Keeping All Those Plates Spinning

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At my school, the food tends to not be very good, and the company in charge of dining services does not treat their employees very well. However, the employees working in dining services here work extremely hard to do what they can with the food provided and turn it into something better, and are some of the nicest people you could meet.

We had a big snowstorm, during which the school closed all dining facilities except the dining hall. The school has some rooms in one of the residence halls for food workers to stay during situations like these. Of course, the workers were going all day, working extremely hard with what they had.

The next day when I went in, I gave my student ID to the person manning the register to pay for my meal as per usual, and he held it for a second, staring off into space, before he said, “I’m trying to smile, but it’s not coming”. I laughed and said that it was all right, they all had a long day the day before. I also added my thanks to them for working so hard, and that I was sure other students felt the same way, even if they didn’t show it. He just shrugged his shoulders and told me that the students had to eat.

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Shoplifting For The Holidays

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I’ve gone to a particular cosmetics store to buy something for my mother as a Christmas present; it’s a box set of some sort of cosmetics. The store doesn’t have any bags of their own, to which I say it’s no worry, as I already have a bag with me from a different store after doing some other Christmas shopping. Granted, it does involve taking everything out and back in again, but it doesn’t take long.

I eventually get home, and set the bag to one side.  I think to myself, “It’s just Christmas presents. I’ll wrap them up later.” Later that day, I realise that I have also bought some other items that I am running low on, so I go to the bag to retrieve them. As I rummage through the bag, I feel an object that seems out of place. I take it out the bag and I find it’s a small tube of hand cream from the cosmetics store. Perhaps it had fallen out of the box that I bought, so I open that up to check the contents are all there. They indeed are; in fact, this hand cream is a different scent from the others, and since this item is also not listed on the receipt, this thing obviously should not be on my person right now.

I go back the next day intent on returning the item as I shouldn’t have it in the first place. As it happens, the store manager is working behind one of the tills. As I hand the tube of hand cream back to the other staff member, the manager takes a look at it. They go, “Y’know what, because of your honesty, you can keep it.” They add, “We’ll just write it off,” and hand the tube back to me.

What had appeared to have transpired was that, when I was unloading and reloading my shopping bag, a display that was carrying an assortment of small tubes of hand cream must have somehow gotten knocked, causing one to fall into my shopping bag. Funny enough, as I was explaining this to the manager, two more tubes fell off of it onto the floor that very second.

Thus ends the tale of how I accidentally shoplifted and was allowed to keep the spoils.

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No Point In Waffling On About It

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My family has a routine every Christmas where we get all sides of the family together and do a sort of gift exchange. Basically, everybody brings one gift with no tags (so, no “To” or “From”), and we put it in a pile. Then, we play a game to shuffle them around, slowly unveiling gifts. I have brought a hybrid waffle iron/sandwich press for the bundle, and it’s now wrapped up and in the pile.

We go through our game, and people start getting their gifts and opening them. Finally I’m the last person to get a gift, and I look down and start laughing. At first, nobody seems to get it, until my parents see my distinguishable wrapping in my hands and join me in laughing.

I had gotten my own gift from the bundle.

After I explained this the entire family had a good laugh about it. It has been a well-used appliance in our house, so definitely worth it!

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Chip(munk)ing Away At Your Brain

, , , , , | Friendly | December 23, 2017

I’m on a well-known bus line, getting ready to visit family for the holidays. The bus has a rule requesting that passengers set their phones to silent or, at the very least, vibrate. One woman on the bus apparently didn’t get that memo. The ringer on her phone was loud enough to wake me up, and the ringtone she had was “The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don’t Be Late).”

To make matters worse, someone kept calling her every five minutes or so. By the end of my trip, I got off the bus with a really bad eye twitch and a newfound hatred for Alvin and the Chipmunks.

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Your Secret Santa Is Oprah

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I’m at my store’s Christmas party, where we have a gift exchange with the rule being no items over $20. Note that the store manager’s wife, while very nice, is also self-centered and selfish at times.

I end up with a large, hard-cover Oprah book that is easily well over the dollar limit. I’m not thrilled with it as I am not an Oprah fan.

Near the end of the party, the manager’s wife offers to trade gifts with me. I gladly trade the book for a gift certificate at a restaurant.

Later I found out that she had bought the book for the exchange and traded with me because she wanted her own gift. Had I known that at the time, I probably would have declined her offer and donated it somewhere!

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