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I go to the same Starbucks coffee every morning. It’s down the street from my apartment and it’s convenient to stop in on my way to work. I’m such a regular, they know my name (and it’s spelling and pronunciation!) and my order and I know all their names and details of their lives. This happens one morning when I see my favorite barista behind the register.

Customer 1: I’ll have a latte please.

Barista: Coming right up. That’s (price.)

Customer 1: Here you go.

After this the barista takes her money, gives her change and closes the register drawer.

Customer 1: Oh can you break this $5 so I can give you a tip?

Barista: No unfortunately not. Once the drawer is closed I can only re-open it for a payment.

Customer, suddenly becoming nasty: Well fine. Then I can’t give you a tip!

She walks off in a huff, still clasping the $5.

Me: Hi (Barista’s name)! My usual please! Oh and here’s $5 for a tip. No need to break it.

Barista, with a shocked face: Thank you! That’s so generous!

She’s given me discounts on orders before or free drinks for the smallest mistakes so she and the staff 100% deserved it.

A Healthy Marriage

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([Doctor #1] and [Doctor #2] are married. [Doctor #1] is a neurosurgeon and [Doctor #2] works in the NICU. They’ve made a cake for a coworker’s birthday.)

Doctor #2: “Can we write anything better than just, ‘Happy Birthday, [Coworker]!’ on the cake?”

Doctor #1: You have doctor handwriting and can’t write anything on the cake.”

Doctor #2: “You’re also a doctor!”

Doctor #1: *jokingly* “Excuse me. Neurosurgery is the calligraphy of medicine. These hands are the surgeon’s hands! Artist’s hands!”

Doctor #2: *laughing* “Okay, Dr. Artist, go ahead.”

([Doctor #1] grabs the frosting and accidentally leans on the tray the cake is sitting on. The tray scoots backward and he grabs it to stop it from falling off the counter, but he misjudges the weight and pulls it off the counter towards him. Instinct kicks in and he tries to catch it with his foot but ends up punting it directly into a wall.)

Doctor #2: *sitting on the ground and crying with laughter* “If you ever come into the NICU and try to touch a baby, I’ll have you shot.”

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(I am waiting behind a woman at a local Japanese-style teriyaki joint in my local mall’s food court. She doesn’t seem to be paying too much attention to the signs on the counter that detail different prices for add-ons and side dishes, while I’m very familiar with their menu.)

Cashier: Hello! What can I get you today?

Woman: Let me get the…daily special. The chicken teriyaki with the rice.

Cashier: White or fried?

Woman: What?

Cashier: White rice or fried rice?

Woman: Fried.

(The cashier proceeds to get the woman’s tray ready and waits for her to finish.)

Woman: What are the prices on the drinks?

Cashier: *showing her the two cup sizes* This is $1.59, this is $1.79.

Woman: Let me get the $1.59 one. You got [soda brand]?

Cashier: We do!

(She rings up the woman’s order and then tells the woman the total.)

Woman: Wait, that can’t be right. The special is [amount]. It should be lower.

Cashier: You asked for fried rice. It’s fifty cents extra. *points to the shiny and colorful sign saying just that*

Woman: *not paying attention* What?! You should have a sign saying that instead of just asking white or fried rice!

(The woman’s just as huffy when she’s waiting for her food. I guess some people can’t read signs when they’re in a bad mood!)

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(I’m about 12 years old. I am a victim of bullying, and all my friends have ditched me. After a particularly rough day, I am visually upset, and decide to stop by a burger joint on my way home from school.)

Me: How much is a slider?
Employee 1: $2.06.
Me: I only have t-two dollars.
Employee 1: that’s okay. Are you feeling alright? What’s the matter?
Me: my friends aren’t v-very nice p-people. And I’m-m being b-bullied at school.
Employee 2: *handing me a cup*
Me: Oh, sir I think you m-miss heard-d me-
Employee 2: it’s okay. The soda machine is over there.
Me: th-thank you, thank you!
Cook: do you like cheese on your burger?
Me: y-yes please.
(I fill my cup with coke and return to the cashier to pick up my burger)
Employee 1: *handing me a bag* Here’s some ketchup.
(I look inside the bag, and there’s two burgers in there!)
Me- Ma’am, there’s two b-burgers in here.
Employee 2: our treat. Things will get better, I promise.
Cook: those people are not your friends. I’ll be your new friend. I’ll be new… what people call it today…? I’ll be “bae” If you ever want to talk to someone come in and ask for (cook’s name)
Me: *laughing, for the first time in a week* thank y-you guys so so so much.
Employee 1: do you live far away? Should I walk with you?
Me: no, no, it’s okay. I just live a few blocks away.
Employee 1: come back any time. We’re here.
Employee 2: *picking up broom, swinging it around in the air* that’s what happens if people hurt you again. I’ll break them. to pieces.
(I’m laughing hard by now. The Employees look really pleased.)
Me: thank you guys so much. I really appreciate it. I’ll be back tomorrow.
Cook: keep me updated!
Employee 2: Yeah, we want the juice!

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Mickey And Fairies And Elsa, Oh My!

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(My girlfriend recently moved in with me. She used to live in New Jersey, but left because she didn’t feel she had reason to stay there. Her family lives across three states, and her friends were always too busy for more than a text conversation. Despite this, she still misses NJ — she lived there all her life — and is depressed for a while after moving in with me. Eventually, I convince her to get out of the house for a while and I take her to the Disney Store, one of her favorite places ever. It works! She leaves happier than she went in, and she buys an Elsa doll. Before we return home, we stop at my brother’s house to get my niece and take her to her grandma’s. Unfortunately, my brother’s mouth runs faster than his brain.)

Brother: “Hey! Did you buy that for [Niece]?”

Me: “No, [Girlfriend] bought that for herself.”

Brother: “What for? Isn’t that stuff for little kids? She should just give it to [Niece], anyway. I mean, what is she going to do with it? People will think she’s some sad person who never grew up. Everyone in the neighborhood will talk about her.”

(My girlfriend has seen my brother only three times — this being the third — so she feels too shy to really speak up and say anything. I just want to leave, so I ask where our niece is and my brother calls her to the door. She hurries with her backpack and, of course, immediately spots the Elsa doll.)

Niece: “Auntie, you got Elsa! Grandma bought me Anna! Want to see it? It’s at her house!”

Brother: “[Niece], grownups don’t play with dolls. Cartoons are for kids like you. Grownups don’t care about that.”

Niece: “That’s not true! Mommy was Wonder Woman for Halloween! And Grandma likes Mickey Mouse! And grandpa likes Superman! And Uncle–” *referring to me* “–likes ponies! And Auntie–” *my girlfriend* “–likes fairies! And I like all of them!”

(My brother seemed like he wanted to say something, but just told us goodbye and we left. I want to think he was embarrassed that a six-year-old was more open-minded than he was, but knowing him, he probably blew it off and only said nothing because my niece said it. She’s the only one he has a filter around since she’s a kid. On the upside, my girlfriend found it funny and appreciated the inadvertent defense. She started smiling more after that day.)

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