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Her Work Ethic Is A Little SKUed

, , , , , | Working | November 18, 2020

I’ve worked for this certain company since October 2019. It’s a well-known fandom store that was once an emo-based store. I was a manager for the holiday season and went back to associate for my own reasons.

A customer comes to me asking if we have a certain shirt in another size at a different store. I tell her I’ll check. There is one at another location a few miles away, and she asks if I can call them to have them place it on hold for her. This is not uncommon for our company at all, so I do so. Our store phone has just died so I call using my cellphone. I call the store to see if they have the shirt in stock, just in case our system is off or someone stole it. I even have the item number ready and what size I am looking for.

An employee answers. Usually, we give our name when we answer, but she doesn’t give a name, and she sounds extremely bored.

Me: “I am looking for a shirt, I have the SKU number and the size.”

Employee: “The what?”

I get a bit frustrated and repeat myself, and then I ask if she is ready for me to say it so she can look it up. She says yes, and I give the number and the size. She has to repeat two of the numbers, which I get if it’s noisy in the store.

Employee: “Yeah, it looks like we have one.”

Me: “Great, could you put it on hold for a customer?”

Employee: *Sigh* “Um, yeah. I don’t know where it would be, but it says we have one.”

Me: *Frustrated again* “So can you put me on hold while you look for it? I have the customer here waiting.”

Employee: *Sighing again* “Yeah. I’ll just call you back on this number once I find it.”

And she hangs up. She doesn’t ask for my name, number, or anything. She just hangs up.

She called back not even five minutes later — I could’ve sat on hold during that time, and I let the customer know what was going on — and says she has it. I ask her to put it on hold for the customer and then ask for the other store employee’s name. She gives it to me and I instantly take note to let my manager know, hoping that they talk to her manager.

My customer was very thankful and understanding and went on her merry way to go to the other store for the shirt, but seriously? If you don’t know our company’s phone etiquette, don’t know what a SKU is, don’t know how to find a shirt, and don’t know how to put it on hold, you should ask another employee for help, and you need to ask your manager for some training.

I just keep shaking my head.

An Order Disorder, Part 2

, , , , | Right | November 12, 2020

Every day, this customer comes in and orders the same thing: a medium number four with curly fries. I have his order memorized.

Customer: “Hello.”

Me: “Hello, your total is [amount].”

Customer: “I’ll have… Wait, how do you know what I’m going to order?”

Me: “You order the same thing every day.”

Customer: “Oh, then I should change it.”

He orders something completely different.

This scenario would play out every time I made the mistake of entering his food before he said it. He would even check my screen to make sure I hadn’t entered it already.

Mind, we ALL knew his order, so as soon as he came in, the cook would start on his sandwich and the fryer would put in his fries. If he changed it because I entered it too fast, the food would go to waste.

Sometimes I would hold onto his food for a little just so he wouldn’t realize we already knew his order.

An Order Disorder

They Can’t Clean Their Hands From Their Crimes

, , , , | Right | November 2, 2020

I work the lowest-paying job at my local grocery store, as I am too young to be a cashier; you have to be twenty-one or older.

Part of my job is to clean bathrooms. I block off the women’s restroom with our cleaning cart so I can clean it. A lady comes up and completely ignores the fact that I’m cleaning and shoves the cleaning cart out of the way of the door.

Me: “Oh, sorry, I’m cleaning this. I’ll just be a minute—”

The woman pushes past me into a stall. I give up and start to clean the mirrors before I mop the floor, since she’s technically in the way. She finishes in the stall and starts washing her hands. When she’s done, she FLICKS her very wet hands right in front of me. Water goes EVERYWHERE. All over the floor, all over the mirrors, and all over… me.

Me: “Excuse me?”

The woman just left, pushing the cart farther out of the way. I was stunned. I’ve started making sure no one can get through while I’m cleaning!

PIN-Headed, Part 15

, , , , | Right | October 27, 2020

I work as a bagger at a grocery store. A man comes in to buy a couple of items and his total is about $3. He is paying with a debit card.

Customer: “Oh, I wanted cashback, but the card machine is asking for my PIN.”

Cashier: “Go ahead and put your PIN in; I’ll fix it.”

Customer: *Types in his PIN* “Oh. Now it’s asking for my PIN again. I just put it in.”

Cashier: “Let me see.” *Looks at card reader* “Go ahead and put your PIN in again. I can start another transaction if you need cashback.”

Customer: “Okay.” *Retypes his PIN* “Okay, it says to remove my card.” *Removes the card*

Cashier: “It’s telling me that you asked for [amount] in cashback.”

Customer: “How much?”

Cashier: “[Amount].”

Customer: “Oh. That’s my PIN. My bad.”

He took the cashback and his purchase and left the store. The cashier and I could barely wait until he left before we burst out laughing!

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Stored Excuses For Days

, , , , | Right | October 10, 2020

A customer leaves a huge pile of crap on the side of our storage building. I know it was him because when I came in, I saw him put the all the same stuff behind his vehicle. My manager has him charged for the clean-up. He later calls asking about the charge. When I explain, he gets angry.

Customer: “You can’t prove that was my stuff. This is totally unfair! I wasn’t even at my storage unit today.”

Me: “Sir, I saw you with that stuff just this morning by your car, and you came into the office and spoke to me twice personally, so I know you were here, and we have you on video.”

Customer: “Well, that doesn’t matter because I didn’t touch the stuff. It wasn’t even my stuff. My mom was working with some guys I hired and they left the mess.”

Me: “Sir, it’s your storage unit, you were present at the time of all of this, and you are the one responsible.”

Customer: “But you don’t understand! I didn’t touch the stuff! I shouldn’t have to pay for the clean-up, that’s my mom’s and the guy’s! It’s the hired guy’s fault! All I was doing was sitting in my car and playing on my phone.”