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(All the papers across the country recently got a new phone system, and it seems to have confused many callers. I have personally experienced people calling multiple times to get a hold of me, and I’ve heard many coworkers complain that their sources are having troubles with the system as well. One day as I am busy at work at my desk, I get a call.)

Me: *sees it’s from a non-local number, thinks it’s strange* “Hello, [My Name] speaking.”

Caller: “Hi, what department is this?”

Me: “What department were you hoping to reach?”

Caller: “I was hoping to reach someone at [newspaper in small city in Ontario].”

Me: “…well, we’re actually a paper in [small city in Alberta].”

Caller: “…Where the hell is that?!”

It’s A Whole Lot Of Charcoal Now

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(I have just started my internship in a newsroom when I overhear this conversation my editor has over the phone.)

Editor: “Newsroom, editor speaking.” *pause* “Yes?” *pause* “Oh, I’m sorry to hear that; what did we get wrong?” *pause* “Really…” *pause* “Well, we apologize; mistakes do get made. We’ll fix that right away.” *hangs up*

Me: “What was that?”

Editor: “Some lady was screaming at me for a correction in an article about a house that burned down.”

Me: “What did she say we got wrong?”

Editor: “We said the house was white. It was actually white with a bit of brown.”

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Newspaper Sales Are Declining

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(I’m sitting at work when my cell phone rings. It has rung at the same time every morning at work, and it is always the same people: the local newspaper, trying to sell me a subscription. I have asked the last three times to be taken off their list because I am not interested. I pick up the phone, and the following conversation ensues:)

Me: “Hello?”

Salesperson: “Hi, this is [Salesperson] from [Newspaper]. Now are you today?”

Me: “Honestly, not very good. You guys are calling me every day at work when I have repeatedly asked to be taken off your list because I’m really not interested. I am working, and I’m going to start getting in trouble for being on my phone.”

Salesperson: *rudely* “Look, this is my first time calling you; you don’t need to be getting mad at me. I’m just trying to do my job!”

Me: “I’m not mad at you, and I understand that you are doing your job. I’m just letting you know I’m really not interested. Is there any way to be removed from this call list?”

Salesperson: “Sure, okay… but would you be interested in—”

Me: *talking over him* “Well, now I’m mad!”

(I hung up and blocked their number. Should have done that in the first place!)

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The Managers Are Independent Of The System

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I work at a newspaper. Independence Day, July 4th, is on a Tuesday this year. Some people want to take Monday, July 3rd, off so they don’t have to work one day, be off one day, and come back the next day. Six weeks before the week of July 4th, all the employees in our region get an email from the region’s general manager, telling us that if we want to take July 3rd off, we need to ask our department head first thing. So, that day, I ask my boss for July 3rd off. I get a reply through our email chat function about two days later, saying he’ll look into it and get back to me ASAP.

Two-and-a-half weeks later, I get an email saying, “I think not,” for my July 3rd leave, because he doesn’t want our department to be understaffed on that day. (Note: We are literally always understaffed by at least two people, and even more so at the moment because there’s been an open position since May that has yet to be filled. However, on a holiday week when basically everything shuts down for July 3rd, anyway, the need for reporters is even less.)

Come July 3rd, in chatting with coworkers, I find out that of the five people in the editorial department, four people, including my boss, have asked for that day off. Maybe all five of us, but I didn’t talk to the fifth person. Only my boss, who approves the vacation time, gets the day off.

In the sales department, a friend tells me she also asked for the day off. Because of the week’s schedule, 99% of her clients and potential clients are not working, so there is very little work she can do that day. She, too, is told no, because her boss, the general manager who told us to request it off early, is also not working July 3rd, and thus, my friend needs to be there.

The only people whose vacations are approved in my region for Monday, July 3rd: The department heads who choose whose vacation is approved.

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Unique For How Bad It Is

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(I am a reporter at a local newspaper. Twice a month, I write a business feature, which showcases a local business. I go in to interview the owner of a sandwich and smoothie shop.)

Me: “There are a lot of cafes like this out there these days. What makes yours unique?”

Business Owner: “Hm. I don’t know. I should probably think of that, hey?”

(I was less than impressed with the whole interview. I didn’t even write the story. He never called to ask why.)

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