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(Bear in mind that the digital sign, all of which light up with BRIGHT RED lettering, outside the theater 1 has been down for repairs for almost a month. Also bear in mind that it’s almost the holidays, and that’s when all the mean stupid customers emerge from hiding. Note too that this scenario has happened no less than five times.)

Customer: Where is *movie in theater 1 name* again?

Me: (I know I told this customer not five minutes ago where to go, but I figured she might not have been listening) It’s in theater 1 m’am.

Customer: (irritably) Well it didn’t say the name outside the theater!

Me; I’m sorry that’s because the sign is down for repairs, but I assure you, *movie name* is in theater 1.

What I wanted to say: Listen honey, I’ve been here for a year. If I tell you something is in theater 1, it’s.in theater 1. I know what I’m about.

(seriously, how do you not notice the bright red glowing letters on all the other theaters? How do you not notice the wires sticking out where the sign is supposed to be? Red is the easiest color (unless your colorblind of course) for the human eye to see. It’s not rocket science.)

(I’ve just taken to telling the customers that the sign is down, since they so obviously can’t figure that out on their own, so that they stop yelling at me for sending me to the wrong theater)

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I’m planning to meet up with my friend to go see Fantastic Beasts. I had planned to go for an early showing, but it turned out, this showing didn’t exist. It turned out that I had been looking at the wrong site for the cinema times and the next showing was going to be an hour later.
My friend an I weren’t too bothered honestly, since it wasn’t much time and we had no other plans, but the guy at the counter went to the trouble of giving us both discounts, premium seats and offering us free coffee!
He really didn’t have to go to so much trouble over something so small, and what was ultimately my fault, but it was very sweet of him and my hat goes off to him, where ever he may be.

When They Use Their Grandkids As Ammo

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I am working at the box office at our theater when an older woman comes up to buy tickets to a popular kids’ movie.

Me: “Unfortunately, earlier in the day the film burned and we are still fixing it, so we won’t be able to play it.”

She looks very angry and storms off. She comes back a couple of minutes later with a very young girl who it turns out is her granddaughter and says:

Customer: “Fine. You can tell her she can’t see the movie on her birthday! That’s all she wanted to do and I promised her we’d see it.”

I try to explain to the woman again that there’s nothing we can do and she just points to her granddaughter. So, I’m forced to explain to the girl as simply as I can:

Me: “The movie caught on fire a little bit and we have to fix it. We can’t play it, honey.”

She is immediately crestfallen and starts to sob. The grandmother looks at me and says:

Customer: “I hope you’re happy.”

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The Cup Runneth Over With Demands

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I am working the concessions stand when the theater first opens up for the day. A family consisting of a mother, a father, a son who is probably around ten, and a daughter who is around three approaches me.

Mother: “Hey, could we get a #2—” *a large popcorn and two large drinks* “—but instead of one of the large drinks can we get two regular drinks?”

Me: “Yes, I can ring you up for a #1—” *a large popcorn and one large drink* “—and add on the two regular drinks.”

Mother: “No, I want the #2, but I want two regular drinks instead of one of the large drinks.”

Me: *Confused* “Yeah, that’s what I’m ringing you up for. A large popcorn, one large drink, and two regular drinks.”

Mother: *Rolls her eyes* “No. I want the #2, but instead of one of the large drinks, I want two regular cups. The large cups are too big for her to carry.”

She points to the little girl. Our large cups are very big; they’re basically buckets. But the father or the son, who is sharing the soda with the girl, could carry it.

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but the only way I can give you two regular cups is if you pay for them.”

The mother finally gives in and just gets a #2. They go to the side to fill their sodas when I hear a soda crash to the ground. The mother walks back up to the stand.

Mother: “She dropped it; could we get another cup? Maybe a regular.”

Me: *Nearly boiling with anger* “I’m sorry. I can give you another large cup, but for inventory purposes, I cannot give you a regular cup.”

I gave her the cup after she rolled her eyes again, and then I went to fill the mop bucket to clean up the spill. As I was filling the bucket up, I told my coworker and manager the story over our walkie talkies. My manager came and grabbed the bucket from me, and I returned to my post. I thought my manger was going to clean the spill up for me, but I saw her approach the mother at the butter station. My manager made her clean up the soda spill.

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One of my primary jobs is to clean up an auditorium once a movie finished. I’m aware that people will sneak in things that they shouldn’t, but unless we can see it, there’s no real way to stop it. What always came off as a slap in the face was when they left whatever they snuck in sitting around.

Case in point, I’m cleaning out one of the auditoriums. As I’m sweeping up the floor, I feel my foot knock over a cup that was placed on the ground. I look down and realize someone had been using it to spit their dip, and it spilled out all over the floor when I knocked it over! I always thought dipping was a disgusting habit, but if you have to, throw it away once you’re done, and definitely don’t leave it on the floor!