhh… what kind of sandwiches do you have there?”

Me: “Sorry, we don’t have sandwiches. We only have pasta and blankets. If you want a sandwich you’ll have to call [hardware store].”