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(I work the grill at a popular fast-food restaurant. We have a deal where if an employee has their name in a five-star review, they get an extra five dollars. The reviews are printed and displayed near the first window, so when clocking in, employees can read the reviews. There is one review that got a lot of laughs.)

Review: “Five stars for [Manager]’s a**!”

(This manager no longer works at the restaurant, but I think he knew the ladies who left the review. At least he got some money for it.)

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[I work in the children’s department of a large department store. We have few toys, but one of them which is fairly popular is a sound puzzle. It’s one of those block puzzles for kids, but when you match the pieces together it makes a sound. I get a call one day from a customer asking if we had any. After checking the floor and the stockroom, I can’t find any.]

Me: I’m sorry, ma’am, but it looks like we don’t have any in store. I can check my computer system to see if any other stores in the area have it.

Customer: That sounds good.

[I search for the item on the computer, and it shows absolutely none anywhere nearby. I even expanded the search to 100 miles, and still nothing.]

Me: Well, unfortunately, it looks like it isn’t available anywhere nearby, and the inventory is showing at 0 which means I can’t order it for you either. It was pretty popular over the holidays, so we must have sold out, but I imagine we’ll get more in.

Customer: So it’s not in store and you can’t order it for me?

Me: That’s correct, and I do apologize.

Customer: So what you’re saying is, there’s nothing else you can do?

Me: *puzzled by the question* At this point, we have none available at any of our stores company-wide, so no, I’m sorry.

Customer: All right, well, [Competitor store] told me they have plenty in the area, so I’m not sure if your computer system is right. But thanks anyway.

[I hung up the phone, confused as to why she thought we would have access to a competitor’s stock.]

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I work for a state agency. We get calls like this. A lot.

Me: “(Agency name) How may I direct your call?”

Caller: “I got a letter from you guys.”

Me: “Who signed the letter?”

Caller: “(Agency name.)”

Me: “Can you tell me who signed it, at the bottom of the letter?”

Caller: “(Agency name.)”

Me: “Yes, that’s us. But who signed the letter…at the bottom…?”

Caller: “(Person’s name.)”

Me: “Let me transfer you, one moment please…”

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(I work in administration for a feedlot – raising cattle for beef – and while I’m not the main secretary, I do answer the phones when my coworker isn’t available to. My coworker has stepped away to use the rest room and the phone rings.)

Me: [Company Name}

Customer: [Coworker’s name]?

Me: No, this is [my name], [coworker] stepped away for a minute, can I take a message?

Customer: Oh, I must’ve called the wrong number.

Me: No, this is the right number, she’s just stepped away.

Customer: No, no I called the wrong number. *Hangs up*


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(I’ve pulled up to the speaker to order my dinner from a fast food restaurant.)

Me: “Can I have a number three with a Coke, medium-sized?”

Employee: “Okay, so that’s a medium number three with a Coke, anything else?”

Me: “Nope, that’s it.”

Employee: “Okay, please pull ahead, your total will be… a bad number.”

(On the screen, it shows the total to be $6.66. I pull ahead to the window and give him my card.)

Employee: “I won’t say the number because it’s a bad one, but you know what it is. Do you want your receipt?”

Me: “No, thank you.”

Employee: “Good choice. Don’t want the devil chasing you down.”

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