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I used to work at a roadside stand selling fresh local fruits. One day a family drove up, the mom and dad got out of the car, walked up to the stand, picked up a container of strawberries each and walked away. I yelled “Hey”, they looked at me and said “no English”, and kept walking, my boss, a woman, walks after them, and says “you have to pay for those”, again they say “no English” and keep walking. She then looks at them, and says “you understand Police?” they turned, and said, in perfect English “how much are the strawberries?” my boss, looked at them, and said no sale! they tried to argue, that they were willing to pay, and my boss, said “you tried to steal, nothing for you! “

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I work in a popular coffee shop. Out stores products vary from store to store so we may not have a specific product. At out store we don’t and never have sold apple cider

One afternoon I’m working drive thru with two other co-workers and we all hear this on our headset;

Man: Hi I’ll take a two large double doubles and two medium apple ciders.
Coworker: Sorry we don’t carry apple cider here, can I interest you in something el–
Man: (cutting off my coworker, yelling) that’s bulls***!!
We all look at him not knowing what to do. He apologizes again and gives him his total. He angrily accepts his oder and drives off. Guesso he really wanted that apple cider.

Surprised You Haven’t Gone Loony Already

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(I work near the United States border at a business which mainly caters to Canadians. I wish I had a loony for every time this exchange took place.)

Me: “Okay, your total is $5.00.”

Customer: “Hmm, how much is that in Canadian?”

Me: *already wary* “If you have $7.00 Cdn, that will cover it.”

Customer: *hands me a $10*

Me: *deep, calming breath* “Okay. This Canadian ten is worth seven US dollars. You owe us five US. So, I’m going to give you two US in change. Okay?”

Customer: *thinks*

Me: *thinking* “Please understand it… Please understand it… Please understand it…”

Customer: “But you owe me $3!”

Me: *wishes we had conquered Canada back in 1812*

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We Tire Of Online Names

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(The place where I work has a business model based on the following facts. The first is that many companies will not ship to Canada, or charge a massive fee to do so. The second is that we are a hop and a skip from the US/Canadian border. Normally, when our customers come in for their packages, it’s just a matter of verifying their ID and making sure that they are properly registered in our system. There’s a fair bit of paperwork involved, but everything tends to run smoothly. On this particular day, which is busy due to the holiday season, a customer comes in demanding a set of tires. My boss looks up his account, and I overhear some of what goes on.)

Boss: “I don’t see any tires under your name.”

Customer: “It came under [Wildly Different Name].”

Boss: “If it came to [Different Name], then they’re [Different Name]’s tires. He has to come to pick them up.”

Customer: “No, they’re my tires! [Different Name] is my eBay account; everyone knows that!”

Boss: “We don’t know that! We don’t know who the heck [Different Name] is! Do you think we hire what’s-her-name, the psychic lady?”

Customer: “[Different Name] is my eBay account! They’re my tires!”

(After some back-and-forth, my boss has had enough.)

Boss: “[Coworker], could you take care of Mr. [Different Name]?”

(My coworker came and got the guy’s information, and they eventually settled the matter and headed outside to give the guy his tires. When my coworker came back, we learned that the guy announced that not only would he be leaving and taking sixty friends with him — we doubt he has six friends, let alone sixty — but he also claimed he’d get Toronto’s senator to shut us down. Buddy, we’re on the USA side of the border; I doubt you could do much if you WERE a Toronto senator, and given how popular we are with the rest of our customers, trying to shut us down would be political suicide.)

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Pulling A Queen From Your A**

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(I work nights at a hotel and am pretty used to the random types of people we get. This night I am sitting in the back office behind the lobby counter. We have an arcade right next to the lobby.)

Coworker: “There’s a couple of hookers with two guys, and they want to play pool.”

(I go to the side of the counter and look at the window’s reflection to see four people hanging out around the pool table. One of the girls is digging through her purse for change and the other looks like she is picking a wedgie when…)

Wedgie Girl: “I found a 20-dollar Canadian bill in my butthole!”

(I laughed so hard I had to go into the back and wipe the tears from my eyes.)

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