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Me:(I am currently training on the drivethru with my coworker, she is teaching me how to make certain drinks as they’re ordered) So you have to fill it to the pink line? (Drivethru sensor beeps)
Coworker: Hello welcome to Dunkin Donuts how may I help you?
Customer: I’ll have a hazelnut iced coffee extra extra
Coworker: What size?
Customer: Hazelnut
Coworker: What size?
Customer: Hazelnut
Coworker: Large, medium, small?
Customer: Medium
Coworker: (Off the speaker) Hazelnut isn’t a size

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(I worked in a small electronic retail store, we sold computers and a lot of random pieces and parts to make/repair electronics.  This customer walked in holding a computer part in his hands.)

Customer: I’m looking for a hard drive for a computer.

Me: Internal or external?

Customer: It needs to go inside the computer.

Me: We don’t sell internal computer parts.

Customer: Can you show me what one looks like?

Me: We don’t have any internal hard drives, sir.

(Customer looks genuinely confused)

Customer: What is it I have here then? Isn’t this a hard drive?

Me: No, that’s a CD-RW drive. It plays and writes CDs on your computer.

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(I worked in a small electronic retail store, we sold computers and a lot of random pieces and parts to make/repair electronics.  This customer that was sold a computer called us on the phone.)

Customer: I can’t get my computer to work.

Co-Worker: Is it turned on?

Customer: It won’t turn on!

Co-worker: Is it plugged in?

Customer: It’s in the window.

Co-worker: Ma’am, why is the computer in the window?

Customer: You said it ran on windows!

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(I work for an IT company that provides Helpdesk support and other IT services to companies in our area. We manage the IT for roughly one hundred and fifty different organizations, including auto shops, animal hospitals, dentists, and police stations. This particular autoshop uses specialized software to bring up technical manuals for the cars they service and sell.)

Customer: “Yes, our [Tech Manual Software] has stopped working for everyone in the shop! This is a critical problem and needs to be resolved today!”

(I pushed aside my other tickets to make time to work for this one, as can’t work tickets take the highest priority in our schedules. I called within twenty minutes of the ticket being made, got his voice mail. Did not hear back from him for a full day.)

Customer: “You guys need to be faster! We haven’t been able to do anything in the shop and are losing business!”
Me: “I understand, sir. What seems to be the problem and I will get this fixed as soon as possible.”

(I remote in to his computer, so I can see what he sees.)

Customer: “Well, take a look. When I go into [Software] and select a make and model, we get our little PDF, but all the pages are missing!”
Me: “Ok, let me take a look.”

(I go back to the main menu of the program and see a giant flashing blue banner that says not to update Adobe Reader)

Me: “… Uh, did you happen to update Adobe Reader any time recently?”
Customer: “Yeah, why?”

(I had to sit on with the software company’s tech support for a good hour before I managed to get a tech who could locate the legacy version of Reader that worked with the program. Also, come to find out that only three of the six service computers had the issue. They could still work just fine.)

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(I’m ringing up a customer when I need to call my manager up for a problem with a return.  While we’re waiting, a mother with two young kids comes into the line. The kids grab some balls out of a bin and start throwing them around while their mother is playing around with her phone.  This has been happening all day, and customers don’t take me seriously when I ask them to stop their kids so I ignore it. My manager comes up and scolds the kids and ask them to put the balls away.)
Mother(to older kid, probably around 8): What did you think you were doing? Why did you let your brother do that? You were supposed to be watching him!
(Don’t blame your kid woman, watch them yourself!)