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I’m a cashier at a bagel store and this customer comes in

Me: Hi how can I help you?
Customer: Hi, what mini flavors do you have?
Me: We only have plain today sorry.
Customer: Can you go in the back to check?
Me: Sure.
*goes already knowing we don’t have any others*
Me: We don’t have any others I’m sorry.
Customer: Ok then, I’ll have a dozen plain bagels.
*I put them all together for her*
*Hand her bag and ring her up*
Me: Your total is (total)
Customer: It shouldn’t be that much what did you give me?
Me: A dozen plain bagels.
Customer: But I wanted the minis.
Me: I’m sorry ma’am.
*emptys bag out fills with the last 12 minis*
*rings her up again*
Me: Your total is (total)
Customer Looking in bag: These are too dark I want the big Plains.
*emptys bag yet again and refills it with full sized again*
Me: Here you go miss. Your total is (total)
Customer takes her bag and just leaves not saying anything.
Next man in line gave me 5 dollar tip

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(I’m a young teen at the time, shopping in a store that sells band merchandise and other pop culture items. I have very vibrant blue and purple unnaturally dyed hair along with many other people in the store, including employees. I’m also wearing black jeans and a flannel. I was looking through some shirts when a lady dressed in business clothes approaches me.) Lady: you! *grabs my arm pulling me away* you need to help me find something! (at this point many people look over, including the friends I’m here with.) Me: *trying to struggle away* uh. Ma’am. I don’t work here. I-I’m only 14. Lady: Of course you do! I mean look at you! Your mother wouldn’t let you dress like that! You must be an adult! (at this point I’m close to tears because I’m not the best when it comes to being yelled at. She’s still dragging me along by an arm yelling questions and demanding I help her get something when an employee and my friends step in) Employee: Ma’am, whats the problem here? Lady: This little **** won’t help me! You should have her fired! Employee: She doesn’t work here, she’s just a kid. Lady: Bull****! You’re all the same! Haven’t you heard of the customer always being right? (The lady the storms out of the store murmuring how she’ll call the manager and get the actual employee fired, too. I finally collected myself, found the thing I was originally looking for, then goes up to buy it. The same employee who helped me checked me out. She apologized for that women’s behavior and let me have a few pins and a bracelet for free from her!)

I Have No Power To Help Those Who Will Not Help Themselves

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(I work for a company that does outsource billing support for an electric company in another state. Today, this happened.)

Me: “Thank you for calling [Power Company]. My name is [My Name]; how can I help you?”

Customer: “Yeah, I need to pay my bill. I got a shut-off notice.”

Me: “Certainly, I can help you with that. Can I have your account number, please?” *looks up the account* “To keep your service on, we’d need a payment of $148.73 by 5:00 pm today. How would you like to pay that? We accept checks by phone, VISA, and MasterCard.”

Customer: “I don’t have that much.”

Me: “All right, what are you able to pay today?”

Customer: “Seventy-five bucks.”

Me: “Tell you what. I’ll set you up on a payment arrangement — $75 today and we’ll add a portion of the remainder to your next few bills until it’s paid off.”

Customer: “No! I ain’t going on a payment arrangement.”

Me: “I’m sorry?”

Customer: “Open your ears, dips***; I said I ain’t going on no f****** payment arrangement!”

Me: “First of all, please watch your language. Secondly, if you went on the arrangement you’d be back to current within a month or two, and you’d keep your electric service on in the meantime.”

Customer: “You’re going to take my $75 and you’re not shutting off my d*** service.”

Me: “Sir, if you only pay the $75 without the arrangement, I can assure you that your service will be shut off come 5:00 pm.”

(Our company uses remote capable or Smart Meters. The power goes off at 5:00 pm on the disconnect notice due date if payment or an arrangement is not made.)

Customer: “F*** you. I’ll pay it online.”

(This was around 4:30 pm. A little after 5:00, out of curiosity, I pulled up his account again. True to his word, he did pay $75 online. Yes, his service was shut off for non-payment. He called back and ended up screaming his way to a supervisor. Now, not only did he need to pay the remainder of the past due to get reconnected, but he also was charged a $500 deposit since he had been shut off before. Karma’s a b****.)

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(I work at a small museum that has a few dinosaur skeletons)

Woman: Exuse me, where are your dinosaurs?

Me: Our skeleton display is down the hall, second room to the left.

Woman: No, I don’t want to see skeletons. I want to see the living ones.

Me: (trying not to laugh) Dinosours are extinct. It’s impossible to see a living one, but you can see the skeleton display we have.


(I tried to explain that Dinosours are extinct again but she just got even angrier)


(She then slapped me. It didn’t hurt because it wasn’t very hard, but if someone gets violent with us we’re required to call security. While I was radioing security she kept screaming about getting me fired)

Not Just Eyeing The Menu

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(I’m working the registers at a Chinese restaurant while also preparing bags for takeout orders in between customers. Because I’m a fairly tall girl, and the place is set up for the stereotypical short Chinese family who owns it, I have to bend down a lot. My shirt is a somewhat loose T-shirt with a very slight V-neck; in other words, it’s fairly modest, but not perfectly so. A customer has been waiting around for his food to be ready and has lurked near the front, looking at me the whole time. After about five minutes, his food is ready.)

Me: “That will be [total]. Have a nice day, sir.”

Customer: “You, too.” *waves me in closer and whispers to me* “By the way, I’m putting a dollar in the tip jar because I was staring down your shirt the whole time.”

(I was too stunned that he felt the need to tell me this to respond. Best/worst part is, I don’t even get to keep the tip money!)

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