The Bulb Isn’t The Only Dull Thing Around Here

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(I’m at a home improvement store looking for a replacement light bulb. I’ve checked online, where it lists the area the item will be in, but it lists it as an aisle higher than the highest aisle number that actually exists in the store. I’ve just managed to find an employee in the department to help me.)

Me: “Hi, I have this fluorescent bulb that I’m looking for a replacement for, but in a different color temperature. I can’t seem to find—”

([Worker #1] holds his hand out to stop me from talking, signing that he is deaf. I nod and bring out the previous bulb, which I’ve brought with me to recycle, and show it to him. The worker nods back at me, and begins to show me the way.)

Worker #2: *suddenly popping out of nowhere* “Oh, let me help you!”

Me: “But—” *being physically blocked by her while [Worker#1] rounds the corner*

Worker #2: “You need to write things down and show them to him, he’s deaf.”

Me: “Yes, I know, but he already knew what I needed.”

Worker #2: “Yes, but he’s deaf.”

Me: “I know…” *sighing* “Look, do you know where these fluorescent bulbs are?”

(I show her the bulb. She begins to take me to an area where I have already been searching for about 15 minutes.)

Me: “I’ve already been here, and to the next three aisles. It wasn’t here.”

Worker#2: *awkwardly* “This actually isn’t my department. It was his.”

([Worker#1], who had clearly been searching for me, spotted me and motioned for me to follow him again. I found the bulb in less than a minute, and in the new color temperature I wanted. I’m not sure why [Worker #2] intervened in the first place. This store doesn’t work on commission, and it was [Worker #1]’s department, and we didn’t have any apparent communication issues, even though he was deaf!)

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(Certain Allergy medicines have to be purchased back in the pharmacy due to New York State law. You can get a script for them, but most people just buy it over the counter. At this time, Allegra-D 24 hr is completely unavailable.)

Customer: “I need to get Allegra-D 24-hour for my daughter.”

Cashier: “I’m sorry, but it’s currently unavailable right now. All we have is the 12 hour.”

Customer: “Really? You don’t have any?”

Cashier: “Yes. I’m sorry.”

Customer: “What is my daughter going to do? She needs it!”

(The Cashier shrugs sympathetically. The customer starts to walk away, but turns around.)

Customer: “If I call her doctor and get a script for it, will you have the Allegra-D ready for her then?”

Cashier: “No. It’s unavailable.”

Toxic Parenting

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(I’m the manager, and since our aquatics specialist isn’t working today, I’m putting away a shipment of fish when a customer comes over.)

Me: “Good afternoon. Can I help you find anything?”

Customer: “I need food for my goldfish.”

Me: “I’d be happy to help you. Were you looking for a particular brand?”

(We walk over to the food aisle.)

Customer: “Which one of these is non-toxic?”

(I stare, stunned.)

Customer: “In case my kids eat it, you know?”

Me: “I… well, I’d advise keeping it out of their reach, but all of the foods are non-toxic, ma’am, or we wouldn’t be able to feed them to the fish.”

Customer: “Oh, thank you!” *grabs a container of food and happily heads out of the department*

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Can You Please Delay Democracy?

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(I am hiring people to do a single day of work handing out literature at polling places on election day. I get this question from roughly 20% of people who applied.)

Applicant: “I’m not able to work on election day; could I possibly be scheduled for a later date?”

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Refunder Blunder, Part 31

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(A customer walks into our store while I am on the register.)

Customer: “I’d like to do a return.”

Me: “Do you have the receipt?”

Customer: “No.”

Me: “Then I can only do a store credit.”

Customer: “If I come back later with the receipt, can do you the return and give me my money back?”

Me: “Yes, of course.”

(The customer leaves and comes back about a half hour later.)

Me: “You’re here to do the return now?”

Customer: “Yes.”

Me: “Do you have the receipt?”

Customer: “Yes.” *puts the receipt on the counter*

Me: “What are you returning today?”

Customer: “Some shirts.”

(There is a pause while I wait for the customer to take out the shirts. She doesn’t.)

Me: “Can I have the shirts, ma’am?”

Customer: “You said if I brought the receipt in; I could do the return.”

Me: “That’s correct, but I still need the merchandise you’re returning.”

Customer: “It says here that I bought them. You can ask the nice girl who was working.”

Me: “I can see you bought them, but I need to take them back.”

Customer: “I can show you my bank statements if you want. They’ll show you I bought them here.”

Me: “That’s nice, but I still need the shirts if I’m going to do the return.”

Customer: “You told me I could do the return if I had the receipt.”

(At this point, I call for my manager. He comes over.)

Manager: “What’s going on?”

Customer: “This nice young gentlemen here told me I could do a return if I had the receipt.”

Manager: *to me* “So, what’s the problem? Do the return.”

Me: “She doesn’t have the merchandise she’s returning.”

(The manager tells the customer exactly what I told her. She gives him the same routine about the receipt and the bank statements. Finally, since a line is forming, and the shirts only came to $30 total, the manager gives her the money back just to get rid of her. After I’m done helping the waiting customers, the manager comes over to me.)

Manager: “I only gave her the money back because she was completely polite and was never nasty to me or to you. If she had started to be rude, I’d have kicked her out right away.”

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