This One Is A No-Brainer

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(I’ve just graduated and have been accepted for a new job with my degree. I’m just completing the last few weeks of my job as a supervisor at a cinema complex. This customer has been screaming at me at the desk for me the last five minutes, over the fact that I will not let his thirteen-year-old into a rated R16 movie, and that we dared to ask for the kid’s ID.)

Me: “Sir, it’s a legal restriction. We cannot allow anyone under the age of 16 into this film, and to be certain we meet that obligation, we have to check anyone who looks under 25 for ID.”

Customer: “Well, he plays video games that are R18 and R16 all the time! I’m his father, and I say he’s allowed to!”

(I just want to yell at him that he’s breaking the law by doing that, anyway.)

Me: “It doesn’t work that way. We are legally obligated to check.”

(I provide him with paperwork from our online website stating our terms and conditions regarding this. It’s even highlighted… in bright yellow)

Me: “See? Here are our conditions—”

Customer: *not reading it* “I said I’m his father, and I allow him. What right do you have over that?”

Me: “The New Zealand law?”

Customer: *going on a rant I don’t really take notice of* “…by some stupid dropout at a cinema.”

(I remind him of the law and obligations, and agree to fetch the manager for him.)

Me: “…also, not a dropout. I’m a college graduate about to work with rehabilitation of traumatic brain injury. I’ll just go get my manager for you, sir!”

(For the record, my new clients with severe brain injuries have better sense than this guy did.)

Can’t Filter Through The Filters

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(A customer approaches the counter.)

Customer: “I’m looking for an oil filter; can you help me?”

Me: “No problem. What type are you looking for?”

Customer: “I told you, I need an oil filter.”

Me: “Yes, but what size are you looking for? We have dozens of different types.”

Customer: “Oh, I didn’t know there were different sizes.”

Me: “That’s okay. I’ll just look it up in the catalog. What type of car is it?”

Customer: “It’s a Toyota.”

Me: *getting frustrated* “Okay, what type of Toyota?”

Customer: “I can’t remember.”

Me: “I’m afraid I can’t help you.”

Like Stealing A Baby From A Trolley

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I was in the supermarket yesterday and saw something so crazy that if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I would never have believed that someone would be that horrible!

I was waiting in line to pay for my shopping when I saw an older lady following an employee, berating him, as there were no shopping trolleys nearby. It was obviously his job was to collect them from the car park — it was raining really hard so I guess he was waiting a few minutes — and she was actually pulling on his uniform shirt to try and get his undivided attention.

She stopped shouting all of a sudden, turned around, and found a shopping trolley behind her. It was not quite empty — it had a newborn baby in a capsule in the main compartment of the trolley — but the mother’s back was turned. She took the baby out of the trolley, dumped the capsule in the middle of the aisle, and then took the shopping trolley off with her.

I was standing there gobsmacked, but so stunned it took a minute to realise what had actually happened. The mother had turned around to get something and was talking with another employee. She turned back and just about freaked out when she couldn’t place her hand on her trolley! By this time, there were now three employees chasing the older woman down the aisle — including a huge security officer — and she was screaming, “No! It’s mine! I found it!”

The mother calmed down a bit, picked her baby up out of the capsule, and stood there like a deer in the headlights. Honestly… Was it that important to have a trolley that she had to oust a tiny baby out of it?

The kicker was that after being escorted out of the store by the security officer, the lady was carrying only a loaf of bread. Did she really need a trolley for a loaf of bread?! The hardest thing I found to comprehend was that another woman had taken out the baby with no thought for the baby itself, leaving it in the main thoroughfare where anyone could have hit the capsule, and she honestly didn’t think she’d done anything wrong!

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(Our drive-thru is timed; customers are not allowed to be at a window any longer than 45 seconds. It a customer is waiting on a particular item, we usually send them to the carpark and then personally bring it out when it’s ready. This particular day, an area manager is in, so we’re working hard to make sure our drive-thru is spot on. I just put down a bag of [frozen product] into the deep fryer when I hear a customer order one on the headset. Before I can tell the cashier there is a wait, he is already at my window.)

Me: “Hi, sorry but there’s going to be a wait on your meal. Can I just get you to wait in the carpark? I can bring it out when it’s ready.”

Customer: “How long is it going to take?”

Me: “Only a minute or two.”

Customer: “Can’t I just wait here?”

Me: “Sorry, but our drive-thru is timed. I’m not allowed to leave a car here for too long.”

Customer: “Last time I came here I had to wait for ages!”

Me: “I can assure you, it’s not going to be a couple of minutes.”

(This goes back and forth a few more times, and then he decides to drive on. I pack the next car’s orders, then his, and bring it out to the carpark. I didn’t see him anywhere and figured he just left, even though he was out there for maybe 3 minutes tops. On my way back him I notice him; parked at the exit of the drive-thru, blocking the two cars behind him. I walk over and hand over his meal.)

Me: “Didn’t I ask you to wait in the carpark? There are cars behind you wanting to leave.”

Customer: “So? It’s your fault I had to wait. You should have told me earlier when I was ordering.”

Me: “I’m sorry, but you were already at my window before I could tell the cashier.”

Customer: “Not my problem.”

(He then drove off, leaving me open-mouthed. I’m used to arrogant cutomers, but blocking a drive-thru on purpose? I don’t even know.)

Mind Your Own Business Down There

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(I’m standing in line at the supermarket checkout. In front of me is an elderly woman, and in front of her, checking out, is a young woman. Her purchase includes a couple of boxes of tampons.)

Elderly Woman: “Excuse me, dear? You do know you can buy those at the pharmacy, don’t you?

Young Woman: “Yes, but they’re cheaper here.”

Elderly Woman: “It’s far more discreet to purchase them at the pharmacy. In my day, we were always very discreet about buying anything that had to do with ‘down there.’”

(She waves her hands in the general region of her waist.)

Young Woman: *looking in the elderly woman’s trolley* “Is that so? Then I guess you’ll be putting that toilet paper back on the shelf and purchasing it online, instead?”

(The cashier let out a snort of laughter and then abruptly stopped. I, along with the others in the line, had no such qualms. We all erupted with laughter, and the silly old lady kept her opinions to herself from then on.)

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