This Conversation Died

, | Norway | Friendly | April 13, 2017

We’re about an hour in on a five-hour bus ride to [City]. This is a trip I take frequently, as my daughter lives there. Next to me is a woman in her early 20s who also frequents this route. Having talked to her a few times previously, I know she’s a quiet but polite person, and probably on her way to visit her parents. She’s reading and listening to music, and looks like she wants to be left alone.

Unfortunately she’s drawn the attention of two young men around her age sitting across the aisle from us, and they’ve been trying to engage her in conversation, asking questions and what not. Her answers, although polite, have been short and uninterested up until this point.

She gets enough and firmly tells them that she is not interested in conversation and wants to get back to her book. She’s in the process of re-inserting her earphones when one of the guys whispers to the other “who died and made her head bitch?”. She turns to look at them, and in an angry but calm way, she says, “my grandmother.” She then goes back to her book and music as if nothing’s happened, and the guys fall silent.

I talked to her about an hour or so later; she was on her way to the funeral.

You Co-Sign Like A Girl

, , , | Toledo, OH, USA | Working | April 12, 2017

It is approximately 15 years ago and I am in the market for a new car. I have decided on an SUV from a now defunct manufacturer. They made awesome cars and this would be my second car from them. Mind you, I’m a woman in my 30s at this point and a legal secretary at a law office plus run my own side business. I have good credit and make more than enough money to afford this car.

I pick out and actually order the SUV I want, because I want a specific color with a few extra options such as a 6 CD changer and moon roof. I’m using the same salesman that sold me my original car from this dealership. He’s great – answers my questions without acting like I’m an idiot. We get the paperwork ready and hand it over to his financial team, at which point I am told it can take up a bit to process the paperwork as there are a lot of people there buying cars. My salesman needs to speak to his manager, so I start to walk over to get a drink of water when I hear my name being called – it hasn’t even been 5 minutes. I say “over here” and the man simply turns to me and doesn’t move towards me. So I wave at him and start to walk towards him when he proceeds to tell me very loudly from 10 feet away that I will need a co-signer. I immediately know he hasn’t looked past “female” on my paperwork nor done a credit check because I haven’t needed a co-signer since I bought my first car at 16.

So I stop walking towards him and from 10 feet away I very loudly reply “Please go back to your office and get me a list of the banks you called that say I needed a co-signer and I’ll go back to my office and subpoena their records because I guarantee you that they have sold this very car to a man who makes less money and hasn’t worked as long as I have, and without a co-signer.” It is at this point I see the guy who was helping me purchase my car with a big grin on his face and what I assume was his manager next to him scowling. I did not see that man again but I had the paperwork and a date my car would be delivered not 10 minutes after he disappeared.

I was and still am a huge fan of this particular car manufacturer. I went back to them for all of my oil changes, etc. And I never once saw that financial guy again. My salesman did however tell me that he thought it was awesome how I didn’t even miss a beat telling that guy off and loved that I did it in front of everyone. Apparently they had been having problems with him and losing sales over his sexism since he was hired and my response brought it to attention of a lot of higher ups that this kind of behavior was an open door to a lawsuit.

Never Going To Retire That Narcissism

, | MO, USA | Working | April 11, 2017

When my boss retired, I was instructed to make a PowerPoint for his going away party. Something featuring a bunch of pictures of him, so we could all remember his time with us and how much we were going to miss him. It was to be set to music.

It was my retiring boss who told me to do this.

Now We’re Not Speaking The Same Language!

, | USA | Learning | April 10, 2017

My European friend of Chinese descent is a polyglot who immigrated to the US at 15. The foreign languages offered at her school are French, Spanish, German, Chinese, and Japanese. French and Chinese are her native languages, Spanish is near native, German is advanced, and Japanese is conversational.

Unfortunately, all classes are below her level. They don’t know where to put my friend until a history teacher who happens to have the language periods free offers to talk about ancient language history.

I Can Do Martial Arts In My Sleep

, | The Netherlands | Romantic | April 10, 2017

My boyfriend practices martial arts.

The first time I sleep over at his place, we are both asleep, when all of a sudden he hits he me quite hard in the forehead, waking me up.

I shoot up and look to his side but he is fast asleep. The next morning when I tell him about it, he can’t remember anything of it. But he could see a nice red spot on my forehead, suggesting I wasn’t lying or imagining things!

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