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Tearing Down Whatever You Built Up

, , , , , | Learning | June 1, 2017

One of the classes I take is basically a shop class. Our midterm grade is to build something for the area Inventor’s Fair.

I have a “friend” who can’t flesh out an original idea to save her life and while I have an idea, I can’t make it work. We end up partnering up — she fixes my idea– and we have the entirety of winter break to build the prototype and make the project’s poster-board and everything else for it. Well, we agree that I’ll do the research and poster-board because I’m not very good building things.

Halfway into break, I have the audacity to ask for pictures of the project for the board. She says, “Well, I built it, but it’s at my dad’s house in South Carolina and it wouldn’t fit in my bag to go on the plane home.”

I smelled bull-s***. But I thought, hey, we have a week still. It’ll be fine.

Every time I ask, and it gets to the point I’m asking everyday, she insists it’s at her dad’s, that he won’t send the pictures, that he’s being lazy, etc.

At this point I’m already rewriting the board and putting together a s*** prototype but a prototype which is the largest part of our grade.

Well, we present it, and she b****es eight ways to Sunday about the “plainness” of our board, and gets herself in trouble for continuing to decorate when the teacher says time’s up.

We go up and present. I have to present just about EVERYTHING because this girl doesn’t know a thing about what I had to do. All the pics are of me working, and the prototype is all my work.

Well, we survive, and I open up for questions and this girl says, before anyone can ask anything, “Just so you know, we had a better prototype that was pretty and well-made and all, but my dad’s being a butt and won’t send it.”

If looks could kill, I don’t know if the teacher or I would have killed her first.

Not Bread For This Job

, , | Working | May 31, 2017

I’m shopping for the month, and so have a lot of items that keep me pretty busy unloading the cart at the end of the conveyor belt. The register clerk must have been bored, and starts making a lot of small talk, asking questions about every other product. She’s never tried this shampoo, is it good? She didn’t even know they carried this brand of soda, and so on. I’m so distracted by her, I don’t remember to keep an eye on the bagger at the far end of the counter.

I get home to unpack and find all my canned goods and a couple of jars of spaghetti sauce were placed on top of the bread, which is now flat as pancakes.

How To Harry In A Hurry

, , , | Friendly | May 31, 2017

My husband and I are walking into a store and as we are entering we have to walk around a large family.

As we are going around them, a woman comes running up behind me shoving me out of the way (actually hitting me with her cart and knocking me into one of the family members) yelling “I’m in a hurry!” as she flies by.

Everyone is kind of aghast for a minute and a store employee rushes over to check on me and offers to make her leave, but I’m okay and think it will be too much trouble to track her down in a crowded store.

We all go our separate ways…

…and my husband and I immediately run into the lady in a hurry as she is trying on lotions, testing out perfumes, and examining various types of glassware.

It was really clear she wasn’t in any type of hurry and she got more and more embarrassed every time she saw me. She was practically running away each time until eventually she just abandoned her cart in the middle of the main walkway and hightailed it out of the store.

You Should Be Anniver-Sorry

, , , | Romantic | May 30, 2017

My boyfriend and I have been together for almost a year, and we are coming up on our first anniversary. We don’t know the real “official” date of our anniversary, so we decided a while ago for it to be July 13th. We also have just moved in together and are starting a new job, where we both got hired.

I don’t want to go crazy because I know we are stressed and busy, so I buy him a little present and a card, and slip it into his work-bag for him to find later. Fast forward a few hours, and he has found the card and present, and thanked me. I patiently wait.

And then, nothing. No special dinner. No card. Nada. I am bummed. I don’t say anything because I just don’t know what to say. About a month or so goes by and things are rough between us. I finally crack and yell at him about him totally ignoring our anniversary.

His excuse? He thought it was a different day. In July. BOTH dates have already passed by now. So not only did he awkwardly accept my gift on the “wrong” date, but he then didn’t even bother to do anything on the date he thought was correct!

I’m still annoyed, but we’re coming up on year two, so he better not forget this time and hopefully goes over the top to cover both anniversaries!

Shame They Can’t Steal Some Intelligence

, , , , , | Learning | May 29, 2017

Being a naive freshman, while standing in front of my locker, I remove my purse in order to put my coat on, after which I plan to put it back on over the coat. First Big Mistake. I look away for a moment. Second Big Mistake. My purse is now gone.

Approximately three days later, I enter my English classroom. The teacher is standing there holding a very familiar object. My purse. Apparently, the thief decided to bring it to class, stuck it under her chair, and forgot about it.

After the class, the teacher recognized it as mine. Apparently, no one else he taught had one made of black denim with a GameBoy Advance inside. Oddly, despite having had the time to remove and/or sell the contents, nothing inside had even been touched.

Yes, there were thieves at my high school, but they happened to be idiots.