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(I’m at a privately owned computer repair shop waiting to get my laptop screen replaced when I hear this.)

Customer: I got a new laptop a few weeks ago and I dropped it yesterday. Since then, it’s been kind of glitchy and weird.

Employee: Okay, let’s take a look at it.

(The customer pulls a small Chromebook out of his bag. It is completely bent and cracked in half- not just the screen, it looks like he’s smashed it against something repeadedly and hard. There are peices of hardware sticking out. It’s flashing on and off, and is clearly also water damaged, with parts still dripping.)

Employee: Oh. Wow. Okay. This doesn’t seem to be in our capabilities. It looks like you’re going to need a new laptop. We have some great options here, and I can offer you a discount-

Customer: But I like THIS laptop! And my boss will kill me if I give this back like this…

(He proceeds to tell the rest of the story. Indeed, it was not a simple drop and cracked screen- he and his buddies got drunk and decided to see how much abuse the poor Chromebook could take before it died. And it was a work laptop he didn’t own.)

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I work for a company that offers “proactive live chat” on its website. That means if a customer’s actions while browsing meet specific criteria, it will trigger a pop-up in the corner of their screen asking if they want help. They can click “accept” or “decline”, or simply ignore it. This is a real transcript of one such chat.

Me: You are now chatting with [Name]. How may I help you?
Customer: Not sure. Need help message kept popping up!
Me: Hi [Customer’s name]. We offer help if you have been on a checkout page for longer than 30 seconds. However, if you don’t need help, you can decline the pop-up. Do you have any questions today?
Customer: Not really. Thank you.
Me: Okay. Thank you for contacting the [Company]. Have a good day.
[Customer] has left the conversation

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(I’ve worked in Michael’s for a couple of months. We always had an issue with the coupons. My manager strictly told me to NOT give out the coupons unless they have it on their phone. We can’t give the coupons out to them because giving away coupons became abusive and overused. That’s how we lose money… I was only following orders.)

Me: Found what you’re looking for ma’m?
Customer: Yes I did, unfortunately I don’t have the coupons on me. Can I get
Me: Do you have your smartphone?
Customer: No. It’s at home.
Me: Then I can’t issue a coupon.
(If you have a smart phone. You can go online and search them on the website.)
Customer: Are you serious? Can you
please see if you have any behind the counter?
Me. I don’t have access to them.
(I did actually. We only use them IF they have it on their phone however wifi was crappy so it’ll take longer to load and/or increase the line behind them. WE ONLY USE THE COUPONS TO SPEED THE TRANSACTIONS under those two situations )
Customer: Can you please check for me?
Me: I can’t not issue you a coupon! We do not give out coupons for free.
Customer: Wow.. *starts whining and moaning* That’s not fair!
Me: I’m sorry, ma’m
(Which honestly I wasn’t.)
Customer: *gives me a disgusted look* I’m not coming back here again.

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I was a own a small restaurant and one day these two guys came in.
Guy 1 : (To me) Get the F*** over here.
Guy 2: Yeah!
Me: Sir, you need to mind your manners. We do not tolerate this kind of rudeness.
Guy 2: F****** lazy bitch!
Me: That’s it, leave.
Guy 1: You can’t make me leave.
Me: Actually I can, I own this place.
The two guys booked it out of the restaurant.

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I pop into the bodega near work this morning to grab breakfast before work, having not eaten since I woke up, so I’m a bit cranky. I visit this bodega a few times a week and have a good rapport with the owner.

Me: Coffee and this muffin please.
Store Owner: No sandwich today?
Me: Nope. Coffee and muffin please.
Store Owner: Any valentine’s Day plans?
Me: Nah, just working.
Store Owner: Aw, I’ll give you your muffin for free if you promise to do something nice for yourself today.
Me: [Store Owner], I swear to god, if you don’t give me my muffin right now I will lose my mind.
Store Owner’s wife from the back: [Store Owner] YOU LEAVE THAT LADY ALONE AND GIVE HER HER DAMN MUFFIN.
Store Owner: Geeeeeeeze fine, here. I hope you have a good day anyways.
Me: Thank you, [Store Owner]. I’ll see you next time.