What A Niece Thing To Do

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(It is back-to-school time and I am working in the kids’ section of a major retailer, when a woman approaches the register with an armful of girls’ clothes.)

Customer: “I need to ring these up in batches, because I’m on a tight budget.”

Me: “No problem! It’s hard when the kids are going back to school and need new clothes.”

Customer: “Well… These are for my niece. My brother was laid off, and he can’t afford to buy her school clothes, so I want to help them.”

Me: “Oh, that’s wonderful!”

(I finished ringing in all the clothes, a few at a time, and talked with a coworker to figure out the best discount we would be able to give. She only had to put one outfit back, and left happy. A little girl in a tough situation got new clothes, and I got reminded that sometimes the customer is all right.)

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(So I’ve read many stories on here about customers not recognizing the male bits on their hamsters. I had never had that happen to me once in six years. Apparently I’d come due.)

Customer: *walks in moments after we enter, carrying a teddy bear hamster in a cage*

Me: “Good morning, welcome to Petco. How can I help you today?”

Customer: “I need help.”

Me: “I’d be happy to help. What can I do for you?”

Customer: “Is it normal for my daughter’s hamster to get these…bumps down on his back sometimes?”

Me: “Bumps?” *I look into the cage, as he explains*

Customer: “He’s my daughter’s hamster, and sometimes he gets those bumps. I want to know if he’s okay.”

Me: “Ah…well sir…those are his testicles.”

Customer: *shocked* “They are?!”

Me: “Yes sir. So he’s fine. Hamsters can pull their testicles into their body, which is why they’re not always visible.”

Customer: “Oh…so he’s okay?”

Me: “Yes sir. Is there anything else I can do for you?”

Customer: “No. Thank you for your help.” *he slinks off, embarrassed*

Ungrateful Hateful

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(This is a story told to me by a friend. She is checking into a hotel with her family when a guest in the line next to them starts yelling.)

Guest #1: “This is unacceptable! We traveled all of the way here for my daughter’s college interviews, and you just gave our room away?”

Hotel Clerk #1: “I’m very sorry, but it appears we did give your room away. We are completely booked, but I can call—”

Guest #1: *interrupting* “You can’t do this to us! Where else are we supposed to stay? We don’t know anyone here! How is she supposed to prepare for her interviews and get any rest with no place to sleep?”

Hotel Clerk #1: “I apologize for the mix-up. If you’d like—”

Guest #1: *interrupting again and now starting to cry* “This is just unacceptable! You’ve ruined her chances at getting into a good college! What are we supposed to do?”

Friend: *quietly to her parents* “You know we could share a room; I don’t need my own. Do you guys mind?”

Her Mom: “Are you sure?”

Friend: “Yeah, he seems really upset.”

Mom: “Excuse me, sir? We have two rooms, but we’re willing to give one of them up so you and your daughter can get settled in.”

Guest #1: “How many beds does it have?”

Mom: *taken aback by his snappy tone* “Um, one queen.”

Guest #1: *sneering* “And just what are we supposed to do with that? Share it?”

Hotel Clerk #2: *cutting in* “We do have rollaway beds, sir.”

Guest #2: *his daughter* “Ugh, whatever. Just give us our room already.”

(The clerk gets the guest and his daughter checked in.)

Guest #1: “This is ridiculous. One bed for two people. Absolutely ridiculous!”

Friend: *under her breath as they walk away* “Well, if I had known they were going to be that ungrateful, I would have just kept my room.”

Making No Concessions For The Sign

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(At our theater, the concession stand is a round structure in the lobby with several registers on either side and a food pick-up area in the back for special orders. Depending on the volume of traffic, we usually only have one side of the stand open, and leave the other side closed with signs directing guests to go to the other side. One night, I’m on the right side of stand, when I hear someone repeatedly clearing their throat loudly trying to get attention. I cannot see them anywhere on my side of stand, so I ignore it, assuming it is a guest somewhere else trying to signal someone. Several minutes later…)

Guest: *very annoyed tone; but I cannot see them* “This is insane! Where is the staff?!”

(I walk around to the closed side of stand and see a guest and his family waiting at one of the closed registers, standing literally right in front of a sign that reads “This side of concession is CLOSED. Please proceed to the other side for assistance.”)

Me: “Um, sir… That side of concession is closed. We can help you over on the other side, if you’d like.”

Guest: “But I’ve been waiting here for almost five minutes!”

Me: “I understand, sir. We can help you on the other side.”

Guest: “How in the flying f*** is this side of concession supposedly ‘closed’? That doesn’t make any sense!”

Me: “Well, sir, we have that side clearly marked as closed.”

Guest: “No, you don’t!”

Me: “Sir, you’re waiting at a closed register with no staff nearby, standing in front of a sign that says that side of concession is closed and to proceed to the other side of stand. I am unable to assist you on that side, as the registers are not open or operational, and all of our inventory on that side is locked. We can assist you on the other side, if you’d like.”

Guest: “I didn’t realize this sign was for this side of concession! How was I supposed to know that the sign was for this side of concession!”

Me: “I really don’t know how to answer that question, sir, as nobody is on that side, and the signs clearly state that that side is closed.”

Guest: “But I didn’t think the sign was right!”

Me: “Why would the sign not be right?”

Guest: *clearly straining* “Because… because… I should get free popcorn! This is too confusing! How was I supposed to know the sign here was for these registers?! You’re just trying to confuse me!”

(It took almost another full two minutes to convince the guest to come around to the right side of stand.)

Oh, The Humanity!

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(I’m in AP chemistry.)

Teacher: “[My Name], can you go to [Other Teacher]’s class? I think she left her purse here.”

(I head to her room. When I walk in, she’s gone, but the other class has managed to get a Bunsen burner, plug it in, and turn the gas on. They are standing about ten feet away, while one guy is holding a sparkler you use to ignite the gas. At this point, I drop the purse, turn around, and SPRINT out of the classroom. I almost accidentally knock over the elderly academic chemistry teacher.)


(She tells me to calm down and makes it back to the classroom, but not before we hear a “whoosh” and a few screams. Apparently, the idiot who started it decided to walk near it and light it directly where you’re supposed to, but it had been pumping gas for so long it blew up all over the place, giving the idiot pretty bad burns. I see the teacher a few days later.)

Other Teacher: “Just so you know, the Hindenburg was hydrogen.”

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