Absolutely Trucking Mad

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(I worked for a while at a storage facility. One afternoon, a man comes storming in and cuts me off before I can greet him.)

Customer: “I can’t believe this place! I was here first thing in the morning with a moving truck and couldn’t even get in the gate! I’m better not be charged again for this truck!”

(I panic a little hearing this. Our facility is secured with an access gate with specific hours of operation. Our angriest customers are the ones who show up out of the blue, with no appointment, at six o’clock in the morning with a moving truck full of crap. All of these customers are greeted by a closed office and a locked gate.)

Me: “I’m so sorry for the confusion. Was your gate code not working here?”

Customer: “I don’t have a gate code! I’m here to drop off this truck!”

Me: “I’m sorry, do you currently rent storage here? Or were you looking to rent this morning?”

Customer: “I’m not renting here! I’m only here to drop off this d*** truck!”

Me: *beginning to think I understand, but still cannot believe what I’m hearing* “Were you…. dropping off items for a renter here? I’m not really following. That truck isn’t ours. That’s a [Competitor] truck.” *I gesture to the giant sign hanging behind me* “We are [Company]. I’m afraid we cannot keep their vehicle on our property. We don’t even offer a moving truck, to be honest.”

Customer: “Well, aren’t you guys all the same? This is the address my GPS led me to; this is where I’m leaving the truck!”

Me: “I’m afraid I cannot let you into the property, sir.”

Customer: “…”

Me: “…”

Customer: *storms out*

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Stop! Or We’ll Stare Disapprovingly!

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(We’re going through a busy spell at self-check, so my coworker and I manning the area are both running back and forth between customers while trying to keep an eye on all of them to prevent theft. Two men at a register have one item, but it’s from electronics and has an anti-theft tag, which they flag me down to remove. The policy is to remove it after they have asked and you see that it’s scanned. If they ask before they pay, you’re not supposed to argue or make them wait, just remove the tag as long as it’s been scanned. I have to help another customer, but the men have been at the register a while, and since I just finished helping that customer and my coworker is busy with a different customer, I go to check on them. Just as I get there…)

Me: “Is everything–”

Customer #1: *storms off, completely ignoring me*

Customer #2: *sheepishly smiles at me and starts to follow his friend*

(I look down and see their item still sitting on the bagging platform. Before I can do anything:)

Customer #1: *abruptly turns around, snatches the item off the platform, and storms back off*

Me: “Have a nice day?”

(As I say this, I’m glancing towards the register, having found it very odd that they would only purchase one item and then almost forget to take it. Sure enough, there’s a message on the card reader showing that their card was declined a couple times. I rush after them. As a cashier, I’m not allowed to go after customers myself.)

Me: “Security, that really tall guy by the door: theft!”

(Even though we’re a high-crime area, I guess due to violent reactions, security cannot actually detain anybody, nor can they follow them outside. All they can do is ask somebody to stop and see their receipt or turn over an item. The two men are almost to the door, so I am rushing, trying to get the guard to move quickly before they leave and there’s nothing more we can do.)

Security: *slowly scanning* “Those two?”

Me: “Yes, yes, the tall man in the brown jacket with the short man in the gray sweatshirt.”

Security: *finally starts after them, then quietly asks* “Sir? Sir, please?”

Customer #1: *continues walking at brusque pace and pays the guard absolutely no attention, walking right out of the store, his friend right behind him*

Security: *turns back to me and shrugs*

Me: “…”

(I just walk back to self-checkout. I’ve only been working a month or so and have not dealt with blatant theft like that before, so I catch my coworker, who is regularly stationed at self-check, tell her what happened, and ask what to do. She comes over to look at the register they left, which, fortunately, other customers have left alone.)

Coworker: “That’s a hundred-dollar item!”

Me: “I know; it sucks.”

Coworker: “And they just walked off with it… D***.”

(She printed out a receipt of the transaction thus far so she could take it to down to customer service where there’s usually a manager and give it to them to log. I later made sure to confirm with a manager that we couldn’t wait until after a transaction was finished to take off anti-theft tags if asked. I explained why I was asking, and the manager just shrugged and told me, yeah, remove the tag when asked. It just needs to be scanned first. I don’t particularly care because it’s a huge corporate business that pays their employees dirt, but it’s kind of a silly policy, though no more so than our security guards being there just for show.)

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Unfiltered Story #136356

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(I am working concession and the 7pm rush has begun. This couple are the first of a growing line. They are fighting about what they want and they seem to not be remotely close to a decision. I opt to ask the customer behind them what she would like to order. My manager happens to be right next to me helping me manage the line).
Me: What would you like, ma’am?
Customer One: Why are you taking her order? You looked right at us and decided to help her first? We almost knew what we wanted.
Me: Sir- (He cuts me off).
Customer One: We were here first, and that means you serve us first. Do you have a manager we can speak to?
Manager: Right here, sir.
(At this point, the customer has demanded to speak with my manager privately. While I help other customers, I am not able to hear the entire conversation between the couple and my manager. I do know that my manager defended me).

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Mistaken identity story. I am shopping at a local wholesale store. Nothing that I am wearing looks like I work here and I am shopping with a cart.

Customer: “Excuse me, I need some help.”

Me: “Oh, well, uhm, I am sure there is an employee around.”

Customer: “That is why I am asking you! I need you to lift this for me!”

She is pointing at a 50 pound bag a flour. I am barely 100 pounds.

Me: “Lady,  I am too small to lift that. That is half my body weight. I am pretty sure the store would not appreciate one of their customers getting injured. I am sure there is someone around who will help you who actually works here.”

Customer: “YOU work here.”

Me: “Uhm, no, I don’t.”

Customer: “Yes, you do! I have seen you here!”

Me: “Yeah, I shop here every other week. That is it. Twice a month. They do not pay me to be here. I don’t work here.”

Customer: “Yes, you do! Now help me, or I will report you!”

Me: “Even if I did work here, which, once again, I do not, I am sure the manager would understand a tiny girl not wanting to lift that bag. Now, find someone who works here and stop yelling at me, please.”

Customer: “Typical young person! Lazy and unwilling to do their job!” She has her hand on my cart so I cannot pull away.

Me: “Listen, lady, I work elsewhere. For the last time, go get someone who actually works here. They should have vests and radios and they sure as heck are not wearing flip flops and a tank top like I am!”

Customer: “I WILL get you FIRED!”

Me: “You have to actually work someone to get fired from it.”

Store employee who happened to overhear the last part: “Ma’am, can I help you?”

Customer: “YES! Radio your manager! I want this skank fired!”

Employee: “Uhm, she does not work here.”

Customer: “Why are you sticking up for her!? I am the customer!”

Employee: “Well, she is wearing out of regulation shoes, she is holding a purse and has a cart full of product. She also has no name tag. Really, there is no reason to assume at all that she works here with us. Now, I am willing to help you.”

The lady actually starts screaming at both of us, while still not letting go of my cart. She is screaming swear words and demanding I help her, still. The store manager does end up getting radioed.

Manager: “Excuse me, what is going on?”

Crazy customer: “Your lazy b**** of an employee wont help me!”

Manager: “She does not work here. She is obviously shopping. Do you think that we let open shoes and purses on the floor for employees? And no one working here will be in a tank top.”

Customer: “HOW DARE YOU? The customer is always right! I will never shop here again!”

She storms off and I am given a coupon for a free meal at their food stand and also got a discount on my groceries.

Deposit Some Common Sense

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(It’s been a month since Christmas. I have cash and a couple of checks that were given to us, and I’ve not remembered to go to the bank to deposit them. After meticulously filling out the deposit slip, I walk up to the counter. Also, I’m pregnant.)

Teller: *who is the coolest lady I know* “Um… Sweetie? You want to deposit this cash, and then withdraw cash?”

Me: *blank face* “What? Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me! I’m so sorry!”

Teller: “Don’t worry, sweetie; we’ll blame it on baby brain.” *laughs*

Me: *laughing also* “Oh, man, I have been so focused on getting this deposited, it didn’t even occur to me how ridiculous it was to come down here, deposit cash, and then withdraw cash!”

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