He Has A Very Particular Set Of Skills

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My dad worked almost his entire working life for the governmental placement bureau. Before rising in the ranks, he helped manual labourers to a new job. One day he received a welder who was long-term unemployed, which was strange given the high demand in the area. My dad decided to have him tested on his skills to see if additional training would help him. The instructor reported to my dad that there was nothing wrong with his skills, and that he could even teach the very skilled instructor a few tricks.

My dad started to suspect that a lack of social skills was the problem and, upon the first request for a skilled welder, he picked up the phone and called the person responsible for hiring. He informed them that he was sending someone but asked if they could test his skills before interviewing. He then proceeded to send the unemployed welder to go to the workplace for an interview and bring back a signed form as proof he went. Without this, his benefits would stop.

This was at the start of the morning, not that far from the office. Noon came and went, but no sign of the guy. Dad, starting to worry, called the employer who was very enthusiastic and asked to send more of that kind. After the test weld, the guy was hired on the spot! His new employer stated that “they couldn’t afford to turn him down.” Since he came unprepared, they even bought him lunch. It turned out that the guy was just “un-interviewable,” but luckily, his skills spoke for themselves.

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They’re Not Cut From The Same Watermelon

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(This happens with almost every new employee in registers. Like most fruit, we sell watermelon by the kilo. The picture on the system is a quarter of a watermelon, and it’s listed as a “watermelon cut.”)

New Employee: *trying to ring through an entire watermelon* “Where are full watermelons on here? I can only find watermelon cuts.”

Me: “Just do watermelon cuts. It’s the same price. They’re sold by the kilo.”

New Employee: “But that doesn’t make any sense. Shouldn’t the full watermelon be more per kilo than the cut? Why would a full watermelon be the same price as cut watermelon?”

Me: *dies inside a little*

(Eventually, they added a full watermelon to the system that had exactly the same price as the cut. We stopped having this problem after that.)

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