Ask Them For Their PIN And See What Happens

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I work in a bank. I answer the phone with the appropriate greeting.

Me: “May I have your account number?”

Customer: “You mean, like, my bank account?”

Where did she think she was calling?

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I work at an ice rink as a skate guard. I basically skate around make sure nobody gets hurt and when I’m not skating I give out skates. It’s a slow summer day so nobody was here. My coworkers have done this “duck hunt” where we hide these tiny bath ducks around the rink. One spot was in the rink on our flag. The flag is held by a wire and a long stretch of wood. As a hiding spot we tried putting the duck on the plank. The only problem is we have our “cooler air condoning” right above it so it swings constantly. We put the duck on a hockey stick and tried to slide it on the wood. What we didn’t realize was this woman watching our failures and dying of laughter. Her daughter was on the ice learning to skate while she was watching from above through glass. We failed about 10 times and gave up because people had start coming in. As we were getting back to our shift she stopped us and said “That was the funniest thing I’ve seen today, thank you for making my day!” We told her how stupid we were for going around the rink hiding toy ducks but she thought it was hilarious and will keep and eye out for some ducks!

She Needs To “Lasabray” Away

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I am a customer in a department store with my girlfriend, near the automotive section. I am dressed in a way that could in no way get me confused for an employee, wearing jeans, boots, a heavy-metal band T-shirt, and a leather biker jacket, with my long hair down. A middle-aged woman comes up to me. 

Customer: “Excuse me. This oil is on sale; how do I know what I need?”

Me: “What kind of car do you have?”

Customer: “A Boook Lasabray.”

Me: “Oh! Buick Lesabre. You need four and a half quarts of 5w-30, so you can just get this five-quart jug here. That’s the one on sale, so you’re in luck.”

Thinking the conversation is over, I turn to walk away.

Customer: “How do I know that you know what you are talking about?”

Me: “Well, ma’am, it just so happens that you picked the right person to ask. I am an automotive technician that works at a Chevrolet dealer, and we service Buicks all the time.”

Customer: “But you don’t work here?”

Me: “No. No, I do not.”

Customer: “So, how can I trust you?”

I’m done being nice and helpful, and I just turn and walk away.

Me: *To my girlfriend* “If she knew I didn’t work here, and didn’t think I knew anything about cars, why did she ask me to begin with?”

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Transitioning To A Good Review

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I am a female-to-male trans boy working at a high-profile pharmacy shop. My boss has allowed me to wear my “male” name on my nametag, but all the computers show my legal, “female” name.

I am helping a customer find things and she is very happy so far. Finally, I bring her up to the front and ring her things up.

Customer: “You’ve been so helpful to me!”

Me: “I’m only doing my job, ma’am.”

Customer: “What’s your name, young man?”

Here I hesitate, and then I tell her my male name. But, as I think it over, now I’m worried that if she decides to call the company and give me a good review, they won’t know who she is talking about.

Customer: “Thank you so much!”

Me: “Actually, ma’am… I’m sorry, but I gave you the wrong name.”

Customer: *Confused* “What do you mean?”

Rather than say anything, I turned the register around, which had my “real” name at the top of the screen. The smile slid off her face, her eyes grew wide, and she thanked me quietly and left.

The next week, my boss congratulated me on getting such a good customer review. Seems she really didn’t have a problem with being rung up by a trans boy after all.

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Doing A Disservice To A Good Boy’s Service

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I work in a corporate chain restaurant. I’m an eighteen-year-old hostess. The customer is about a thirty- to forty-year-old female, and she sounds very disgusted.

Customer: “You allow dogs in here?”

She is referring to another customer with a service dog.

Me: “It’s a service dog.”

Customer: “It better be! That’s gross! Are you sure it’s a service dog?!”

Me: “The customer has a badge around his neck for the dog and our managers have seen the paperwork.”

Customer: “What kind of service dog is it?! It’s disgusting that it’s allowed in here!”

Me: “I’m not sure, but service dogs are used for all different things. Again, our managers have seen the paperwork and the person has a badge for the dog around his neck.”

Customer: “Well, check again! It’s against health code!

She then stormed out. This all happened after she had eaten and paid for the meal.

The customers with the service dog have become recent regulars of ours, and I really hope they didn’t hear how rude the others were being.

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