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(I work at a fish in chip shop with is also a restaurant. My bosses are from China (not important but the restaurant serves mostly Chinese food but is mostly know for there steak meals). In the restaurant four people are in the restaurant they order, three get plain steak meals. I’m going when one of the group says:)

Customer #4: “Umm, miss sorry but can a change my order to a garlic steak but no gravy on it?”

Me: “Okay… I’ll go see.” As the it is garlic gravy with the steak to make it garlic.

I go to one of bosses and I tell him the order and the garlic with no gravy

Boss: “But then it just a steak, go back to work I’ll work something out”

A few minutes later.

Boss: “Ah [my name], Can you ask with they want garlic butter (used for chip) on there steak.”

I go back in to the restaurant

Me: “Sorry, sir do you mind having garlic butter on steak”

Customer#4 “Yeah, that great, Thanks.

As I’m leaving I over hear this

Customer#2 “dude, I told you the garlic in the gravy, ass-hole”

The Wind Is Blowing Them In Today

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(We are in a windy area, so we often close one of our entrances and leave a sign asking patrons to use a different entrance. This day has been particularly bad for sign-blindness. A patron tries to open the door, then steps back to look at the door, totally missing the sign at eye-level in front of her face.)

Patron: *knock knock* “EXCUSE ME!”

(I wave and smile, and gesture for them to move to the next door. The patron ignores me, steps back to door, and tries to push again, actually placing her hand and pushing ON THE SIGN that says, “PLEASE USE OTHER DOOR DUE TO WIND.” Then, she glares at me when it doesn’t open.)

Me: *gets up, goes to other door and open it, calling out* “Hi, guys! Sorry, we’re just using the one door today due to the wind.”

Patron: “Oh, okay. We didn’t realise.”

Me: “Yeah, sorry, we do have a sign up.”

Patron: *as if it was my fault for the sign not being obvious enough* “Well, we didn’t see it.”

Me: *unable to keep it in, muttering* “Well, you put your hand on it.”

Patron: “What was that?”

Me: *with a big smile* “Oh, nothing. Enjoy your visit!”

(I go back to my desk and sit down. Another customer comes to the door, tries to open it, tries again with their hand touching the sign, and then looks questioningly at me.)

Me: *sigh*

Kick Them While They’re Down

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(My mum is telling off my younger brother — seven or eight years old — for annoying me, which he takes great delight in. He especially enjoys testing me until he finds my breaking point, before pushing past it and seeing how far he can get before I explode. Severe annoyance can end up with him being tussled/wrestled; we rarely hit each other, but sometimes I will give a light bump on his backside with the side of my foot — more of a tap than anything else — that results in him scuttling out of reach, giggling maniacally.)

Mum: “Why are you teasing your brother? Leave him alone!”

Brother: “I get a kick out of it!”

Mum: “[Brother]!”

Brother: “Yeah, I tease him and he gives me a kick!”

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Their Attitude Is Totally Bus-ted

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(I am catching a bus to my aunt’s house. This route is a loop, and buses go in both directions around the loop. This means that even though they are the same route, one takes 20 minutes to get to where I’m going and the other takes an hour and a half. I can’t remember which is which, as I don’t use the bus there often.)

Me: “Hello, does this bus go up [Street #1] or [Street #2]?”

Driver: “[Street #1].”

Me: “Okay, thanks.”

(I pay and take my ticket, but before I can sit down:)

Driver: *as if he had never said anything* “I go up [Street #2] and down [Street #1].”

Me: “Oh… Well… I already paid. Can I get a refund?”

Driver: “No.”

Me: “Um… Well, I don’t have any more cash for my fare on the correct bus. Can you radio them and tell them I paid?”

(This is common in my town for minor stuff like this; most bus drivers will happily help.)

Driver: *very angrily* “No! Sit down or get off; you’re holding me up!”

(Stunned at his sudden aggressive attitude, I turn around and go to get off the bus.)

Driver: *shouting after me* “Learn where you’re going!”

Me: *I have had enough at this point and have had a second to gather my thoughts, so I shout back* “Learn your f****** job!”

(I called up to complain. When I did, I told them I swore at him, for the sake of full disclosure. The woman said, “Well, I can see here that this isn’t the first incident with that driver, so that’s probably fair enough!” She apologised sincerely and arranged for the next bus to let me on for free, through the same radio system the rude driver could have used.)

To Bark, Or Not To Bark

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(Our miniature poodle is a friendly, happy dog. During the morning we let him out into a fenced area. Usually he sticks to routine. One morning, he decides he doesn’t feel like going out, despite it being a lovely, sunny day. He steps outside the house, takes a glance around, and sits down.)

Me: “[Dog], come on! Here we go!”

(He takes a long look at me.)

Me: “Come on! Come here!”

(He takes another long look, and surveys the scene once more, and lays down.)

Me: “[Dog]! Come here, now. Come on.”

(He flops over on his side.)

Me: “[DOG]! Come! Now!”

(He begins to push pathetically with his paws, as if trying to walk while laying flat on his side. There is a lot of theatricality in his movements, as if the sheer effort is killing him. Now laughing, I step back to him, pick him up, carry him inside the pen, and put him down.)

Me: “There you go, you ridiculous dog.”

(He immediately began walking around as normal, checking out this and that, and I stayed for a few moments to make sure there wasn’t actually anything wrong with him. There wasn’t. He decided the ruse hadn’t paid off, so he might as well get on with life. I was impressed with our little thespian, though; he put his heart and soul into that performance.)

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