A Sweet Act During A Bitter Time

, , , , , | Right | May 11, 2020

I am working at the cash register at a bookstore. The current events have made it a very sparse place these days, but we do get some customers in.

A customer comes up to the register with a book he wants to purchase. We take our time and chat a bit while I ring him up. Once I get to the total, he points to the candy bars we have on the counter for sale.

Customer: “Which one is best?”

Me: “My favorite is the caramel.”

Customer: “I’d like two of those, then.”

I ring those up, he pays the total, and then I give him his bag of goodies. Before he steps away from the counter, he reaches into the bag, pulls out one of the caramel bars, and hands it to me.

Customer: “This one is for you; thank you for helping me and being here.”

I was so grateful and said, “Thank you,” I don’t even know how many times, but the kindness of that during these crazy times just really got me. I thought I was going to cry happy tears. He smiled, gave me a wave and left.

The next day, we all got a call saying we were laid off, so not only did that customer give me the gift of a candy bar, the gift of a kind act, but also the gift of giving me a treasured memory on my last day working there. I’ll do my best to share that kindness in other people’s days, too. An act of kindness, no matter how small, can make such a difference when times feel so heavy right now.

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Maybe That Pentagram Tattoo On Your Forehead Has Something To Do With It…

, , , | Right | May 8, 2020

I’m working in the drive-thru, cashing out orders.

Me: “Here’s your food, and have a nice day.”

Customer: “Thanks. Here’s something for you.”

The customer hands me a Christian pamphlet, telling me I can be saved, and drives away.

Me: *Sighs* “[Manager], I have to ask: is there a sign floating above my head saying, ‘This chick needs Jesus!’?”

Manager: “Another one? What is that now, three?”

Me: “Four.”

Coworker: “Someone gave you a religious handout at the window?”

Me: “Don’t worry; it only ever happens to me.”

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You Need Saintlike Patience For These Priests

, , , , , , | Learning | April 17, 2020

This takes place in the nineties when I am attending Catholic School. A few other students and I are discussing “Sunday Obligation” — the fact that it’s a mortal sin to choose to skip Mass on Sundays — with one of the priests that teaches there. Catholics are allowed to attend Saturday Night Vigil Mass and it counts for one’s Sunday Obligation. 

Me: “My family usually goes to the Saturday evening Mass at [Church] because my mom often works on Sundays.”

Priest: *All high and mighty* “What kind of a place would make a Catholic Christian mother work on a Sunday? The Lord’s day?!”

Me:Saint [Name]’s Hospital. She’s an emergency room nurse.” 

Priest: “…”

That shut him up.

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Weather Is Not The Referee’s Field Of Expertise

, , , , , | Learning | April 4, 2020

I’m playing in my kids’ league soccer game in Omaha. Omaha is in tornado alley, and during the game, we can see the skies starting to change. My father, who has noticed and is listening to the radio, comes out during a break in the game to talk to the referee.

Father: “There’s been a tornado warning issued. Perhaps we should stop the game.”

Referee: “Nah. The weather is still good. We’ll keep playing.”

We continue playing, and a bit later, my father comes out again.

Father: “It’s been upgraded to a tornado watch.”

Referee: “Is it for this area?”

Father: “No, but it is nearby.”

Referee: “Then we’re going to keep playing.”

And we continue to play. Finally, my father comes out for a third time.

Father: “They say it’s coming this way.”

FINALLY, they stopped the game.

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Her Scam Is Small Fry

, , , , | Right | March 16, 2020

(I have a very passive-aggressive manager who doesn’t take customer’s crap. There is a lady who constantly tries to scam us for free fries. She’ll order her food, sit in the lobby for about half an hour, and then complain that her food is cold and demand that we give her more for free. The problem is, she’ll eat half of it before complaining. I am not there when this happens, but my coworkers say it goes something like this:)

Customer: “Feel these fries. They’re cold. Get me fresh ones.”

Manager: “You had half an hour to eat them. They were fresh when we gave them to you, and you already ate half of them.”

Customer: “So? Give me more fries; these are cold.”

Manager: “Okay, that’ll be [price].”

Customer: *getting agitated* “No! I want fresh, free fries! You gave me cold fries!”

Manager: “We gave you fresh fries that you let go cold; I’m not giving you free fries!”

(She keeps arguing and holding up the line until my manager finally decides to give in and shut her up. Fresh fries just came up.)

Manager: “Give those fries to drive-thru. Make her wait.”

(She ended up waiting ten minutes for her fries and being put on our “be wary of” list. The same manager later blacklisted her from the restaurant.)

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