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(I am a night auditor at a hotel near downtown. Across the street is a small chain fast food restaurant that sells burgers, BBQ, chicken, hot dogs, etc. A large group of about 6 or 7 come back from drinking downtown all night and decide in the lobby that they want some burgers. One of the more clearly drunk men decides to wait for his order in the lobby and takes a seat on the opposite end from where the front desk is. About 5 minutes after his group goes to the fast food joint, this happens).


Me: I’m sorry sir, I’m not to leave the lobby unless it is an emergency.

Drunk Guest: No! GET ME A F****** BURGER! NOW!

Me: SIr, I think the rest of your group is across the street now, getting food. They shouldn’t be gone too much longer.

Drunk Guest: Go up to my room now! Get me a beer and bring me a f****** burger! NOW S***HEAD!

(At this point I’m very annoyed, but I’m also a pretty patient guy, so I try to be nice one more time).

Me: Sir, I’ve told you once already, I’m not to leave the lobby unless it’s an emergency. You’re group should be back before too long though.

Drunk Guest: I SAID GET ME A F****** BURGER F****** NOW! F***! DO IT NOW!!!

(I have now lost all patience)

Me: No.

Drunk Guest: Why the f*** not?!

Me: I am not your personal delivery service. I will not go get you a burger, and you can either wait for the rest of your group, or you can keep harassing me and I can evict you. If you refuse to go, I can call police who will kindly escort you off the property. What’s it gonna be?

Drunk Guest: You need to fix your f****** attitude a**hole!

(The guest then left the lobby and went up to his room. The best part: the rest of his group returned a few minutes later and he wouldn’t answer his phone to come down and get his burger, so they gave it to me. Karma never tasted better)

Serving Sonic

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While cashiering, I have a break in customers and work on some straightening. When I next look up, I see a couple going over their items with a woman cradling her substantial amount of fabric. Then, I see something that looks like a tiny paw reach out. I am too far away to be sure, but I assume it has to be a kitten to be that small. 

They soon come up to my register as I’m the only cashier open, and I ask for the fabric ticket to scan, as well as the usual customer service questions. Just as I’m asking them how their evening is going, the woman sets down the fabric and it rustles. She asks me if I want to see their new baby and starts to uncover the top of this vague fabric nest.

A hedgehog perks up and, within a moment, attempts to dash across my register!

The woman catches her pet before it can get too far away or come to any harm, and thankfully, she holds on to it in the fabric for the rest of the short transaction, both her and her partner pleased and friendly the whole time. It is hardly a bad experience but decidedly one of the stranger things to have ever crossed my register.

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You Should Scream For Your Ice Cream

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(I am a fairly unobtrusive person and tend to step lightly. I am at the mall with some friends. We decide to get sandwiches for lunch and then look around the mall before we have to leave. One of my friends has gone to a creamery across the way from the sandwich shop and tells us that it is really good, so when I finish my sandwich I go to get some ice cream of my own. That section of the mall is fairly empty; I am the only person anywhere near the creamery except for the lone employee behind the counter, reading something on his phone. I walk up to the counter and bend to read the labels over the ice cream. I read all of them and the employee doesn’t notice me. I take my time and read all the labels on the toppings. Still no reaction from the employee. I read all the syrup labels. Still no reaction. By now I am getting a little concerned, even if it has been nice to have the time to read the labels without making the employee wait.)

Me: “Um… Excuse me?”

Employee: *jumps* “Oh, sorry, miss! I didn’t see you there!”

(He made my ice cream and apologized for not noticing when I came up to the counter. The ice cream was delicious and when I told my friends what had happened they joked that I could be a burglar!)

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As Time Goes Pie

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(A couple has been wandering around checking out our display cakes. They then approach the counter to order.)

Woman: “I want half of that pie.” *points at the showcase*

Me: “I’m sorry, madam, but I’m afraid we don’t sell them that way. We sell mini pies and full-sized ones.”

Man: “But we want half of that one!”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir. But I’m afraid we don’t sell them that way.”

(Both huff in annoyance.)

Man: “Fine. We’ll take the whole pie… but you have to slice it for us!”

Me: “Sorry… but I’m afraid I’m not experienced in that area. I don’t generally slice pies. But I can ask one of our production team if they could—”

Woman: “Yes, go do that! We only want sliced pie!”

(I try to keep my temper as I take the pie to the back and ask my coworker to slice it. I return up front, waiting for her to bring it up. The customers have returned to looking around the shop. My coworker brings me the nicely-sliced pie in no time. I begin to ring them up on the register.)

Me: “Excuse me! Sir, madam! Your pie is ready! She did a good job at cutting it.”

(They storm up to the register.)

Man: “God, what is your hurry?! Are you trying to make us leave?!”

Woman: “Stop trying to rush us! It’s bad customer service! You need to calm down, young lady!”

Man: “And you shouldn’t yell in the store! We’ll check out when we’re good and ready! we’re not done looking! So take a breath already! You need to learn to slow down! Don’t rush us!”

Me: *speechless for a second* “I’m sorry, I wasn’t trying to rush you… Please take your time.”

(After wandering around the store a bit longer, I checked them out and they left, grumbling about how this little shopping excursion had taken up too much time “just for a d*** pie.”)

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Me: [open my mouth to say hi to the customer who is walking by]
Customer: Fine, thanks! [hurries off like she’s afraid I’m going to grab her and wrestle her into my chair and apply makeup against her will]

[At least she said it nicely?]