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(I work in the box office of a movie theatre. On this particular afternoon we had a popular kids movie. We charge for any child two and over. At this point in time we I was the only white employee, the rest were black or hispanic).

Customer: Hi I’d like one adult ticket to [kids movie].
Coworker 1: Sir, you have two children with you, how old are they?
Customer: This one is three, and this one is five.
Coworker 1: Unfortunately you have to pay for tickets for them.
Customer: Why? They are too young to remember the movie and they’ll probably sleep through it anyway?
Coworker 1: They are taking up seats, they are required to have tickets. If you refuse to pay for them I can’t sell you a ticket.

[Two minutes later]
Customer: What theatre is showing the 2:00 [kids movie]
Coworker 2: Can I see your ticket?
Customer: No, I’m meeting someone up there and they have my ticket.
Coworker 2: I am unable to give that information without a ticket.
Customer: Is this because I’m black! You think just because I’m black I’m a thief.
Coworker 1: *walks over* Sir you didn’t want to pay for tickets for you children so you aren’t able to buy a ticket.
Customer: You guys are a bunch of racists! Get me your manager.

*Manager arrives*
Customer: They are refusing to sell me a ticket because I’m black! They are racists, the whole company is racist.
Manager: Sir, as you can see we are an equal opportunity’s employer. We have people here who are black, white, hispanic, disabled, etc. My employee told me that you wanted to buy a ticket just for yourself and not for your children. We can’t do that. You can buy tickets for them or get out.

[We all agreed that he picked the worst day to claim we were racist considering I was the only white employee]

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(I’m the producer, which means I make the gelato in the back of the store and don’t interact with the customers. However, all that separates us is a sheet of glass, and I can easily communicate with my co-workers. We get mostly tourists, and they almost always order quickly and leave once they get their gelato.)

(A family of around eight of Middle Eastern descent walks in and converses with my manager, who’s serving them. All of a sudden, he looks back at me, his eyes light up, and he walks over towards the back to say loudly)

Manager: “No, sir, we don’t have alcoholic ice cream. And no, we can’t add alcohol to the ice cream if you go buy some. And no, we aren’t changing that.”

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(I am working into my 15th month in the flagship store for a well-known department store with the slogan “America’s Store”. I work Housekeeping, and am assigned to one half a floor since the store is comprised of two connected buildings. My shift is incredibly uneventful aside from special events and holidays. Well, the following happened today as I started my shift.)

Housekeeper: Housekeeping!

Me: *Walks over and sees that almost all the glass shelves of a Back To School display are broken, so I help him and an associate sweep up the broken glass* What happened here?

Floor Manager: *She is making sure no one is getting in our way* little kid was running around and bumped into the display.

Me: Oh geez! *Thinking “Wow! Hope the kid is okay!”*

Housekeeper: It’s close to the holidays, man, it’s going to happen.

Me: *Chuckles a little* I honestly expected this to happen before my year mark here.

(I helped get as much of the glass off the floor as possible and went back to my normal routine. A little bit later, I heard it was a little girl and that she was okay. I was so relieved! I do wish parents would keep better watch over their children so we can avoid something like this from happening again. She could have gotten seriously hurt!)

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(I work as a Maitre’D for a restaurant in a pretty fancy part of New York City. The chef is Michelin Starred, NYT reviewed, and pretty popular with celebrity clientele. The restaurant is his newest venture, and is very trendy in the industry. An online media company with a show devoted to comparing different styles of food has recently released a video featuring our restaurant, and combined with the chef’s reputation and the style of the restaurant, getting a reservation is difficult and walking in for seating is even more so. My job is to seat reservations, help walk-ins, and manage the waitlist. Because of the popularity, many people try to circumvent me, but sometimes they drive me to my breaking point.)

Customer: “Hello, we’d like a table for four. And we’ll need a high chair for our youngest.”

Me: “Wonderful. Unfortunately, at this point, we have about a two-hour wait for a party of four.” *notices some movement out of the corner of my eye* “However, it looks like there are some seats opening up at our counter seating right now. Those seats are first-come, first-served, so if you’d like to grab those you could dine immediately!”

(Her husband moves over with her kids to claim the seats; however, the woman remains in front of me.)

Customer: “That’s not going to work. My son can’t sit up on a stool that high. We need a table in the dining room right now.”

(Her son is sitting perfectly fine on the stool after his father puts him up there.)

Me: “Unfortunately, ma’am, I am booked full with reservations and I do have quite a waitlist already going. It could potentially be sooner if I have reservations that don’t show and parties on my waitlist also don’t return, but without both of those possibilities occurring, the counter seating is your quickest bet.”

Customer: “I can’t believe this. I come in here all the time. I’m here every weekend and we never have to wait. I am a good friend of [Chef] and we always get a seat. I’m on your VIP list. Don’t you know who I am?!

Me: “Don’t you know who I am?”

Customer:I want to– Wait… What?”

Me: “Don’t you know who I am? You say you’re in here all the time. I’m one of three people employed here in this position and have been here since the restaurant opened. If you’re here as often as you say then you should know who I am. You’re one of 300 people I am seeing this afternoon alone; I don’t know who you are. But if you can tell me my name, I’d be happy to get you seated.”

(The woman’s mouth opens and closes like a fish before she grunts and turns to join her family. My manager, who I didn’t notice was watching from just off the floor, approaches me. I’m convinced I’m about to be reprimanded, if not fired for talking to a guest like that. But to my surprise…)

Manager: “If she comes back up here and asks to speak to a manager, just give her my card and have her email or call me. I’ll make sure the boss and chef don’t hear about it. I just didn’t want to deal with her and you looked like you could take care of it.”

(Cue the sighs of relief.)

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(Note that I am the customer in this one sadly. I was driving back home from my first visit to NYC and was still in an overly cautious state)
Me: *getting ready to pump gas into the car*
Employee: “Would you like gas?”
Me: “Um, yes? It’s self serve, right?”
(The pump had all of the workings to be done by the customer at the pump)
Employee: “No, I pump gas.”
Me: “Are you sure?”
Employee: “….”

(I needed to go inside for the ATM anyway, so I checked with the counter and was told that it was not self serve, got my gas and paid for it at the pump. Gave him a tip and an apology.)