Caramel Entitlement Never Tasted So Bitter

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(It is a late shift, we are closing in an hour, and I am making drinks while one of my coworkers is on register. One of our regulars comes up; most of our regulars are nice but this one always has a sour look on her face and is known for being difficult.) 

Coworker: “Hello! Wha–“

Customer: *cuts right to it* “Ultra-caramel frappe with extra milk, half ice, light ice, light whipped cream, and extra caramel drizzle.”

(I hear the order and start making the drink right away. Before she even finishes paying, she screams.)


Coworker: “Would you like her to pour some out or start over?”

Customer: *gives blank angry state and says nothing*

(Before she can ask again…)

Me: *in a polite sweet voice* “I’m sorry, I will start over.”

(The regular finishes paying and waits at the pickup area. I show her the milk amount before I make the rest of the drink; I pour just over the standard amount and ask her if that is all right. She continues to stare angrily but refuses to say if it isn’t, so I continue with the drink. I make it with her specifications and put it on the counter for her.)

Me: “Here you go!”

Customer: *twists the drink* “This isn’t right.”

Me: “I am sorry, I will be happy to fix it. What is wrong?”

Customer: *hissing* “This isn’t how I usually get it.”

Me: “I’m sorry. I can fix it if I know what’s wrong.”

Customer: *snaps* “Just give me a refund.”

(I am fed up. There is a line of customers and I have to make a ton of drinks because this conversation is taking way too long.)

Me: “Okay, then, you can wait in line and [Coworker] will give you a refund.”

(She huffed off and straight-up cut in line. The people behind were shocked. My coworker asked if she should give her the refund and I told her to just do it and get her out of here. The next week, she came in and I found out the only difference between what I made and how she usually drinks her frappuccino is that I put the extra caramel drizzle she ordered on top and she likes it in the cup!)

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A Sprinkle Of Idiocy Is Too Much

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I work at a popular coffee chain known for serving ungodly sugary iced blender drinks. 

I am making drinks while a coworker rings. I get an order for two venti cotton candy frappes with whipped cream made with heavy cream. Just to be clear, this has four pumps of frappe syrup, three scoops of vanilla bean sugar powder, and six pumps of raspberry syrup. The recipe calls for pink sprinkles if the customer asks for whipped cream, so I put some on. This customer is the definition of a basic white girl, wearing North Face, a scrunchy in a messy bun, and Uggs. 

She leans over and says, “OH, MY GOD! Can you please take off the sprinkles if possible? That’s WAAAY too much sugar!” 

It takes all of my soul to not straight up say that the sprinkles are probably the healthiest thing in there.

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Book This One Under Lost Cause

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(I’m a library director in a small town. Our library collection is joined up with many other libraries in our area, and we will regularly send our books to other locations for people to pick up. One day, I get a call from another library; their patron has borrowed one of our books and claims she returned it, but it’s not marked “returned” in the system. The other library asks me to make sure it didn’t somehow end up back at our library without being scanned in. I check, but it’s definitely not there. I tell the other library to renew it and ask the patron to keep looking, because usually when patrons think they returned something they find it a few weeks later under the passenger seat or whatever. A little while later the patron calls me, very annoyed.)

Patron: “I need to speak to someone about [Book] and someone who can actually help!”

Me: *already annoyed with her huffy tone* “Well, ma’am, I can help. What seems to be the problem?”

Patron: “I returned [Book] weeks ago and it’s still on my account! The stupid people at my library say it’s not there, so I thought I would have you look for it.”

Me: *even more annoyed at the insult to my friends at the other library* “Well, ma’am, I actually spoke to the staff at your library earlier today, and we have both looked for it and have not been able to find it.”

Patron: “Well, it’s those darn computers! They don’t scan right!”

(I take a moment to try to figure out what that has to do with anything, no luck.)

Me: “The computers have nothing to do with it at this point, ma’am; the physical book can’t be found at either library.”

Patron: *scoffs* “Well, what happens now?”

Me: “I have asked your library to renew the book, so you won’t be charged any fines while we all continue to look for the book. I recommend you look around your home and your car one more time, just to be sure.”

Patron: “I’m not looking anymore; I returned it! There must be something else that can be done!”

Me: “Did you have a suggestion?”

Patron: “Take the book off my account!”

Me: “I can’t take the book off your account until someone finds it.”

Patron: “Well, it’s not here so I don’t know what you want me to do!”

Me: *done with this conversation* “Well, it’s not here, so I don’t know what you want me to do.”

(She hung up on me. No one’s found the book yet, so guess who got charged a lost book fee?)

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Neanderthal Hillibilly couple who may also be first cousins
(Man and women each have a purchase of their own)
Female specimen:(puts mop two inches away from my face) can you scan this so I can put it back in the cart
Me: uh um o-ok(finishes purchase hands her receipt rings up Neanderthal man
Female specimen: the hummus was supposed to be 2.50 they say 2.99 on my receipt (she has two, so yes 98 cents)
Me:ok you’re gonna have to go to guest service I can’t do anything about it now here at the register
Neanderthal: put those items in a separate(he meant to say different) bag that one has a hole in it (I proceed to do so)no why would you put those cookies with the fruit just put it in a different bag
Me: there’s no need to be rude sir
Neanderthal: no yur da one dats bean rude you told her to go to guest service instead of helping( me in a state of stress puts items back into torn bag) why are you doing that
Me: you need to be civil
Neanderthal: no you be civil I’m the customer YOU have to be nice to ME[condescendingly reads my name off name tag while insinuating that I must be nice to him under any circumstance whatsoever] so relax
Me:,:0 it’s not that I’m being rude I just can’t give the refund over here I’m not able to
Female specimen:why do I have to wait for the stores mistake
Me: we’ll I’m sorry but I CAN’T fix the problem here( both go silent I give them receipt and point them to cust. service. Minutes later I go to take a break and I see they are at cust. service yelling at the coworker and I go over and try to help eventually manager comes over and gives them their 1 dollar, technically 98 cents, and he demands the store managers number and claims he’s going to call. Best part is that later on my coworker said that he told her “go f#%* yourself” flashback-I’m the customer YOU have to be nice to ME
While I clearly just proved I really don’t although I wasn’t not being nice I also wasn’t exactly kissing a#%, they need to make stricter laws on incestuous relations otherwise this is what happens! we climb back down the evolutionary latter.

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I’m shopping and trying on some new work shoes when an old lady approaches me. I’m dressed in a heavy down jacket and carrying around a purse.

Lady: Excuse me, do you know the [brand name] boots? Do you know where they are?

Me: Uh, sorry I don’t work here so I’m not sure.

Lady: Could you please show me where they are?

Me: Um, sorry I don’t know where they are?

Lady: (getting impatient) Could you please show me where they are?

(Right then, a sales person asks her if she needed help and got her to the boots. Thank you kind salesperson!)