An Inside Look Into The Gay Agenda And… Ooh! Popcorn!

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(I work in a movie theatre. A customer approaches the kiosk.)

Me: “Hello. Can I get you anything?”

Customer: “A large popcorn, please.” *as I’m filling a box* “It’s very pretty in here. Is it always like this?”

Me: “Oh, no. Two of our managers just got engaged to each other, and seeing as it’s Pride Month, we decided to celebrate a little.”

Customer: “Oh!” *looks around* “So, this is what it’s like to be inside the Gay Agenda. It’s very colourful.”

(He then left the kiosk and walked into his screening, while I stood there shouting, asking if she still wanted his popcorn.)

The Crazies Are Out In The Daytime, Too

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I am a customer in this story. My work is unexpectedly closed on a Wednesday due to a power outage, so I decide to go see a movie by myself. I am an adult female in my 20s, but I really enjoy animated movies, so I buy a ticket for the most recent Pixar film.

It is a weekday at noon, so the theater is not very crowded, and when I go to sit down I am the only one there. I take a seat in the center row, and a few minutes later a woman and two kids around age eight to ten come in. One of the kids runs up to the row I am in and sits down, leaving one seat between me and him. I don’t think anything of it because a lot of people like to sit in the center row.

But then, the woman tells him to move because I have someone else coming to sit next to me and he should leave some space. I politely tell her that, no, I am actually here alone, so it’s fine. She goes completely crazy, yelling that it is weird for an adult to be coming alone to see a kids’ movie and that I am some kind of pervert because I really want her kid to sit near me. She drags her kids out of the theater and comes back a few minutes later with a manager, still screaming I am trying to hurt her kids. After I, the employee, and even her kids try to explain to her that I wasn’t doing anything wrong, she is still yelling, so I just decide to leave because I don’t want to ruin the movie for her kids. Luckily, the theater gives me a free ticket for later that night and free popcorn, so I come back with my boyfriend.

FYI, some people like to go see movies alone when they have a day off; that doesn’t mean they are creepy perverts.

Can’t Keep A Lid On How Crazy That Is

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(I work at a movie theater that has annual popcorn buckets. You buy the bucket for $25 dollars at the beginning of the year and fill it up for $5 each time you come back. We also sell lids for these buckets separately for $1.50. Yes, I know that’s ridiculous. This happens to be the cheapest thing on our menu, and this is what happens weekly.)

Customer: “I want a bucket lid.”

(I grab a lid and hand it to them.)

Customer: “No, I want the popcorn that comes with the bucket lid.”

It’s A Show Down

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(I go to see “The Kid Who Would Be King” at the movie theater. It is during the day, and I am in seat D6 with it empty all the way to the aisle on one side of me. This is important. We get to where it’s about fifteen minutes to the end of the movie, and this dad comes in holding a baby and tickets to the next showing.)

Dad: “We’re in D4, 5, 6, and 7.”

(He is looking at me like he fully expects me to apologize and move.)

Me: “Well, maybe you are, but I’m still using one of those!”

(He turned and left the theater. I mean, if sitting down right then was that important to him, he could have sat in one of the empty seats with no problem, but I’m not moving before the movie has even ended to make room for people attending the next show.)

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*We have five popcorn makers at our theater, four of which are currently broken. I hvae been making fresh popcorn all morning, transporting it from the one working machine to the broken ones, so that things at least LOOK nice.  I only serve guests out of the machine that works, though, so they can have fresh, hot popcorn. I’ve just finished making another batch, when a man approaches my counter.*

Me: Hey there! What can I get for you?

Customer: Can I get a large popcorn?

Me: Sure thing! *I head to the working machine to get him the fresh popcorn, which is the machine farthest away from my register.*

Man: Going on a journey for my popcorn, eh? *joking tone*

Me: Haha, yeah. *returning* That popper has the freshest popcorn, I just made it a minute ago.

Man: Oh, well, thank you!

*He pays and is on his way, and I think nothing of it. A few moments later, though, he’s back, with his full bag of popcorn*

Man: Um, this popcorn is cold.

Me: What?

Man: The popcorn. It’s cold.

Me: That– doesn’t make any sense, I just popped it. I’m so sorry! *taking the bag from him. The bag is still warm. I hold my hand over the popcorn to see if it’s radiating heat, which it is. I look at him, confused*

Man: Yeah. It’s just no good. 

Me: … Let me get you some fresh? *I toss the popcorn in his bag into the garbage, and then refill the bag with popcorn form the exact same popper as before, before handing it back to him*

Man: *eating some of the popcorn* Much better. You should only ever serve fresh popcorn!

Me: I’ll… keep that in mind.

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