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I have an obscure Celtic name which is similar to a very common English name (just one letter different) and so I’m used to people seeing my name badge and asking about it. I’ve lived in East London my whole life and have a strong East London accent.

Customer: Hmm, where are you from?
Me: I’m from London, but my family’s from Scotland.
Customer: Ah, I knew it! You have a strong accent. I can tell you’ve been here a while, but I’d recognise that accent anywhere. I used to live in Glasgow [a city in Scotland with a very strong accent, very unlike the East London one] too.
Me: Oh? Wow, that’s nice.

He walks away looking very proud of himself. I’m still confused, hours later.

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Some friends and I go to go see a movie at the local theater. It is a newly released movie, so the show is sold out; we got tickets ahead of time. When we get into the theater, we find people sitting in our seats.

Me: “Oh, hey, I’m sorry, but those are our seats, and since the show is sold out, I can’t really move to another seat.”

The couple looks confused.

Man: “Um, no, these are our seats.”

He presents his tickets, and lo and behold, they have the same seats as we do. We all go outside and speak to the help desk. As it turns out, they accidentally purchased the same seats but for a different time. They apologize, and we return to the theater. 

However, the lady sitting directly in front of us seems to think we are seat thieves.

Lady: “You teenagers should have shown respect to that couple. You come in here and steal the seats of people already sitting!”

She glares at us, but as the movie is starting, she settles down.

About fifteen minutes into the movie, I lean over to my friend to ask if I could have some of her candy. The lady spins around in her seat and hisses at us.

Lady: “If you and your little friend are going to insist on talking through this whole movie, you’d better rethink that now.”

We were confused and simply nodded, not wanting any further trouble. When the movie was over, we saw the lady in the lobby complaining to the help desk and insisting she needed a refund because we had ruined the experience.

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It was Thanksgiving. THANKSGIVING. A time to be thankful. A time for joy. This lady came in with her daughter and were looking around to figure out some movies to rent. I’m doing some chores because it’s slow and the holidays, and when I look up I see her and her child standing off the side of the counter we don’t use. They were flipping through the movie pamphlet, so I assumed they were still figuring out things to watch. I let them do that for a couple minutes and then I pop up and ask, “Are you all set to check out?” She look at me and in the snottiest voice possible says, “What do you think?” and looked back the movie list. I wasn’t very good with sarcasm at the time, so it took me a moment to register she was being a complete jackwagon to me. I awkwardly stood there for a hot minute, and then went up behind the counter and told her to come over the other side. I had just been home for less than 24 hours with my family, hardly celebrated one of my favorite holidays with them, and then drove back to work to deal with that crap. People disgust me.

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(Note:I am extremely epileptic and have just come out of the bathroom of a movie theater, and two high school girls have just “strobed” me which is just flashing a strobe light in someone’s face and had a seizure,so this is just a REALLY rough account)

Girl #1:Oh my god what do we do?!
Girl #2:Just grab him and don’t let anyone see him!
Employee:Hey what happened to this kid?!
Girl #2:He’s our cousin and he had a seizure so we’re taking him to a hospital.
Employee:I should probably go call an ambulance!
Girl #2:No!Just let us take him to the hospital!
(Note:This is the first time I’ve been out with my dad in months)
Dad:What happened?!
Girl #2:Our cousin had a seizure.
Dad:He’s not your cousin.I have never seen you two in my life,and I know all my nieces.
Girl #2(continues to insist that she’s my cousin)

(Finally the EMT and police,who were called when my dad came over,arrive and I am taken to a hospital and the girls are arrested.And the worst part is I couldn’t see my dad again for another month due to legal reasons

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I am on an ushering shift, and standing at the ticket check. One of our popular films has a short turnaround, so people are waiting to go in before the last showing finishes. My coworker radios me to let me know she’s finished cleaning it.

Me: Anyone waiting for Screen 5, [Film title]?
Customer: (jumps up from the chair and rushes over)
Me: (sees ticket) This is Screen 3 [Completely different sounding film]?
Customer: Yes.
Me: …Okay (reads seat number off) Enjoy your film.

The film they were seeing was halfway through the trailers, and they could have gone in nearly half an hour ago. I have no idea why they were waiting, nor why they suddenly jumped up when I called out a different film.