Flag This One For Incompetence

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I work in a sales business with offices all over the country. I am the hardware technician at the head office, but I often deal with basic IT requests.

I get a call one morning from an “Anonymous” number.

Flag 1: We have an internal and external helpdesk number. If a call comes in from external, it shows the caller ID. Our staff don’t block their numbers as they do a lot of calling and their clients like to know it’s them calling.

The anonymous caller says they are trying to log in to email, and they can’t seem to get in. They want to know if we can reset the email password for them.

Flag 2: Our emails are linked into our database, and the laptops we issue out have emails already set up for them. If they can login to the laptop they can login to the emails.

Flag 2a: If it was a mobile device, we have a process for that, as well, and they need to send through a mobile request form, which their manager handles.

I have a look in our database for the username they have given, and I can’t find it. I then look in our email server for the email address, just in case there was a special case where they had an email but not a local account.


Flag 3: Why are you requesting a password reset for someone who we don’t seem to have?

I let them know that they will need to get their manager to send through a request, and they say,

“Okay, sure. I’ll get onto that and get back to you. See ya!” and hang up.

I think that is odd, and I tell my manager about it and he laughs it off and agrees that it was odd, but there’s nothing really we can do.

We think it is the end of it, but then, sure enough, a few moments later, I get a call back. The same anonymous caller says, “Hey, it’s [Caller] again. Turns out I don’t have an email set up. Could you make one for me?”

Our user accounts are more than just emails; we have the local account for logging into computers, permissions based on what location they are, even alternative emails for the locations.

We have a process which the manager needs to go through in order for a user to be added, and we have a ten-day wait time to get everything approved from their end, as well as mine: hiring team, accountants, my manager, etc.

I let him know that if he is a new starter, then his manager should have sent through a request for a new user. He says he will get onto it again and hangs up.

Sure enough, a few moments later, a request comes through from one of the “assistant managers” for an email account setup for this guy.

Once again, we have policies and procedures which need following for new user accounts, paperwork, and such.

The email I got literally just says, “Hiya, just needing a new email for [Caller], cheers.”

I forward it on to my manager again and leave him to deal with it.

I have no idea if something had gone wrong, or if it was just a manager who had no idea how to do things. But at this point, I didn’t want to deal with it.

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Still Has A “Pretty” Outdated View

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I am helping an older male patron with the printer. I’m female. He asks what I think of a particular sexual abuse case that is in the news. I give a vague answer, which he doesn’t listen to as he starts rambling about all these terrible things coming to light now all over the world. He says that it is great that people can speak up now, but it’s terrible that it happened at all, and everyone knew but no one said anything, etc.

Patron: “I guess you ladies in the library wouldn’t have these problems?”

I start to reply but he carries on:

Patron: “It’s the pretty young girls who have to worry, isn’t it?”

I didn’t know where to start with that, so I just said the printer was fine now and left him to it.

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Red Paint In A Hospital Ward Is Just Asking For Trouble

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I was in hospital for a severe illness. Because doctors were unable to identify what was causing it at my age, given I was in my twenties, I was in a ward for many weeks while they did multiple tests. 

Being a fairly active person prior, I didn’t take sitting idle very well. So, after a few days, I was restless, despite being unwell. 

I really enjoy crafty activities. The hospital happened to be holding an in-house competition where each individual ward got a theme, with the best decorated getting a prize. 

Being absolutely bored out of my mind, I asked if I could help them out with making decorations, which they agreed to. They provided the crafting gear and paints, and we made some pretty cool decorations. 

However, I will never forget the poor cleaners that came to do their rounds through the ward one afternoon and found me cross-legged on my bed, arms and gown covered in red paint, because I had dropped a large painted piece of decoration on myself. 

One emergency call to nurses later, and I ended up not doing most of the painting activities following that. 

That ward won the competition, and after an emergency surgery, I’m doing much better.

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Snakes, Skulls, And Short-Sightedness

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I am working in the clothing section of a department store when a man in his fifties or sixties stops me by grabbing my arm. He is dressed in a leather jacket and torn jeans and looks every bit the aged punk.

Customer: “That’s a very cool tattoo there.”

I have the Dark Mark from “Harry Potter” tattooed on my arm. For anyone unfamiliar with the design, it is a hissing snake emerging from the mouth of a skull.

Me: “Thank you! I got it pretty recently and I’m really fond of it. It’s a design from my favourite book.”

Customer: “I was about your age when I started getting tattoos, too.”

The man pulls up his sleeve to show me multiple tattoos of daggers, snakes, skulls, and so forth, all slightly faded from age.

Me: “Oh, cool! They look great!”

Customer: “Do your parents know about it?”

Me: “Yes, my mum really likes it!”

Customer: “Aren’t they worried about it?”

Me: “Well… my dad wasn’t happy, but I’m an adult; he understands that.”

The customer is shaking his head sadly.

Customer: “Not about that. I mean, it’s such a violent design… and on such a pretty young girl.”

I am an eighteen-year-old man.

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(In this story I am the stupid customer. I was about six at the time, and I was looking for a new game to play on my Playstation 2.)
Me: *approaching counter* “Will this Xbox game work on a Playstation?”
Cashier: “Um.. No?”
Me: “Oh..”