How To Get A Real Drive In College

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My driver’s license was never delivered to me, so I have to go to the DMV to get another one sent. The employee ends up charging me for a new license, despite the fact that the original one they sent never reached me. I decided to pay for it, since I need the license and it’s not too much.

I end up writing down two addresses: my home address and the mailing address.

My license was delivered two weeks later….

…with my college’s mailing address listed as my home address.

Now, I have a driver’s license that says I live inside the mail room of a college.

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Sexism Is A Girl Thing

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My grandsons have picked up some sexist ideas at school, that girls don’t like or know about video games, anime, superheroes, and certain movies. They are always amazed when I, their grandmother, can talk about those topics.

I thought we were getting away from the sexism they picked up until about a week ago when they were playing a game to guess songs from movies, TV shows, and video games.

The younger one couldn’t recognize the song. The older one held his phone toward me and asked me to guess. It only took a few notes before I said, “Original ‘Jurassic Park.’ End. Helicopter. Pelicans flying by.”

The older turned to the younger and said, “See?! Even Grandma knew it!”

Gee, thanks, kid. We’re going to be having a serious talk soon.

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Silence Of The Teddies

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Our grandsons spent the night with us recently. At one point, their play was getting a little rowdy, but not quite to the point I needed to stop whatever was going on. Then, it got quiet, which, as every parent knows, is a sign the kids need to be checked on. Before I could do so, the older boy came running into the living room and dove under a blanket.

A few seconds later, his brother’s voice came from the hall: “Come out now, or I’ll tear this teddy bear’s head off.”

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Can’t Vouch For Their Honesty

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During Halloween, we sell special themed necklaces that people can buy either online or in store with a voucher coupon.

On the first night of our most recent Halloween season, I was working alone with another team lead who was new and had never done this type of event before.

We scanned one person’s coupon, but it wouldn’t print. We thought it was our doing and tried many different ways of scanning the voucher. The customer, however, was calm and polite throughout. This should have been a tip-off for us. Finally, we decided to just give them the necklace and keep their voucher for the manager to work out later.

The next day, the manager pulled me aside and showed me the voucher the customer used. You can only use the voucher the day of purchase, and the customer had bought it two days prior. This means some retail associate gave the customer back their voucher and they decided to use it again. This is why they were so calm; they knew they were scamming us and wanted to watch us scramble and give it to them for free.

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Funny With The Bunny

, , | Working | October 31, 2017

For Halloween this year, our office decides to go with a ‘theme’ and we all come dressed up as various types of animals. One of my coworkers is a mom of two sets of twins.

During a quiet part of the day, I wander over to her desk and ask, “Am I the only one to see the irony of you dressed as a rabbit?”

She fell over laughing at her desk! I love my coworkers.

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