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(We don’t start serving lunch until 10, this takes place aroung 8:30-9)
Customer: Do you have a senior double cheese burger?
Me: No ma’am, we only have senior drinks here.
Customer: Okay, do you have a senior menu?
Me: No ma’am we only have senior drinks here.
Customer: Okay, are you serving cheeseburgers now?
Me: no, we don’t start serving lunch until 10
Customer: Okay thanks……. NOT

“Leave” It For Them To Figure Out

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(I’m working as a customer service representative for a well-known university/health system’s parking department. Part of my job involves answering the phones when customers at the gates at the entrances and exits of the garages hit the “attendant” button. My phone rings and I get this:)

Me: “Parking, how may I help you?”

Customer: “Hi. There’s someone blocking the gate and my gate is open.”

Me: “Are they just sitting in front of you, or are they trying to turn onto the street?”

(I am in an office in a different building, with no way to contact a random car that is past the gate.)

Customer: “They’re over in the other lane but they’re just sitting there. Can I leave?”

Me: “They are not in front of you, sir, and your gate is up?”

Customer: “That’s right. Can I leave?”

Me: “Sir, if your gate is up, you are welcome to leave.”

Customer: *drives off*

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(Unfortunately, I only heard bits and pieces of this story as it happened to my manager and I was re-stocking paper products while it happened.  But based on his story and what I actually overheard.)

Woman: “I’d like the strawberry poppyseed salad.”

Manager: “Great choice ma’am!  That’s our most popular summer salad!  Do you want the whole or half salad?”

Woman: “Whole.”

Manager: “Alright, and would you like anything else with that?”

Woman: “No.”

Manager: “Alright, your total will be *amount”

Woman: “What?  No!  That’s not right, it was far less last time I had it!”

Manager: “I’m sorry ma’am, that’s the price–”

Woman: “Don’t be stupid.  I’m not paying that much!”

Manager: “Would you like the half salad instead, ma’am?”

Woman: “Yeah, sure fine.”

(My manager changes the transaction and the woman pays, then goes to wait for her food.  A few minutes later, the woman begins yelling at the line workers.  My manager quickly intervenes.)

Woman: “This is too small!  What kind of a salad is this!  It’s almost nothing!”

Manager: “Ma’am, you paid for only the half salad, so that is what we–”

Woman: “Well this is ridiculous!  Last time I got this salad it was much bigger!”

Manager: “If you’d like the full salad you can pay the full price, but I cannot give you a full salad for the price of the half-salad.”

Woman: “Fine!  Ring up the damn full salad!”

(My manager charges her for the difference and line begins making the new salad.  I’m re-stocking line when a few minutes later….)

Teenage girl: “Hey, um, miss?”

Me: “Hi, what can I do for you?”

(The girl is peering at all the plates waiting to be picked up)

Teenage girl: “Um, they called my name, but I don’t see my salad…”

Me: “That’s weird, what was your name?”

Girl: “*name*”

Me: “Alright, hey, *co-worker*, did you get the order for *girl’s name.*”

Co-worker: “Yeah, we just put it up, wasn’t it the Asian salad?”

Girl: “Yeah.”

(My co-worker steps over to examine the counter)

Co-worker: “That’s…. really weird.  Maybe someone took your order, that happens sometimes… just tell me what it was and I’ll get it right up for you….”

(My manager steps over suddenly and examines one of the other salads waiting to be picked up.)

Manager: “Wow…”

Me: “What?”

Manager: “Just… I’ll be right back…”

(My manager walks through the dining room and finds the original difficult woman, who is eating the teenage girl’s Asian salad.)

Manager: “Excuse me, ma’am, that’s not the right salad.”

Woman: “Of course it is!”

Manager: “No, ma’am, you ordered the strawberry salad, that’s the Asian salad–”

Woman: “It IS the strawberry salad!  Look, see, strawberries!”

(The woman stabs a pepper with her fork and holds it up.)

Manager: “No, ma’am, that’s a pepper–”

Woman: “Well of course it is!  This salad is disgusting and your service is terrible!”

(The woman proceeds to barge out of the restaraunt without retrieving her own salad.  About fifteen minutes later I’m running the bakery register while my manager prepares the orders.  A very nice woman comes up who just wants a cinnamon roll.  When my manager hands her the box…)

Woman #2: “Oh, by the way sir, I saw the way you handled that crazy salad lady. You should be a diplomat.”

Manager, laughing: “Yeah, well, you learn to handle these people.  Have a good day ma’am.”

Woman #2: “You too, sir.  And you have a good day, sweetie.”

Me: “Thank you, ma’am, have a good day.”

(When we got slow, my manager relayed the entire story to me.  I think this goes to show that for every customer that makes you want to stab yourself in the eye, there’s a customer that restores your faith in humanity.)

Lost The Street Drug Catalog

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(I am a pharmacist. While I’m on lunch, a customer comes up to the counter while my technician is helping another customer in the drive-thru.)

Customer: “Do you have a pharmacist working? It’s an emergency! I need to speak to her now!”

(My technician calls me back to the pharmacy. The customer sees me arrive and tries to stop me outside the pharmacy, but I make her wait until I get in the pharmacy.)

Customer: “I just bought these pills off the street, and they are supposed to be Xanax. But I looked on my phone with Google, and it said they weren’t Xanax. I need you to tell me what this is now. It’s an emergency that I know what this is.”

Me: *looking blankly* “I will not identify any medication that is purchased illegally.”

Customer: “I need to know what this is. It’s an emergency! Why won’t you tell me what it is?”

Me: “Because it was illegally purchased, and I’m not helping people purchase drugs on the street.”

(She looked at me for a few seconds and then walked off.)

Teenage Dream Turns Into A Nightmare

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(I’m working third shift in the control room at a police department, and it’s currently one in the morning. I have my main screen fixed on my sergeant, who is outside in the dimly-lit parking lot taking a smoke break. The parking lot is completely empty except for the cars belonging to the jail staff. She’s about to come back in when two teenage girls walk across the parking lot and ask her something. The sergeant shakes her head but leads them towards the main lobby door. They take a seat as the sergeant radios me.)

Sergeant: “[My Name], call Communications and have them dispatch [Patrol Sergeant] here. Those juveniles he’s been searching for have shown up.”

(I see the girls look at each other uneasily on the camera as the sergeant takes a seat between them and the door.)

Me: “Roger that.”

(I make the call, and not a minute later I see two patrol cars come flying into the parking lot. One officer jumps out of his car before it’s even parked. I turn on a speaker in the lobby just in time to hear:)

Patrol Sergeant:Where have you two been? And who have you been with?”

(The girls pretend to ignore him before the other deputy gets in their face.)


(Two more cars come flying into the parking lot, and an older couple, a young man, and a middle-aged woman come storming into the lobby. The sergeant takes that as her cue and comes back into the jail, shaking her head.)

Sergeant: “Stupid idiots. What the h*** were they thinking?”

Me: “Is everything okay, Sergeant?”

Sergeant: “Those two were the fifteen-year-olds that the deputies have been looking for all night. They decided to skip school but realized they missed their ride back afterward.”

Me: “But the high school dismisses at three pm! What were they doing? Just wandering around for the last ten hours?”

Sergeant: “I don’t know. What’s it looking like out there?”

(I look at the camera just in time to see the mother of [Girl #1] throw a book bag across the lobby while the other woman and the father are shouting and waving around a cell phone. The young man is turning red, and he yells at the girls before walking back outside. Meanwhile, the deputies are standing back shaking their heads.)

Me: “I think there is more to the story, Sergeant. The families look pissed off right now.”

(The next morning we got the full story from the deputies. The girls had skipped school to spend the day fooling around with their secret twenty-some-year-old boyfriends in the next county over. The plan had been for them to get back in time to catch the bus so no would know they were gone. Unfortunately, [Girl #1]’s mother had gone to pick her up early, and when they found out she had never shown up to school, they asked about [Girl #2], who is their neighbor. That’s when they realized that BOTH of them had not shown up for school at all and were reported missing. The young man was [Girl #2] brother, who had driven up from South Carolina to help their mom look for her, during his finals week, no less. The girls did end up missing their buses back, but it was because their boyfriends got them back late. Instead of owning up to it, they tried to find someone who could give them a ride and eventually gave up. After wandering around for hours, they saw the sergeant smoking in the parking lot and decided it was time to ask for help. When the parents arrived, everyone was already stressed out and pissed off. That’s when [Girl #1]’s mother — who is very conservative — saw hickeys on her daughter, and she lost it, throwing her book bag across the lobby. The dad was screaming because [Girl #2]’s mom had unlocked her daughter’s phone and found explicit photos of them with their boyfriends. The brother, realizing he missed an important final because of his sister’s booty call, snapped and walked out before he hit her. Last I heard, the boyfriends had been criminally charged and one of the girls had been sent to a private school.)

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