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So A Turkey Is Made Of…?

, , , | Right | September 22, 2020

Me: “Hi, welcome to [Fast Food Place]! How may I help you?”

Girl: “Hi, can I get a turkey cheddar bacon without the bacon?”

Me: “Sure. Anything else today?”

Girl: “No, but can you make sure there is no bacon on the turkey cheddar bacon? I’m a vegetarian.”

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She Needs A Diet Coke Break

, , , , | Right | August 21, 2020

Last night, I tagged every Pepsi brand item we had to ninety-nine cents. Coke products are the normal price.

Customer: “These are supposed to ring up ninety-nine cents.”

Me: “No, the sale is that Pepsi products are ninety-nine cents.”

Customer: “This is a Pepsi product.”

Me: “No, ma’am, this is a diet Coke. That’s a Coke product.”

Customer: “But Coke is a Pepsi product! I want the sale!”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, would you like me to grab you a Pepsi so you can have the sale?”


Me: “Well, I can’t do that.”


She stormed out of the store, never to be seen again.

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Third Shift, First Priority

, , , , | Right | August 7, 2020

I just started DJing at a local radio station, and since I’m new, I’m on air at odd hours of the morning. It’s about 4:30 am and I get a phone call. I’m thinking that since it’s so early, it’s my supervisor and something’s wrong. I’m tired and very nervous.

Me: “Good morning, this is [Station].”

Caller: “Hi, can I talk to the DJ that’s on now?”

Me: “This is her.”

Caller: “Oh, good. I just wanted to say that those of us working third shift love that you’re on air this late. We tune in every night. You guys do a great job and we really appreciate it.”

This was years ago, and I later worked my way up to being a drive-time DJ, but that is still one of my best experiences.

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Someone Please Explain…

, , , , | Right | August 1, 2020

A customer comes in, clearly flustered, and places two separate orders on my belt. She explains that she is shopping for two different “clients” and that she is unfamiliar with how to do it. During the explanation, she becomes somewhat frustrated before I have rung everything. I allow her to explain how she would like them rung, though it is fairly obvious, and begin to ring as we talk. The first order goes through. She is getting ready to pay.

Customer: “Okay, so the first one has food stamps; I don’t think they’re enough, but let’s see…” *swipes card*

Me: “It got declined, but there’s enough for most of this order if you want to pay the rest cash, or we can put something back…”

Customer: “No, no, we’ll just put those hot dogs on the other order and make him pay for them; that’ll fix it.”

Me: “We could have her pay what she can, take the balance off of her card, and then let him pay for his with his food stamps and the little that she has leftover, as well.”

Customer: “Huh? I just want to move the hot dogs so that she can afford the food.”

Me: “I can run this through as one order, take the right amount off of each card, have her pay more, and have him pay less, and it’ll be really easy. Trust me.”

Customer: “No. Just move the hot dogs to the other order. I don’t understand what you’re saying.”

Still not grasping how stupid this woman is…

Me: “If they were both standing in front of me, she had six dollars’ worth of stuff and was one dollar short, I could ring everything up, take her five dollars, and then take his money so that she has none left, and he didn’t have to pay any more than he should have to. Make sense? I can do that with cards, too.”

Customer: “I still don’t get it. Just move the hot dogs to the other order, so she can pay for her order.”

Me: *Resigned* “Okay.”

The customer leaves, and I take a deep breath and let it out before I say hello to the next customer. I’m clearly frustrated.

Me: “Sorry about that. How is your day going?”

Customer #2: “Much better than yours, apparently. Wow, was she stupid! Do you see that kind of thing every day?”

Me: “No, not every day. Some days are special.”

Customer #2: “Thank God, because if you did, they should put out tip jars and let you guys get paid a little more for the service. Nobody should have to put up with that every day, no matter who they are.”

Normally, the exchange with the first customer would put me in a bad mood for most of the shift, but because the next customer understood, I was able to shake it off in five minutes flat. Thank you!

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Not Stacking Up The Tips With Mistakes Like That

, , , , , , | Working | July 25, 2020

While out to eat, I ordered a big meal I couldn’t finish. When the waitress came to see if we were all done, I said I’d like to take the rest of my meal. She said okay, then took my friend’s empty plate and set it directly on top of my unfinished plate, and then piled some other things on top of the empty plate.

I thought, oh, I guess she didn’t hear me, and I was a little sad. It wasn’t a great meal, but it was good, and it would have meant not having to cook the next evening.

Our check came, we paid, and then… the waitress came back with a box and set it down in front of me! I looked, and it was my leftovers, despite having had a plate stacked on top. I was mildly disgusted, so when we left, I left the box on the table.

We left the building and walked down the street, and after a minute I heard, “Miss! Miss!” I turned around, and the waitress was running after us with a takeout box in hand. “You forgot your leftovers!” she said.

I had no idea how to respond. How could she think I’d want something that had gotten a dirty plate pressed on top of it?!

She had to rush back to the restaurant so I was saved from having to say anything. I dumped the takeout box in the nearest trash can.

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