We Have Achieved Peak Floof

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When we decided to get our first dog, a Samoyed puppy, my partner and I searched for reputable breeders and drove over four hundred miles to get her.

About four years later, the breeder — whom I had become close friends with — informed me that she was having another, final litter from the mother of our other pup.

My partner and I jumped at the chance to own “sisters from another litter,” and after the puppies were born, we drove across the country to see them.

Because we were close personal friends of the breeder, she allowed us the first pick of the litter. 

Our first pup was a confident and laid back missus and we decided to try and find a personality that would fit with hers. We sat down in the group of white fluff clouds and played for a few hours.

When the time came, one puppy stood out about the rest. She was so chilled out and affectionate. She curled into my lap and fell asleep. She wanted cuddles and was generally a sweet little girl. We loved her.

I told the breeder that I wanted the sweet girl and handed over my deposit. As soon as the breeder said, “She’s reserved. All yours,” suddenly the sweet one went wild!

The tiny puppy woke up and started to terrorise her brothers and sisters, rolling around, barking loudly, going crazy! It was like watching a completely different dog! Even the breeder said, “She’s never acted like that before!”

My partner and I couldn’t stop laughing and decided that she was too cheeky to pass up, so we decided to stick with our choice.

That brings us to today… We have the loudest, mischievous, most squirrel-chasing, fluffy girl. She drives my big dog around the bend and her big sister has to tell her off with a loud bark.

But overall, I think we made the right choice.


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(A customer calls up about their business insurance policy. The office I work in usually routes their business through brokers or agents, but it is far from uncommon to hear directly from customers. I’m running through the charges, then we get to the tax at the end. The customer is following along so far, but then asks me to re-calculate the taxes again and again.)

Me: “Okay, so the policy comes to a total of $5,000,” *making up a number for the sake of the story* “With the GST added, that comes to $5,500. Now we add the state Stamp Duty of 1.5%. This brings the total to $5,582.50. Now the Fire Services Levy…”

Customer: “Wait, you’re adding the stamp duty to the price after adding GST?”

Me: “…yes, sir”

Customer: “But you’re ripping me off. Is that how your company works”

Me: “That is how taxes work, sir.”

(After a back and forth for several minutes, the customer hangs up, saying he’s going to talk to his local member. I was sorely tempted to send him a link to the Australian Tax Office, but let him dig his own grave.)

Your Argument Is Heated But Your Reasons Are Cold

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(It’s a record-breaking day for temperatures, which are exceeding 45 degrees Celsius — 113 F — all over the country. It’s still 35 degrees Celsius — 95 F — at eight pm. I’m a manager on duty doing the night shift and helping the kids — younger coworkers — by dispatching orders in between making burgers.)

Me: “Order [number]! [Meal]?”

Customer: *visibly angry* “How could you do this to these children?!”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am?”

Customer:Do you know how hot it is?

(I am visibly sweating, as the air conditioning keeps failing every other hour due to the system overheating.)

Me: “Yes, I do. I’m doing everything in my power to make sure these kids have plenty of water and I’m even giving out frozen slushies to the kids. Have you ordered yet?”

Customer: “You have my order! I hope you’re ashamed of yourself! Why are you even open?!”

Me: “Unfortunately, I have no say in when we open or close the store outside the listed hours, but I assume it’s so we can continue serving customers such as yourself. If you’re unhappy about the situation we’re in, I’m happy to give you a refund on your order so you can choose somewhere else to eat?”

Customer: “Are you kidding?! I need to feed my family!”

(With that, the customer grabbed her bucket and stormed out of the store.)

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I’m in uniform, alone, standing behind my register in a group of 10 registers. I watch as a lady walks half way up to me.

Customer: “Do you work here?”

Me: “……….?!?!”

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Me: Good morning, Splash Restaurant. This is Ashleigh speaking.

Customer: Hey, I’m wondering if you take reservations for half a person?

Me: Half a person…??

Customer: Yeah because I’m in a wheelchair.

Me: Oh! Yes of course we do!

Customer: And is it half price for half a person?

Me: Ummm, I’m not sure it is.

Customer: But I’m half a person so I would eat half as much.

Me: Sorry mate, I don’t make the rules. You’ll have to talk to the Manager on this one.

Customer: Is he in?

Me: He does get here in around an hour.

Customer: Cool! I’ll call back then!