No One Speaks English Anymore…

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Me: “[My Department], this is [My Name]; may I help you?”

Caller: “I’m glad you speak American.”

Me: *to myself* “I take it you were an American major in college?”

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We Honestly Don’t See A Problem With Giant Tacos

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(I work at fast food restaurant which is known to not only make food only when you order it, but also has tacos that people absolutely love, served among the burgers and other items. It’s Black Friday, and the location I’m at is directly across from a popular national box store, so we’ve been pretty swamped. To make matters worse, we’ve run out of those precious tacos until our delivery arrives. People have not been kind about the lack of tacos, at all. We have a monster-sized taco, about the size of two and a quarter or so of the regular tacos, but it is more expensive. The lunch rush has just started to die down when a couple comes in and makes their order. Of course the husband wants tacos, and I’m dreading telling him.)

Me: “I’m sorry to let you know… we’re out of the tacos until the truck arrives in about two hours. We don’t have any until then.”

(I’m bracing for the tirade I’ve heard for the previous two hours straight.)

Customer: “Oh, well… D***. Do, uh… do you happen to have those big tacos?”

Me: “Uh… ye… yeah! We still have those!”

Customer: “OKAY! I’ll do one of those.” *turns to his wife* “Cutie, serious, they’re like… this big. The size of your freaking face. They’re pretty much two tacos in one freaking taco!”

(His wife chuckles and rolls her eyes.)

Customer: “What can you do? It’s Black Friday and those tacos are disgustingly addictive. At least you have the big ones.”

(This has actually put me in a much better mood, so I stutter a thank-you and adjust the price down to what two tacos would normally be.)

Customer’s Wife: “Oh, you didn’t need to do that. It’s fine if it’s a bit more.”

Me: “No, it’s okay. Like he said, it’s basically two tacos in one, anyway. You have a great day!”

Both: “Thank you so much; Merry Christmas!”

Customer: “…even though it’s still a bit early to say it!”

(Thank you. Both of you. Thank you for being understanding and giving me a boost when I needed it the most! The truck even arrived a little early, and I suggested the big tacos to everyone right away when people asked for the two regular tacos… and they were all very understanding, too. Thank you for giving me that idea through your act of understanding, as well.)

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Unfiltered Story #127682

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I work as a cashier for a sporting goods store. It’s baseball season, and a couple with their 3 kids are in line with a pile of baseball gear. The family is working through an extended transaction at my counter, the mother having committed the deadly sin of finding a coupon AFTER the initial sale was completed. While the parents stay at my counter as we work through honoring the coupon, the kids step off to the side, goofing off as kids do. I’m typing the receipt information into the computer when this happens…)

Mother: “Hey! Hey! You do NOT touch my children!”

(I look up to see and older man trying to walk behind the couple, only to be stopped by the mother stepping in front of him.)

Mother: “You do NOT touch my children! That is unacceptable!”

Man: *leans forward and cups his hand around his ear* “I can’t hear you.”

(he man is well into his 60s, so it’s not hard to assume that he has a bit of trouble hearing her. As the man leans forward, the mother literally grabs onto his shirt and holds him as she continues yelling.)

Mother: “That is unacceptable! You do NOT touch my kids!”

Man: “You’re crazy, lady. Let go of me.”

(The older man scoffs and tries to push past the mother. The husband steps around his wife and literally forces himself into the older man’s face.)

Husband: “You better back up, m**********r.”

(The older man, wise enough to avoid a fight, backs up and finds another way around the family. The mother turns back to me, just as I’m finishing re-ringing their items.)

Mother: “That was completely unacceptable, He SHOVED my child out of the way. My child was just standing there holding my little baby. That was unacceptable.”

(In reality – according to my manager – the child was not roughly shoved but gently pushed out of the man’s way. Despite the fact the no one was injured during the indecent, the mother continues to vent to myself and my manager about how unacceptable it was for another person to touch her son. Thankfully, they complete their transaction without further indecent and leave for their son’s baseball game. If that’s how she reacts when someone gently pushes her child out of the way, I’d hate to see how she acts when the umpire makes a bad call.)

Giving You Her Two Cents About Her Quarter

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(A woman and her little girl want to buy two sodas and chips. This woman is making her child pay for the transaction with quarters. It’s not too big a deal. The total is $4.24, and the little girl gives me $4.00 in quarters. The mom picks up the chips and soda and begins to walk out the door. I get her attention.)

Me: “Ma’am, I still need one more quarter.”

Customer: “I know; I’m getting it.”

Me: “Well, product is not allowed to leave the store until fully paid for.”

(The lady stands outside the door for a minute and then comes in again. She approaches the counter and gives me a dirty look.)

Customer: “Did you put the money in the till yet?”

Me: “No, the transaction is not complete yet.”

Customer: *takes her money* “Give me my money back, then. I will not buy from you. You were rude to me!”

Me: “Okay.”

(I put the merchandise behind the counter and told my manager about it, and she started laughing. Stating company rules does not make me rude; it protects my store. It isn’t hard to cooperate and follow simple rules.)

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Practicing Becoming An Old Bag

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(I work for a store in a well-known chain of drug stores. I am working the front register when a customer comes up and puts down a small bag of nuts and a drink. I have a habit of asking if they would like a bag if their purchase is small or it looks like it will be eaten right away. I ask because we don’t have small bags, just the regular-sized grocery bags. Most customers don’t want to deal with a bag in this situation.)

Me: “Would you like a bag for this?”

Customer: “Well, it’s more than one item, so yeah. Wouldn’t you say?”

Me: *smiles, thinking she’s joking* “You don’t have to have one; it’s really up to you.”

Customer: *straight-faced* “No, it’s not. It’s your job.”

(I bag her items, a little stunned. I’d never had anyone demand a bag.)

Me: “Here you go. Have a nice day!”

Customer: *takes her bag and leaves without saying a word*

(I found out later that the same customer called to complain about me, and claimed I refused to give her a bag. My manager is cool and just laughed it off. I wonder what that customer would do in places like California where, due to a ban on plastic bags, they don’t ever give you a bag!)

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