The Tip Jar Should Have Been A Tip-Off

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I am one of two people who work at an ice cream shack in a water park. This is my third and my coworker’s second year working there. We are the only workers trained on ice cream, so we are both here almost every day. Though I am not paid at the supervisor level, I have been there longer than most employees and have most of the duties of a supervisor.

I already know this summer is going to be a difficult one when I speak to the owner about the conditions of my hiring. He is perfectly agreeable and responsive, until I bring up the subject of my receiving a raise, since it’s my third summer and I’m still being paid minimum wage —  $7.25 an hour. I finally finagle a $0.50 raise out of him, which is good enough for me, and am excited to come back to work.

The season gets off to a rocky start due to an unusual amount of inclement weather, but the park is by no means struggling. One slow day, my coworker decides to make a cute little sign for our tip jar. I don’t think anything of it until the owner comes over and begins to berate us about it. He rants on about how tacky it is and he’ll take away our tip jar if we don’t remove the sign. He’s rather rude about it and the whole situation leaves a bad taste in both our mouths. Thankfully, we get to keep our tips, but we’re a lot more careful about how we behave around the owner.

Summer ends, we both go back to school, and I don’t think any more of it. Then, in September, my mom sends me a post from the water park’s Facebook page. Apparently, the owner was caught embezzling from investors and all his funds were pulled. He decided to make himself the victim by handcuffing himself to the top of the flume slide and refusing to leave until people had helped him raise enough money to keep the park. Of course, once the truth was out, nobody wanted to help him and he conceded in less than a week. The park was sold to another group better at not stealing from investors, and it went through a heavy rebranding process, but neither I nor my former coworker plan on going back any time soon.

Weeding Out The Bad Products

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(My boss has ordered a few novelty shamrock items for St. Patrick’s Day. They arrive as scheduled and he’s putting them out, when he stops to study one item closely.)

Boss: “Hey, do you want these? We can’t sell them.”

(He then handed me a three-pack of edible shot glasses with a marijuana pattern.)

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Not So Observant
I am about 7 months pregnant, and the baby belly is pretty obvious at this point.  I am scanning items to check for price accuracy when this exchange occurs, so I am wearing a radio, lanyard, and holding both a scanning gun and a price tag printer.
Middle-Age Female Customer:  Do you work here?
Me: (trying to not roll my eyes) Yes, how can I help you?
Customer: I’m looking for long underwear for my son.
Me:  That’s actually going to be in that section over there, let me show you.  (I start to walk toward the other section of the store.)
Customer:  Oh!  She’s a prego!
Me: (smiles wanly) Yup.  Now if you’ll just follow me over here…
Customer:  I used to work in delivery, so I always notice the pregos.
Me: (looks down at my rather large baby-belly) That’s…great…

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(I’m picking up my prescription at a pharmacy. I walk in on a conversation between a woman and the pharmacist. They are discussing a prescription she is picking up for her husband. )

Woman: Well this bottle won’t fit!
Pharmacist: I can put it into smaller bottles for you, if you want.
Woman: I requested that it be  left in the original bottles!
Pharmacist: I understand that ma’am, but maybe we can just put it in bottles about the same size as them.
Woman: I want to know who filled my prescription.
Pharmacist: Our pharmacy tech, Nadine, ma’am.
Woman: Well I want to talk to Nadine!
(A woman who is at the drop off counter working on the computer speaks up.)
Nadine: I’m Nadine, and I filled your prescription. I just count out the pills and put them in the bottle. If there are 30 in a bottle, I empty however many bottles it takes to fill the prescription.
Woman: Well I specifically requested that they be left in the original bottles. You don’t have to count them, just give me 9 of the original bottles.
Nadine: I don’t look at whose name is on the prescription, ma’am. I just count what the paper says.
Woman: But I requested the original bottles!
Pharmacist: We fill 300 prescriptions a day. That’s 1500 a week, and only one person who wants them in the original bottles.
(At this point, I am being helped by another pharmacy tech, and there are two people behind me watching the spectacle.)
Woman: Let me see the original bottles.
Pharmacist: (*retrieves a bottle*) Like I said, I can put it in smaller bottles if it will fit better.
Woman: I understand that, but I’m the customer, and I have requested that it be left in the original bottles. I expect that to happen next time.
Pharmacist: I’ll see what I can do ma’am.

A Good Sense Of Humor Is The Best Drug

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(I have this “conversation” with my father every few weeks when I am living with him in my mid-twenties.)

TV Commercial: “Talk to your kids about drugs.”

Dad: *yelling from the TV room* “[My Name]! Don’t do drugs!”

Response #1: “You’re ruining my life!

Response #2: “Well, I can’t get a refund!”

Response #3: “But I already sent out the party invitations! Also, don’t come home Friday!”

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