Working In A Toxic Environment

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(I work in a very rural county where there are only one high school and two stop lights, and the main highway that leads to a city across the Virginia state line runs through the middle of town and past the sheriff department. It’s one of those ‘everyone knows everyone’ kind of Southern towns. It is an early Sunday morning; a state trooper is finishing up a report at our desk from an earlier accident while I am processing a public intox just brought in by a deputy.)

Dispatch: “Communications to any unit in [Town]?”

Deputy: “Go ahead, Communications.”

Dispatch: “[Deputy], EMS [Truck #2] advises they are behind a wrong-way driver heading into town.”

(The driver is all over the roadway and has nearly run off the road multiple times. It’s a possible DWI. The deputy and trooper practically run towards the door. While our county may be rural, the highway is frequented by big rigs and the occasional wayward livestock this late at night.)

Deputy: “Communications, I’ll be in route with [Trooper].”

Dispatch: “10-4, EMS has lights and sirens on, but the driver is not slowing down.”

(The two run out the door just as my coworker comes into the office.)

Coworker: “Oh, boy, DWI?”

Me: “Yup, going the wrong way down the highway.”

(Not even a half-hour later the two return, along with the patrol sergeant, and in between them they are escorting an intoxicated woman.)

Woman: “I swear I’m not drunk!”

Patrol Sergeant: “Ma’am, you just drove nearly five miles the wrong way, flew through a red light, and almost ran over one of my deputies!”

Woman: “Oh, he’s okay. Besides, I only had one shot.”

Trooper: “Ma’am, you blew twice the legal limit.”

Woman: “Okay, so it was more than one shot of gin.”

Coworker: “Oooh, she’s in so much trouble!”

Me: “What do you mean?”

Coworker: “Her mama is a minister at the church down the street. She’s gonna get it.”

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(I’ve just started my shift at a restaraunt that’s popular for soups, salads, and sandwiches. It’s a few minutes past 2pm.)

Customer: “Hey, are you serving lunch now?”

Me: “………… um… yes….”

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At the store I work at, the computer will sort out food and non-food items automatically when the customer is paying with EBT.

Customer: This is food stamps, and this is on a separate order. *gestures at a beer can*

I assume he doesn’t know the computer can handle this, since customers make this request all the time, so I ring it up all together. There were customers in line and I thought it would be much faster.

Me: Ok, that’ll be (price) for the food. *man swipes EBT card* Ok…and it’s $1.37 for the beer.

Man: What?? Why is it that much?

Me: Because…that’s how much the store is selling it for?

Man: No, no, you did it wrong. I told you it was a separate order!! It’s charging me too much tax now because you rang it all up together! I hate working with you people, you always f*** it up.

Me: Would you like for me to take it off and ring it up separately?

Man: YES.

I ring it up, and seeing that it’s on sale this week, I ask for his rewards card again.

Man: I already gave you the d*** card, why do I have to get it out again?

Me: This is a separate transaction, so I have to scan your card again. *man hands over card, loudly berating me about how long this is taking. I push the total button and smile at him* Ok, that’ll be $1.37 please!

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(Note the customer was being incredibly annoying and rude, and all she ordered was a child’s ice cream cone, and we usually give extra swirls on it, just to be nice, but I gave her the right amount which is only two swirls when we usually do 1 or two extra.)
Customer: This is way smaller than a child’s cone! I want a refund and for you to make me a new one! *She keeps rambling on and starts to yell, the manager comes over and she shows him the cone with a smirk.*
Manager: Ma’am this is the correct size. I would ask you to stop harassing my employees and holding up the line, before you get banned.
(She yells one final “F*** you”, and drives away)

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(I work at a fast food chain known for its ice cream. On busy nights there are two people in drive thru: order side and money side. I’m taking orders.)
Me: so a mini banana split, can I help you with anything else?
Customer: no.
(Long story short, the customer yelled at my coworker on money side because she thought it was me who “messed up” her order.)
Coworker: she yelled at me because she thought I was the one who took the order.
Me: seriously? First of all, you have a really thick southern accent and I have a northern one. How does that even work….?
Coworker: …. I don’t even know….

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