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I work in a college which is located next door to a famous museum, which is frequently visited by many tourists. Although the museum has a 10-foot sign at the door which can be seen and easily read from the bottom of the street, this always happens:
Tourist: “Is this where I buy tickets?”
Me: “I’m sorry; you’re in the wrong building. The [Museum] is next door: go outside, cross the road and turn right. It’s the next one along.”
Tourist: “So I go outside and turn left?”
Me: *internally screaming, externally smiling* “Let me show you.”
(I take them out and direct them again. When I’m back at my desk, the phone rings.)
Me: “Good morning, [College].”
Caller: “Is this the [Museum]?”
Yep, they somehow manage to find the phone number for a building next to the one they want. Happens six times a day.

Souls… Twenty-One Souls

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I work at a museum and we have a ride that you can pay extra for. A man walks up to my coworker at the ticketing desk with three young boys.

Guest: “Can we do the ride?”

Coworker: “Sure! You can buy tickets from me right here. So, is it just three children or are you riding, as well?”

Guest: “Just the three kids.”

Coworker: “All right.”

My coworker punches the order into the computer.

Coworker: “Looks like your total is twenty-one.”

Guest: “Twenty-one what?”

Coworker: *blinks* “Dollars?”

The guest left.

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You Wasting Your Time Is Not My Concern

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I work at a museum with a ride you can pay extra for. However, the line takes a very long time to get through, so when it’s busy, we have to stop selling tickets quite a while before closing. The exhibit has an entrance and an exit door. I go to put out the closed sign and shut the entry door. A little girl sees me do this.

Girl: “Are you guys closed?”

Me: “Sorry, we are.”

Another girl, who I assume is her sister, speaks up.

Other Girl: “Look, the exit door is still open!”

Three girls and their dad sprint over to the exit door before I can close it and run up to the ticketing desk where my coworker is cleaning up.

Dad: “Hi. We’d like to buy three tickets for the ride.”

Coworker: “I’m sorry, but we’re closed.”

Dad: “But the museum doesn’t close until five!”

Coworker: “Yes, but there are still lots of people in line, and by the time we get to all of them, it will be five.”

Dad: “So, if we wait until the end of the line is done and it’s not five yet, can we go?”

Coworker: “No, I’ve already shut down the card reader and turned in my cash.”

Dad: “Okay.”

The family sits in the waiting area for the whole thirty or forty minutes it takes to get through the line. Once the last group rides, it’s a couple of minutes past five.

Dad: “Cool, so can we ride now?”

Coworker: “No, we’re still closed.”

Dad: “But we just waited here for thirty minutes!”

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They Want Virtual Reality But They Don’t Live In Actual Reality

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I work at a museum. We recently installed a virtual reality exhibit guests can pay extra to try. Two guests walk in.

Me: “Hello! Let me know if you guys have questions or want to buy tickets.”

They do not acknowledge me and keep walking toward the arcade setup.

Coworker: “Hello! Let me know if you guys have questions.”

They do not acknowledge him, either, walk straight into an arcade bay, and start fiddling with the equipment. 

Coworker: “Hey, did you all want to buy tickets?”

Guest: “You have to buy tickets? I wish we’d known that!”

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The Last 500 Years Just Flew By!

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I work at a museum hosting an exhibit about Leonardo Da Vinci.

Guest: *To my coworker* “Leo Da Vinci, huh? That guy still around?”

Coworker: “I don’t think so.”

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