The Entitlement Force Awakens

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(It’s Christmas afternoon. We are very busy due to a certain sci-fi film that has just been released and is shattering box-office records.)

Customer: “It’s a shame you have to work Christmas.”

Me: “Yeah, but it’s okay. I get out in about three hours, so I’ll at least be able to have some Christmas dinner with my family before I hit bed.”

Customer: *confused* “Why would you go to bed right after dinner?”

Me: “Oh, I’m just tired. Christmas season is one of our busiest times of year, especially with the record-breaking numbers we’ve been getting for Star Wars, so I’ve been working all day every day and it gets exhausting after a while dealing with such huge volumes of guests like this non-stop.”

Customer: *perky* “Well, at least there’s the holiday overtime pay! Being paid time-and-a-half will make it worth it, am I right?”

Me: *wanting to change the subject* “Eh… sure.”

Customer: *annoyed* “Come on! Aren’t I right?”

Me: “Actually, movie theaters in this state don’t legally have to pay overtime, so we unfortunately don’t really get time-and-a-half like most other places do.”

Customer: *shouting* “Wow, douchebag! Way to ruin my Christmas by making it depressing! I wanna talk to your manager!”

(He actually went and complained to my manager that I “ruined” his Christmas and demanded I be punished, though not fired. Merry Christmas to you too, ***-hole!)

The Thing About Sales Is That They End

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(It is Christmas Eve. We had a high price item on sale with a good discount. A customer comes in at the beginning of the sale period demanding to see the item.)

Me: “The display is just over there. I’ll be with you as soon as I finish with this customer.”

(The customer stomps off and doesn’t even head to the display. Instead, she leaves the store. The next week she is back.)

Customer: “I demand to see [item] and I better not be refused service like the last time I was in here.”

Coworker: *remembers her* “Sorry if you thought you were refused service, but last time that you were in, my coworker was serving a customer just as I am now. I’ll be with you in a minute.”

(I am available and able to attend the customer, who doesn’t stop ranting over being refused service and how ridiculous it is that she had to wait seeing as she was going to spend a lot of money with us. I show her the item and she demands a demonstration. We don’t have a model for demonstration in the store as it is a very expensive item but we have one booked in for a week’s time with the manufacturer.)

Customer: “So if I book in I’ll be assured to still get the $400 discount?”

Me: “Yes, the sale doesn’t finish until Christmas Eve. If you leave your name and number we’ll ring you after we confirm the date and time for the demonstration.”

Customer: “This is really bad service; I can’t see why you can’t do the demonstration now.”

Me: “We don’t have access to a demonstration model.”

Customer: “Can’t you just open one?”

Me: “No, because once they are used, we can’t sell it as a new item. Please just leave your details with the cashier.”

Customer: “I’ll come back and do it.”

(She leaves without leaving any details. When the rep checks the attendee list she cancels the demonstration as there are no names on the list. The next week the woman comes back demanding to know why she hasn’t received a call. She won’t take “you didn’t leave your details” as an answer, and is reminded of the last date of the sale. She storms out of the store again. She comes back two months later.)

Customer: “Where is [item]?”

Me: “It’s just over here.” *I walk over with her*

Customer: “WHY IS IT $800? IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE $400!”

Me: “That sale finished on Christmas Eve. It’s now February and it’s gone back to full price.”


Me: “I am sorry, but I have no authority to do that. You did have ample opportunity to purchase it in December and you were told several times when the sale was going to finish.”

Customer: “I. DIDN’T. HAVE. THE. MONEY. THEN. Get me someone who does have the authority.”

Me: “Only Corporate has that. They are closed over the weekend and won’t be in until Monday. I’m sorry but there’s nothing I can do today.”

Customer: *ranting* “I don’t see what is the difference between it being on sale and not. If they can do it at that price in December they can do it at that price now.” *storms out of store*

(The difference was that the manufacturer had the item on sale in December. If we gave her the discounted price in February we would be losing money. And there was no way I was losing my job giving such a huge discount.)

When The Grinch Ate Christmas

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(I am the manager of a bar & grill in Brooklyn. It’s the week of Christmas and we are of course very busy. On this night I’m serving drinks at the bar itself, when I notice a commotion from a table nearby, where an elderly couple is having dinner.)

Man: “Hey, come back here!”

Waitress: “Yes, sir?”

Man: “I ordered a skirt steak, medium rare!”

Waitress: “Yes, sir, that is indeed what I brought out.”

Man: “And you didn’t notice something wrong?”

Waitress: “Excuse me?”

Man: “The sauce bottle on this table is empty!”

(He holds up a bottle of steak sauce that is indeed completely empty.)

Waitress: “Oh, dear, so it is! I’m sorry I did not notice that. I’ll get you a new one right now!”

(She rushes back to the kitchen and returns immediately with a full bottle of sauce. The man grumbles as he accepts it and then things quiet down… until the two finish their meal and the waitress returns to collect their plates.)

Waitress: “So, how was everything?”

Man: “It was fine… once we had what we needed to eat it! I know you’re probably preoccupied with thinking about spending Christmas Day alone with a bottle of cheap vodka but that’s no excuse for not doing your job!”

(I look up and the waitress looks quite shocked.)

Man: “I was thinking of ordering the cheesecake on your menu, but I suspect if I did you’d just bring me an empty plate and a fork.”

(I note the waitress trembling slightly, yet ever the professional she just picks up their plates without complaint.)

Man: “Well? What? Aren’t you going to say anything?”

Waitress: “Sir, I’m sorry about the sauce. I assure you it was not intentional, and you don’t need to say such unkind things to me.”

(The man suddenly slams his fist on the table.)

Man: “That’s no excuse! Where the hell is your manager?”

(She turns and points to me. The man promptly stands up and walks over to me.)

Man: “This incompetent woman ruined a very nice night out for me and my wife! I demand you do something!”

Me: “Okay. Seeing as I witnessed everything from where I’m standing, I can do one of two things: either I can make you pay your bill and ban you from ever coming here again, or I can call the police and have you arrested for harassing my staff.”

Man: “WHAT?!”

Me: “[Waitress] is right. You have no excuse for berating her over a simple mistake. It’s busy and we can’t keep an eye on everything. If you’re going to be this unpleasant then please leave and never show your face in here again.”

Man: “But… it’s Christmas!”

Me: “Then how about showing some good will to your fellow men and women? Namely by paying your bill and removing yourself from the premises?”

(Thankfully he did just that, albeit leaving no tip, and we have yet to see him or his wife again.)

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Oh, Ma’am…

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(I work at a clothing store.)

Me: “Hello, ma’am, how may I help you today?”

Customer: “BLEHHHH.” *flails arms*

Me: “Um, ma’am, are you all right?”

Woman: “I am not a ‘ma’am.’ I am a f****** lady!” *slaps my face and walks off*

Me: “…”

The Daddy Of All IDs

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(My husband, daughter, and I are going to an 18-and-over show for our daughter’s 18th birthday. My husband is 6’8″, while I am barely 5 feet tall and am often mistaken for being much younger than I am. We are stopped at the door.)

Usher: “Sorry, sir, you can’t bring your kids in here. It’s 18 and up.”

Husband: “That’s okay; we’re all of age.”

(The usher looks annoyed.)

Usher: “Can I see some ID, then?”

(We all present our IDs. The usher looks at mine, then at me, then at my ID again, and his jaw visibly drops.)

Usher: “This is real?”

Me: “Yep.”

Usher: *to husband* “You’re not their dad?”

Husband: “I’m her dad.” *points to our daughter* “But that’s my husband.” *points to me*

Usher: *hands our IDs back and waves us in, speechless*

Daughter: “I think we just broke his brain.”

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