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(I volunteer at the local library to help host a children’s story-hour. One of the librarians is extremely surly, though she typically keeps it down to grumbling and dark looks. I recently had to take a second job as a cashier at our local grocery store, and I found out this lady is a regular there, but she is much freer with her anger, frequently berating cashiers and stockers about things not being the way she wants them to be, especially if items are put out for sale. As a final note, I have shoulder length hair that I typically wear up in a bun while working at the store, but I leave down elsewhere.)

Lady: *slams her groceries down on the belt* You people need to learn how to organize. You have trash all over, and you keep moving the things I want. And the milk I bought last week tasted funny…

Me: *smiling, as I reach up and pull my hair out of its bun, allowing it to fall down around my shoulders* Hello, Ms. [Lady], how are you doing today?

Lady: *silence*

(She stared at me for a minute, before quietly finishing her purchases and leaving. After that, she went out of her way to avoid me, even though she was still rude to several of my co-workers. I was very glad when she retired a few months ago.)

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I work at a local grocery store in an upper middle class town, so you see plenty of picky, and straight up strange customers. I ended up lucking out and getting a wierd one. I always like to small talk with customers, and the conversation quickly gets awkward.

Customer: Whats your favorite kind of music?

Me: I always loved rock and roll, maybe because my mom used to be a music manager (She worked at Sony for a while).

Customer: Music Manager huh? *begins scribbling down something on a piece of paper* Is your mom single?

Me: Nope, shes happily married with two kids.

Customer: Well at least let her know that Im interested. *hands me the slip of paper that has his name and number on it*

Me: Umm sure I’ll do that.

Customer: Ask her about what she thinks about Bob Dylan winning a nobel prize. If she thinks that he shouldnt have gotten it, then its clear that we’re meant for each other.

Me: Im not sure what she thinks, I haven’t asked.

Customer: Oh, well have a good day *looks disappointed*

Me: *Throws out the piece of paper he gave me immediately after he left*

Wordless Parenting

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I’m shopping in a discount store when a little boy about three years old runs past me screaming. He starts circling the racks of clothes shouting nonsense words while his mother, who is about three racks away, lazily calls for him to stop once or twice.

After a while, I am at the cash register, and as I am waiting for my credit card to go through, the cashier starts looking towards the door, which I can’t see because of the other cash register.

The cashier turns to two ladies by the door.

Cashier: “Excuse me, does he belong to you?”

The two ladies look and say no. Suddenly, the cashier takes off from behind the counter and out of the store. She comes back in holding the hand of the little boy who was running around earlier. 

Cashier: “Sweetie, you can’t go outside without your mommy or daddy. You could get hurt! Do you know where your mommy or daddy are?”

The child’s mother then comes walking casually along the aisle towards the door, as if nothing had happened. When the child sees her, he again starts screaming and tries to take off through the door. The mother takes his hand from the cashier and leads him out of the store without a word. The cashier comes back to the register.

Cashier: “I’m so sorry about that. Here’s your receipt.”

Me: “Are you kidding? You shouldn’t be apologizing to me; that mother should have been apologizing to you! Good for you.”

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Banana-Drama, Part 11

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This ice cream store is family-run and the owners are creative in naming their flavors, but they will always list the base ice cream; Vanilla Chip is vanilla ice cream, Banana Oreo is banana ice cream, etc. Out of the variety of flavors we have, the only ice creams that are yellow in colour are the banana ice creams.

Me: “Hi, can I help you?”

Customer: “Yes, what is in the Banana-Rama-Ding-Dong?”

Me: “Oh, there’s peanut butter swirl and peanut butter cups in there.”

The customer looks down at the bright yellow banana ice cream.

Customer: “So, there’s no banana in the banana ice cream?”

Me: “…”

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Two Soda Stops For The Price Of One Jerk

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There is a convenience store that I pass every day during my commute. I’ve never gone inside it before, but I develop a hankering for a soda on the way home one day, so I decide to give it a shot. There is nobody inside except for one cashier, whom I presume to be the owner.

I go over and pick out my soda. While the shelf advertises them at two for $3, I only want one. I don’t mind paying the regular price, but it is nowhere to be seen. I take my soda up to the counter to pay.

Cashier: “You have to buy two of these sodas if you want the deal.”

Me: “I know. I only want the one, though.”

Cashier: “You can’t buy only one. You have to buy two.”

Me: “I understand. I don’t mind paying the normal price; I just want to know what the normal price is.”

Cashier: “You have to buy two! You can’t buy one!”

Me: “I understand! I just—”

Cashier: “No, you do not understand! Get out of my store or I’ll call the cops!”

I gave up at this point and left empty-handed. I got my soda fix at a fast-food place just up the street. If anything, at least I now have a partial explanation for why that convenience store’s parking lot is almost always empty whenever I pass it on my commute.

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