That Whiskey Turned Very Sour

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(I go to a bar around 7:00 pm during happy hour.)

Me: “What drink specials do you have for happy hour, and what time does it end?”

Bartender #1: “All well mixed-drinks are $5, as well as select beers. Happy hour runs until 8:00 pm.”

Me: “Okay, I’ll get a whiskey soda, please.”

(A minute later the bartender comes back, places a whiskey sour in front of me, and is gone before I can say anything. I like whiskey sours and don’t want to make a big deal, considering its an easy mistake, so I decide not to try and wave her back over. About thirty minutes later I go back for another drink. My original bartender seems to have ended her shift and two new ones have taken over. Despite not being very busy, it takes almost twenty minutes for one of them to come by and take my order, with only a few minutes remaining in happy hour. I make sure to enunciate more clearly while ordering and get my correct drink this time. I decide to have one last drink before going home about forty minutes after that. I get the same bartender [#2] who made my previous drink and again make sure to enunciate when ordering. Somehow he comes back with another whiskey sour, but this time I ask him to remake it, and I even apologize for not speaking more clearly. Finally, as I am about to leave, I go to close out my tab and I encounter [Bartender #3]. While he is closing me out I take a pen out of my pocket to sign my check — this comes up later. When he gets back to me, I notice that my bill is higher than it’s supposed to be. I ask for an itemized receipt to find that I was charged $8 for each drink, despite the first two being under happy hour, and I let the bartender know this.)

Bartender #3: “Those are Jack Daniels; that isn’t discounted under happy hour.”

Me: “I didn’t order Jack Daniels.”

Bartender #3: “Yeah, you did. I remember you specifically asking me for Jack Daniels in each drink.”

Me: “That’s funny, because I didn’t order a single drink from you. That guy—“ *[Bartender #2]* “—made my last two, and the woman working here earlier made my first.

Bartender #3: “Oh, um. We’ll get this taken care of for you.”

(He spends the about fifteen minutes with another employee I assume is a manager at the register trying to figure everything out. I’m playing with my phone while I’m waiting and twirling my pen between my fingers when suddenly the pen is grabbed right out of my hand by [Bartender #2].)

Bartender #2: “I need to borrow this, mate.”

(He is at the other side of the bar before I can say anything or even totally realize what just happened. Eventually, [Bartender #3] comes back with the other employee.)

Other Employee: “So… we need a manager to adjust the price.”

Me: *wondering why they haven’t gotten a manager yet after all this time* “All right.”

Other Employee: “Can’t you just sign this check and we can assure you we’ll adjust it before its charged?”

Me: “Absolutely not.”

Bartender #3: “How about I make you another drink to even it out?”

Me: “No, I’m leaving right now.”

Bartender #3: “We can give you a free one the next time you’re here.”

Me: “I definitely have no intention of coming back here.”

Other Employee: “I’ll get the manager to fix the check.”

([Bartender #2] is hanging around nearby.)

Me: “Can I at least get my pen back while I’m waiting?”

Bartender #3: “What pen?”

Me: *pointing to [Bartender #2]* “The one he took out of my hand a few minutes ago.”

Bartender #2: “It’s just a pen, mate. Is it really that big of a deal?”

Me: “It belongs to me, and I’d like it back. So, yeah.”

(He took the pen out of his pocket and handed it back to me. Around this time the manager came out. He was very apologetic about the entire thing and offered to give me the price difference in cash as the fastest option. I agreed and signed the check. When he came back with the cash, he also handed me a very large glass of straight whiskey as an apology, which I ended up leaving with my friends who remained at the bar.)

Discovered A New Pet Hate

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(I work doing technical support at a retail branch of a large technology company. I have been helping a customer restore her much older device to factory settings, solving many of its problems and prolonging its usability. She looks to be about in her mid-60s.)

Customer: *beams happily at me* “Oh, you’re such a good girl.”

Me: “O… kay?”

Customer: *as though I was a well-trained dog* “You’re my good girl.”

Me: “Uh…”

Customer: *reaches out and pats me on my head*

Me: “Thank you?”

(Honestly, I was much too startled to be outraged or have any sort of response! About fifteen minutes later, I couldn’t believe what had actually transpired.)

A Sign That You’re Just DONE With Customers

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(I have discovered that our sandwich chalkboard sign out front has been smeared by a child. This is the third time this week, and I’m a little miffed, but I haul it inside and set up to repair it. I’m in clear view of both the front door and the register, and I greet everyone who comes in so they know to come to me with questions. At one point, I hear a throat clear behind me and I turn around to see a woman standing there and glaring.)

Woman: “Are you going to help me or what?!”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am. I didn’t realize you needed help. What can I help you with?”

Woman: “Of course you didn’t know, because you aren’t doing your job. This is something you should do when there are not customers.”

Me: “My apologies. It’s been a bit slow, and I need to get this fixed up so it can go back outside. I assumed most people would ask if they needed something.”

Woman: “You need to do this before the store opens because it’s distracting.”

Me: *finally losing patience* “Ma’am, my boss doesn’t pay me enough to live on during the hours I’m scheduled, as it is. He’s certainly not going to pay for me to come in thirty minutes early and make the sign, which I’ve never had issues doing during open hours before. Now, what did you need help with?”

Woman: “Never mind. I don’t remember my question, and I’ve got better things to do than being told off by some mouthy worker.”

Me: “Very good, then. Have a good day.”

(She stood there another minute or two, glaring, then left. Apparently, she called the next day and complained that I was “messing around” on the clock and ignoring customers.)

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(I work the service desk at a well-known retail chain, and often get phone calls starting with, “So I was in your store earlier and I never got this item I bought…” Today I got one of those calls.)
*Phone rings*
Me: “Thank you for calling (store name and town), how may I help you?”
Customer: “Yeah, hi, I was in your store earlier and I bought a discounted pie that I never got.”
Me: “Alright, no problem. Do you remember which register you were at?” (I am prepared to help him locate the register number on the receipt when he starts swearing a blue streak at me.)
Customer: “That ****ing cashier stole my ****ing pie! It was a discounted pie, why the **** would they want it? I ****ing demand my pie and a refund!”
Me: “Sir, if you can just calm down, I can get it from the register and hold it at the service desk-“
Customer: “No, they ****ing stole my ****ing pie! (Insert long string of profanities here. I attempt once more to offer a solution but he cuts me off and continues swearing at me about how I work with a bunch of thieves.)
Me: “Alright sir let me just connect you to my supervisor. Hold on one minute.” *on the walkie* “CSM, can you get the phone call on line one?”
CSM: *picks up the phone, listens for a minute, then hangs up.*
Me: “What was that about?”
CSM: “He wouldn’t stop swearing at me so I hung up on him.” *smiles at me and then walks off to do other things.*

(Update: the pie was brought up to the desk later that afternoon. It cost a whopping $3 and was in terrible condition, and he never came back for it either. All this fuss over a busted up pie that he didn’t even want to return for.)

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(I’m in line.  I’m waiting when I notice an attractive older woman in a button-up blouse and skirt eying me up.  I’m a bit uncomfortable already, since I usually don’t get such attention, and I have a feeling her intentions aren’t what I’d wish they were.  I walk about a little bit and notice she’s always right where I am, as though she’s following me.  I finally think I’ve lost her when I suddenly see the woman in front of me, approaching me quickly.  She passes by, barely missing me.  About three full seconds later, I hear…)

Woman:  “Oh my god!”

(I turn and see she’s on the ground, clutching her shirt, which has had the top few buttons torn off, closed tightly.  She’s staring at me in horror.)

Woman:  “You just groped me and pushed me!  You just tore my shirt and grabbed my breast and then shoved me!”

Me:  (Pissed off because I realize it’s a scam)  “Um…  no I didn’t!  You’re lying to get money out of me, and didn’t get ‘shoved’ until I had already walked about 10 feet past you.  You’ve also been following me, you nut!”

Woman:  “Police!  Call the police!  He’s a rapist who grabbed my breast!  I’m calling my lawyer now and suing you!  I think I broke my rib when you shoved me!  Help!  Anybody!”

(At this point, I turn and walk away.  Most people are passing her by her and ignoring her, having seen what actually happened, although one “White Knight” tries to stop me but fails.  She eventually stops screaming and leaves.  About 10 minutes later, I’m approached by an employee.)

Employee:  “Don’t worry about the woman who said you shoved her.  We got it all on camera.  The dope actually stopped, pulled open her own shirt and threw herself to the ground in plain view of at least two security cameras.  She tried to get us to call the cops, and when we wouldn’t, she actually tried the exact same thing to us, right in plain view of the entire staff…  and another security camera.  Pulled her shirt open, tossed herself to the ground and everything.”

Me:  “Wow…  Can’t believe some people.”

Employee:  “Hey, I’m not complaining.  She wasn’t wearing a bra and kinda tore open her whole shirt the second time she tried the stunt.  At least I got a free show out of it!”

Me:  “Well now I have to ask…  did you get THAT on the security camera?”

Employee:  (Beaming)  “I’m not at liberty to say.”

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