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What Kind Of Men Has She Been Dating?!

, , , , , , | Working | August 26, 2022

I am getting my nails done and making small talk with the nail tech. 

Nail Tech: “So, do you have any children?”

Me: “I do! Two little girls.”

Nail Tech: “How old are they?”

Me: “My oldest is four, and I recently had the second. She’s about five months.”

Nail Tech: “Who’s watching them?”

Me: “Er, my husband. Their dad.”

The tech looks at me, shocked.

Nail Tech: “Who’s going to change her diaper when she needs it?!”

I’m confused into silence for a moment.

Me: “He will.”

Nail Tech: “You let your husband change your daughter’s diaper? I never let my husband do that with my daughters. It’s unnatural.”

Me: “He’s their parent, too. Why wouldn’t he change diapers?”

Nail Tech: “Men should not be changing girls’ diapers.”

Me: “Do you think women shouldn’t change boys’ diapers?”

Nail Tech: “That’s different!”

Me: “How so?”

Nail Tech: “It just is! It’s different when it’s the mom. Moms aren’t going to do anything.”

Me: “And neither is my husband. I wouldn’t have married or had children with him if I felt otherwise.”

We sit in silence while she finishes my nails and I go to pay. 

Nail Tech: “Next time, have your mother or his mother watch your daughters, instead.”

I didn’t tip.