Feels He Has License To Scream

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(I’m an attendant at a movie theatre, and we offer a service for people who are partially or fully deaf. They can utilise a piece of equipment that either enhances the volume through personal headphones, or displays captions on a personal monitor. However, the equipment is quite expensive, and thus we retain the customer’s license when we hand it out.)

Elderly Lady: *with husband* “Hello, we would like two senior tickets to [Movie], and may I have the audio enhancement?”

Me: “Of course. That will be [total], and do you have your driver’s license on you? I just need it to be able to hand over the equipment to you.”

Husband: *beginning to fume* “Her license?!”

Me: *a bit confused at his outrage, but happy to further explain* “Yes, the equipment is quite expensive, so we just need to retain the license while it’s in use; you will get it back as soon as the feature concludes.”

Husband: “That’s discrimination! Do you ask for other’s people licenses?!”

Me: “Yes, we require everyone to hand over their license.”

Husband: “So, because people have hearing difficulty, you need their license? That’s discrimination.”

Me: “People who have difficulty hearing are generally the people using the equipment, but the protocol would be the same for anyone who wished to use the equipment, also.”

(The wife, who remained placid throughout the exchange, now talked quietly to husband, who stepped aside again, still angry. She slid her license across the counter. I retrieved the equipment and completed the transaction, still a little unsure why he became so angry. She came out afterwards, praising both the movie and the equipment. He glared at me from across the foyer.)

Difficult To Read With Buckeye

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(I am working the box office at a small indie movie theater. Two girls with giant coffee drinks walk past three signs saying that we don’t allow outside food or drink and come up to the counter.)

Me: “How can I help you?”

Girl: “Can we get two student tickets to [Movie]?”

Me: “Sure! But just so you know, we don’t allow outside food or drinks in the theater, so you’ll have to finish those down here before you go up to the theater.”

Girl:Ugh! But we just bought these!”

Me: “I’m so sorry, but we do have signs up saying we don’t allow outside food or drinks.”

(I point to the signs.)

Girl: “But… We’re from Ohio!”

Me: “Do they not read in Ohio?”

(The girls laughed nervously and left.)

When You Try To Jump The Queue, The Queue Jumps You

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(I work in a movie theatre. It is reasonably busy today, and we have three lines operating: a line for just tickets where I am the cashier, a line for online pre-bookings, and a line for tickets and candy bar. The line for just tickets is significantly shorter than the other two.)

Customer: “Hi! I’d like one ticket to [Movie].”

Me: “Here you go; you’ll be in [cinema]. Have a nice day.”

Customer: *in hushed tones* “Dear, would I also be able to have a small Coke Zero?”

Me: “I’m afraid you will have to queue in the line on the far side.” *gesturing*

Customer: “But it’s so long!”

Me: “I know, but all those people over there are also wanting tickets and candy bar. It would be unfair to serve you before them, from the incorrect line.”

(She disappears, and I serve the few people left in the queue. Then I go to assist with the candy bar and online pre-bookings queues. I notice she has stepped in the front of the online bookings queue, which has also thinned out, to have a go with another cashier. I intercept.)

Me: *leaning over the counter near the online pre-bookings queue* “Hi, was it just the small Coke Zero?”

Customer: *she thinks she’s hit the jackpot, and smiles gleefully* “Yes, just the Coke, no ice.”

Me: “Great, just in the candy bar queue there. Thanks.”

(She finally moved into the correct queue, grumbling.)

Serve Or Die

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(I work at a REALLY busy movie theater with huge lines that go out the door because of this crazy Star Wars release. I am on register in concession next to my friend who starts coughing because of the popcorn fumes. Her coughing eventually gets so bad that I send her to the backroom to drink some water. The man she was just helping starts yelling at me 20 seconds later.)

Man: “Um, hi, excuse me! Yeah, can you just finish up this transaction here? I have somewhere to be.”

Me: “Sorry, I can’t actually touch her register; it’s policy.”

Man: *starts yelling louder, livid at this point* “So, you’re telling me that I have to miss my very expensive movie because some girl is dying?!

Me: *highly annoyed* “No, no, of course not. You can leave your line and hop on the end of mine.” *there are another 60 people in my line*

Man: *storms off without buying his food* “Un-f******-believable”

Unfiltered Story #113065

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(Our theatre opens directly onto the street, and I’m cleaning the huge windows with a long squeegee. An elderly lady approaches the building)

Lady: *chirpily* “You’re getting fat!”

(I’m briefly taken aback)

Lady: *a moment of confusion flitters across her face before it drops to horror and she rushes to correct herself* Fit! Fit! You’re getting Fit!

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