Time To Tap Out

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(We’re picking up tickets for a movie and my friend wants to pay using the PayPass system of placing the debit card on the EFTPOS machine.)

Employee: “That comes to [price].”

Friend: “Can I tap that?”

Employee: *stunned silence*

(I and Employee #2 are laughing at this point.)

Friend: “Oh, god… Sorry!”

Employee #1: “That’s okay. You can tap that!” *laughs*

Friend: *grabs popcorn and flees*


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I use to work at a movie theater and it was one of the Twlights premier which sells out FAST.

Customer: My daughter needs one ticket to Twilight

Me: Ma’am I’m sorry but the movie is sold out. (it was sold out to 0)

Customer: But my daughters friend has a seat for her in there.

Me: I can not sell any tickets because my computer says I have no more seats.

The customer’s daughter calls her friend inside the theater.

Customer: Her friend says that there is an empty seat right next to her.

Me: But ma’am I can not sell any tickets because my computer says 0.

Customer: How is that possible when there is an empty seat right next to her.

Me: I am not sure but I can’t sell a ticket.

Customer: But there is an empty seat and my daughter needs a ticket.

I turn my computer for her to see

Me: See ma’am I have no tickets to sell.

They walk away for a minute and as they do another person comes up and refunds their ticket, so now I have one.
Customer comes up again

Customer: You sure you don’t have any tickets?

Me: Well someone just refunded theirs so now I have 1.

Customer: Finally, I need that one.

Me: Oook


Not-So-Smart-Phone: The Movie

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(I’m checking theaters on a busy weekend, which means walking into each theater and making sure people aren’t on their phones, etc. A guy sitting on the very front row of a crowded theater has his MASSIVE phone out and even holds it up where everyone in the theater can see it, so I go up to him.)

Me: “Sir, I’m going to have to ask you to turn off your phone.”

Customer: “What phone?”