Risk Of Fire Very Low, Risk Of Prejudice Is Off The Charts

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(I am sweeping up a minor spill in the lobby when a small group of irritated people comes up to me.)

Irritated Woman: “There are two men praying in the hall.”

Me: “Oh?”

Irritated Woman: “There are two—” *whispers* “—Muslims—” *normal voice* “—praying in the hall over there.”

(This is a reasonably diverse area and this happens somewhat regularly.)

Me: “Are they blocking the fire exit?”

Irritated Woman: “No.”

Me: “Then it’s fine.”

Irritated Woman: *more irritated* “This is America! They can’t pray like that here!”

(I decide to ignore the ludicrous hypocrisy of that statement.)

Me: “They’re not breaking any laws or theater rules. As long as they’re not blocking the fire exit, there’s nothing we can or will do about it.”

Irritated Woman: “What if we started praying in the hall?”

Me: “As long as you don’t block the fire exit, it’s fine.”

(The irritated group left. About half an hour later, they were holding an impromptu prayer circle in the hall when my manager asked them to move over about five feet. They were blocking the fire exit.)


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Some random douche walks into the sunglass shop I work at. He enters and asks me:

Guy: I won some free (well known sunglass brand. We will call them Aloha John’s) from the company but I do not like them. Can I trade them for another pair here for the same value.

My boss: …No man we cannot do that.

So he asks me to let him try on other ones anyway.
As he is trying them on.

Guy: I bet if I take these to (big name sunglass shop) or another big sunglass store they will let me trade them.

Me: …Nah man they won’t. It affects inventory. You cannot exchange stuff to stores if you did not buy it there.

Guy: Well I bet I can! If you have the ones I have in stock I should be able to.

Me:….No it doesn’t really work like that.

Guy: *grumbles and storms out.

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(I greet my new table and ask them what they would like to drink.)

Man: I’d like an Arnold Palmer with sweet tea.

Me: I’m sorry, all of our tea is unsweetened.

Man: That’ll be alright, then.

Woman: I’ll just have a sweet tea.

Me: *facepalm*

A Bag Of Old Tricks

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(I am working in the concession stand where we offer free refills on large popcorns on the same day of purchase. A customer approaches and takes an old popcorn bag out of his jacket pocket.)

Not-So-Sneaky Snacker: “Can I get a refill?”

Me: “I’m sorry, we only offer refills on popcorn for the same day of purchase.”

Not-So-Sneaky Snacker: “I bought this today.”

Me: “Sir, I know that’s not true. That’s not the bag we’re currently using, I just saw you come in from outside, and you are literally the first customer of the day.”

(He opened his mouth as though to argue, but instead just slunk away in defeat. A few months later, he was permanently banned for defrauding the theater’s rewards program, and for sexually harassing one of the managers.)

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Pound For Pound Cheaper

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A friend was getting married in Newport, Rhode Island, which has expensive hotel rates. My family chose a lower-priced hotel just outside the city that was still in the network they had advertised on their wedding webpage.

Another friend attending the wedding searched for less expensive hotels and found one at a great rate in another neighborhood outside the city. When they went to put the address into the GPS, it couldn’t find where they were going. Frustrated, they looked at their confirmation email. The reason they had found a hotel at such an inexpensive rate was because they booked it in Newport… England. They didn’t notice the pound symbol next to the price.

Luckily, the hotel we were staying at still had a few open rooms, and they were able to cancel their other reservation.

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