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( I am 13 , working in a supermarket as a bagger , along with another employee . A very Burly looking white man , covered in tattoos and sweat stains on his shirt , walks in towards the end of my shift . Note , my coworker is from a Spanish family , her hair is dark brown , and her skin is tan . the man gets his groceries and comes to my till , since it is the only one open at the moment . He stares at my coworker through the entire transaction )

Customer: Are you Mexican ?

Coworker: * already scanning the customers items* I’m Spanish , Why ?

Customer: Why are you taking jobs from good , hardworking white folk ?

Coworker: I need to support my family . My father works at (local roofing company) and my mother works at (popular law firm) . *tapping away on the register* sir , that will be (price)

Customer: I’m not giving my hard earned money to a D*** mexican . B**** .*slaps the side of her head , leaving a huge red mark , that will most likely bruise*

Coworker: *speachless*

Customer: You’re taking jobs from white folk ! i will not stand for it . get me your manager ! now !

Me: * walking around the till , to stand in front of the customer , note : I am a 5’2 female , who is very petite compared to this man * sir , Our manager is Latino . And this is Harassment . She is not a B**** , She simply works her a** off unlike some people . She works harder than all of the white people in this market combined . I can call the police , and give them the security tapes . you will be charged . I am refusing you service . now get out or i will call the police * picks up my cell phone to show im not kidding *

Customer: I-I… * storms out , flustered*

( that was 5 years ago and  now my coworker is married with 2 children , and she owns a larger store in the supermarkets chain!)

Change The Stall, And Their Attitudes

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(I have a disability that is invisible quite a lot of the time but does mean that I need to use the accessible toilet when out in public. I’ve come directly from work to meet a friend for dinner and I’m still wearing my uniform. I walk through the back half of the dining room to use the restroom, passing a table of four women on the way, one of whom has a baby in her lap. This occurs a moment after I’ve sat down.)

Someone: *rattles door*

Me: “Occupied.”

Someone: *knock knock knock knock*

Me: “Yes, just one moment.”

(I complete my business and leave the stall to find nobody there. As I am finishing washing my hands, the lady holding the baby comes into the bathroom with a female manager. The female manager asks if I was just using the accessible stall and I confirm that I was. I suspect at this point I know where this was going — those of us with invisible disabilities face this nonsense regularly — but I really have no clue the turn it will take.)

Manager: “In the future, please leave that stall for those who need it. It also has the changing table, and this lady—” *points to the woman with the baby, who is silently but visibly seething* “—needed to change her baby.”

Me: “I needed it, actually.” *gives boring medical history*

Manager: *looking surprised* “Oh, I’m sorry. Of course—“

Woman:No!  Do not apologize to her! I needed to change my baby!

Manager: “Ma’am, she had a reason to use that stall. We—”

Woman: *sneering and turning red in the face* “THAT STALL IS FOR MOTHERS! SHE’S OBVIOUSLY NOT A MOTHER! LOOK! SHE WORKS!” *gestures toward my uniform*

(As someone who has always wanted children and can’t have them, that is enough for me, and I walk out while the manager is still trying to calm the woman down. I have to pass the table with the woman’s three friends, who stare at me as I am passing. Just as I get past the one sitting on the far side, she gets brave.)

Woman #2: “Yeah, she needed that changing table.”

Me: *completely done, stopping dead and walking back to a table of women who are now all tense and not so smug* “AND I NEEDED THE ACCESSIBLE STALL, SO MAYBE TELL THE RESTAURANT TO TAKE THE CHANGING TABLE OUT OF THE STALL AND PUT IT ON THE WALL ACROSS FROM THE SINKS!”

(I walked back to my table, where my friend jokingly asked if I’d fallen in, as I’d been gone so long and he had no idea what had happened. We paid our tab and left. Two months later, when I returned to the restaurant, the changing table had been moved out of the accessible stall.)

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I’m at the cash register at a well-known convenience store, waiting for the cashier to finish the process of refunding my money order.

Suddenly, a customer who was trying to get a fountain soda shouts out to the cashiers that none of the drink stations are working, to which one of the cashiers says back, “I know, sir, that’s why they have signs all over them!”

Mopping Up Your Own Job Prospects

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(My roommate is the assistant manager for a grocery store that has a contract with a local floor-cleaning crew. So, every few days, a crew of one to three people comes in to sweep, mop, and buff the floors. I also come by at least once a week to bring my roommate dinner and hang out for an hour or so. These two just so happened to coincide. This usually isn’t an issue. The evenings are usually uneventful… until one night when there’s a different, single crew member that we’ve never seen before. My roommate says the guy has been standoffish. He’s got a relatively thick accent, so we just assume that it is due to English being a second language, and think nothing of it. He’s also going way more slowly than our normal crew. The floor guy does his sweep, and everything goes smoothly until he starts mopping. My roommate sees that there is a noticeable river of mop water that starts in the entrance of the store, winds through a few aisles, and ends in the back with the floor guy emptying his mop bucket.)

Roommate: “Hey, you left a stream of water out there; will you go clean it up?”

Floor Guy: *waves us off*

Roommate: “Seriously, man. It’s a hazard and someone could fall. Go take care of it.”

Floor Guy: *grunts and heads towards the front with a mop*

(A few minutes later, the water is still there, untouched, and [Floor Guy] is nowhere to be found. While trying to search for him, I slip on the water and my knee hits the tile floor. My roommate is super protective of me, so he does not take this well. He books it to find [Floor Guy] and happens to find him outside, taking a smoke break.)

Roommate: “Hey! Someone just slipped and fell because of that water. You need to get in there and take care of it, now.”

Floor Guy: “Man, you don’t have to talk to me like that.”

Roommate: “I wouldn’t be yelling at you if you had done your job.”

Floor Guy: “I don’t have to take this.” *gets in his poorly parked truck and leaves*

(My roommate called his boss and explained the situation, emphasizing that I fell. His boss gave him the phone number to the owner of the floor cleaning company. The owner is a generally nice guy and likes to give the benefit of the doubt, but he was LIVID. Rightfully so, in my opinion. He immediately apologized for the actions of his employee and deployed another crew to the store. While they were on the way, my roommate cleaned up the excess water and put out wet floor signs. The new crew arrived and has two very presentable, efficient, friendly people. They also apologized for the actions of the other guy and promptly got to work. They managed to sweep and mop the whole floor and were midway through buffering in the same amount of time as the other guy. These guys were rock stars. The owner called us back and made sure that everything was going smoothly now. He also told us that [Floor Guy] had been terminated, effective immediately, and that it was my roommate’s choice if he wanted to allow the guy back on the property. The guy did try to come back to get his things, but it turns out those things belonged to the company, so he got kicked out and the other crew took the equipment with them. I do feel somewhat sorry that a man lost his job, but at the same time, safety precautions exist for a reason, you know?)

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No Shrimping Violet

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(A server returns a dish sent back by a customer, who says she knows the shrimp isn’t cooked because it is pink. I return the shrimp to a pan to sauté it until there is a slightly golden-brown edge to the already-cooked shrimp. I take it out to the customer myself.)

Me: “Here you are, ma’am. Sorry it wasn’t to your liking. I cooked it longer for you. But so you know, that shrimp was completely cooked through and will come out like that in the future.”

Customer: “Are you sure? I mean, when I cook shrimp it turns white.”

Me: “Ma’am, I’m absolutely sure. I can make you something else if you prefer, but I can’t cook the shrimp any more than it is.”

Customer: “It’s just that I’ve never had cooked shrimp that was pink before.”

Me: “Oh, I’ve never had cooked shrimp that wasn’t pink.”

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