Spiderman And Newsrooms Don’t Mix

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(Newsrooms are no stranger to weird, angry, or silly viewer calls, and on most days, our assignment manager quickly takes care of them. On weekends, though, there are only a handful of people available to take calls. This one happens on our new weekend anchor’s first night on the job.)

Anchor: “[News Station], this is [Anchor]. Uh-huh. Okay, well, I don’t know if— You say you sent an email earlier? Okay, well, sir, I don’t— Hang on.”

(He puts the caller on hold and shouts to the newsroom:)

Anchor: “Hey, did anyone get an email about a spider? This guy wants us to tell him what kind it is.”

(It was an ordinary garden spider that he found in his backyard, and our anchor tells him so.)

Anchor: “Now he wants us to tell him what he should do about it.”

(I gesture for the phone.)

Me: “Hi, sir. Do you have a broom? Swat it.” *click*

Their Sanity’s Days Are Numbered

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(I work in the drive-thru, taking orders at a popular chicken-based fast food chain.)

Me: “Good evening. This is [My Name]. What can I get for you?”

Customer: *with a pause to think* “I’ll have a number four.”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir. Could you please tell me exactly what you’d like to order?”

Customer: “A number four!”

Me: “There are no numbers on that board, sir. I don’t know what you’re referring to.”

License To Kill The Sale, Part 2

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(I’m a cashier at a well-known toy store chain. This particular store is an express location set up just for the holiday season, as part of an outdoor mall. It is not uncommon for shoppers to make their purchases and leave the items at the store to pick up later. This customer is an adult.)

Customer: “If I buy something here, can I leave it with you until I finish shopping?”

Me: “Sure. I would just need to look at your ID before and after, to confirm who you are and which order is yours.”

Customer: “But I don’t have my ID.”

Me: “You have no form of identification at all? A driver’s license?”

Customer: “No, I don’t carry any around with me. I shouldn’t need one to just come get some toys!”

(I’m baffled that an adult had no way to identify themselves to any official entity. She ended up leaving without buying anything. I hope she wasn’t driving home without a license!)

License To Kill The Sale

And She Would Have Gotten Away With It, Too…

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(I am a cashier in a popular toy store around the holiday season. One of my coworkers neglects to give a customer two of her many bags, since we often have to place items behind the counter as we bag due to the limited amount of space we have at the register. The customer’s name is written with the bags, and she returns the next day to pick them up.)

Me: “I was told what happened, and I’m very sorry for the inconvenience.”

(The customer seems content with the apology as I hand her the items, but she becomes dismayed as she gives the items a cursory glance.)

Customer: “Where’s my Scooby-Doo mobile?”

Me: “It’s not included in the bags?”

Customer: “No, it’s not in here!”

Me: “Someone may have found it in a bag separate from the others and returned it to the shelf. Do you have your receipt?”

Customer: “No. But I bought it yesterday.”

Me: “I’m sorry, but I can’t give the item to you if I’m not positive that you bought it with your previous purchase. Let me get my supervisor.”

(The customer grows more and more upset as my supervisor and I discuss what should be done. We’re an express version of this toy store and have very little in-house authority. My supervisor steps away to make a call to headquarters to ask what can be done, as she lacks the authority to give anything away without permission.)

Customer: “This is ridiculous. I drove all the way back here from [Different County, over an hour away]. This is taking too long. I’ll just buy another one. I can’t believe this.”

(The customer continues to complain while buying another of the missing item. She quickly leaves right before my supervisor returns.)

Supervisor: “Where’d she go? I finally got in touch with corporate and they said we could give her a new one for free.”

Me: “She bought another one, which I’m guessing she was willing to do because she hadn’t actually bought the first one.”

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(I’m an 18-year-old girl, about 5’2″. I work the drive-thru at a popular chicken-based fast food chain. It is just past closing time, and a customer knocks on the locked drive-thru window.)

Manager: *an average-sized adult man* “[My Name], go see what that guy wants.”

(I brush off the fact that this is clearly an unsafe situation and unlock and open the window. The customer is a large man in a pick-up truck.)

Customer: “I’d like some chicken for $5.”

Me: “Okay, well we have a $5 meal, which comes with two pieces of chicken, a small side and a drink!”

Customer: “Nah… I’m gonna give you $5, you just give me some chicken in a box.”

Me: “I’m afraid I can’t do that, sir.”

Customer: “What, you’re just going to throw it away anyway…”

Me: “The dark meat, yes, but we use the leftover white meat for other recipes. I’m also only an hourly worker; I can’t make those types of transactions.”

Customer: *fidgets in his seat and grows visibly annoyed*

Me: “…let me get my manager.”

(I walk away and let the manager barter away the dark-meat chicken we were going to throw away at the end of the night. While I’m glad the food was going to use, I’m certain that the manager was pocketing the money for the exchange, since the location he’d previous managed was shut down due to fraudulent errors in the books.)