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*Me and my roommate are in North Carolina on vacation. We stop in a local town for coffee. There is no Starbucks, but there is a small coffee shop that we go to instead*

Employee: What can I get you today?

Me: Just a black coffee, thanks.

Employee: *looking at roommate* And for you?

Roommate: *looking at phone* A vanilla frappuccino.

Employee: Excuse me?

Roommate: *still looking at phone* A vanilla frappuccino

Me: (Roomate), this isn’t Starbucks.

Roommate: *looks up, realizing that we are, in fact, not in Starbucks* Oh! I’m so sorry! I’m so used to Starbucks! Can I have a black coffee?

Employee: *smiling* Sure thing!

*(Roommate) apologized again when we got our coffee. Next time, look around!*

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(Our gas pumps are temporarily out of order. There are bags on each pump handle, an out of order sign on each display, and caution tape wrapped around the entirey of the pumps.)

Customer: *drives car through caution tape breaking it*

Customer: *tears sign off display*

Customer: *tears bags off handle and triea to pump gas*

Customer: *hits help button*

Me: *walks out to pump*

Customer: This pump isn’t working! This is unacceptable!

Me: Ma’am, our gas pumps are temporarily out of service. I appoligize for the inconvenience.

Customer: Well you should do something to let people know and not waste their time! *jumps back in car and floors it through the other side of the caution tape*