Dressing Up The Problem

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Because of the layout of our house at the time, [Brother #1] had to walk through my bedroom, which used to be [Brother #2]’s before he moved abroad, in order to get to his. It was the middle of summer. [Brother #2] was visiting, and our parents were away on holiday, leaving just the three of us. I was lying in bed one morning when [Brother #1] returned from the shower. Wearing only his boxers, he proceeded to throw a towel around his shoulders like a cape, exclaim that he was Superman, and run around my room making “woosh” noises for a solid minute. He was 20 at the time.

I also had a problem with the both of them using my room as a meeting and dressing room, especially while they were getting ready for work in the mornings, which I was reminded of a few months ago: My father, in the process of changing out of his work outfit, entered my room in just his boxers and socks to ask me a question.

My mother only sighed when I asked her why none of the boys in the house would get dressed in their own rooms.

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Big Brains Meets Big Bird

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My husband and I are having dinner at a place that includes a stage musician playing and singing along with his guitar. It’s a quiet night, and one of the only other tables is a family with a little girl who’s just a few years old and carrying a Big Bird plushie, who seems entranced by the performance. Her mother gives her a five dollar bill and encourages her to go put it in the singer’s tip bucket, which she shyly does before running away.

He smiles and thanks her, and after finishing his current song, launches into the next one. He sings, “Sunny days, keeping the clouds away, on my way to where the air is clean…”

The little girl’s eyes get huge and, before her parents can react, she grabs her mother’s purse and goes racing up to the stage with it in her hands, dragging her Sesame Street toy. Her mother catches up to her and everyone has a good laugh, but all I can think is, “Clever man.”

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How To Get A Real Drive In College

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My driver’s license was never delivered to me, so I have to go to the DMV to get another one sent. The employee ends up charging me for a new license, despite the fact that the original one they sent never reached me. I decided to pay for it, since I need the license and it’s not too much.

I end up writing down two addresses: my home address and the mailing address.

My license was delivered two weeks later….

…with my college’s mailing address listed as my home address.

Now, I have a driver’s license that says I live inside the mail room of a college.

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Sexism Is A Girl Thing

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My grandsons have picked up some sexist ideas at school, that girls don’t like or know about video games, anime, superheroes, and certain movies. They are always amazed when I, their grandmother, can talk about those topics.

I thought we were getting away from the sexism they picked up until about a week ago when they were playing a game to guess songs from movies, TV shows, and video games.

The younger one couldn’t recognize the song. The older one held his phone toward me and asked me to guess. It only took a few notes before I said, “Original ‘Jurassic Park.’ End. Helicopter. Pelicans flying by.”

The older turned to the younger and said, “See?! Even Grandma knew it!”

Gee, thanks, kid. We’re going to be having a serious talk soon.

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Silence Of The Teddies

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Our grandsons spent the night with us recently. At one point, their play was getting a little rowdy, but not quite to the point I needed to stop whatever was going on. Then, it got quiet, which, as every parent knows, is a sign the kids need to be checked on. Before I could do so, the older boy came running into the living room and dove under a blanket.

A few seconds later, his brother’s voice came from the hall: “Come out now, or I’ll tear this teddy bear’s head off.”

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