Pig-Headed About The Tickets

| USA | Right | January 25, 2017

(It’s a very busy day with a popular new family film playing. As many customers now simply pre-order tickets online and print them off at the box office, things are going smoothly, until a man and his four kids approach me. He puts his phone down, displaying a screenshot of the QR code we have to scan to print. I try scanning it three times, but I keep getting an error message, so I try manually entering the confirmation number twice. It doesn’t work either time.)

Me: “Hmm… Any chance you can show me the confirmation e-mail on your phone, sir? If I see it, I can probably just let you in without having to print tickets.”

Customer: “Sure.”

(He brings up the email and I instantly notice the error… he’s bought tickets for the wrong theater.)

Me: “Oh, jeez. I’m sorry, sir, but you’ve actually bought tickets from [Competitor]. Thankfully, your show doesn’t begin for nearly twenty minutes, so you might be able to make it just in time if you head over there now.”

Customer: “Just print ‘em out and I’ll see it here.”

Me: “Unfortunately, sir, I can’t do that.”

Customer: “Why?”

Me: “Because you bought tickets from our competitor. I can’t print your tickets out as our system won’t recognize them.”

Customer: “But I spent $40 on tickets!”

Me: “I’m really sorry, but I really can’t give you these tickets.”

Customer: “Just let me in for free, then.”

Me: “I’m sorry, but I can’t do that, sir.”

Customer: “But I spent money on tickets! Moolah! Cash! Now you’re telling me I can’t have the tickets I bought!”

Me: “You certainly can, sir. They can be redeemed at the theater you purchased them from. But I won’t be able to honor your purchase here as you bought tickets from our competitor.”

Customer: *becoming aggressive* “Well, tough. I’m not getting back into my car and driving over there. I’m already here. Why won’t you give me the tickets I purchased?”

Me: “Sir… you bought tickets from our competitor. I have absolutely no way of printing them out here.”

Customer: “Just do your f****** job!”

Me: “If you want, I can get you a manager.”

Customer: “Fine. If you’re not going to help me, you bet I’m gonna get your a** fired!”

(I summon a manager who then spends nearly five minutes trying to explain to him that we have no way to redeem the tickets he purchased. He has started to blame me, and demand I be fired because in his mind, it’s my fault he bought tickets to the wrong theater. Of course my manager refuses. At one point, to try and calm him down, we offer him some free popcorn vouchers, and he finally concedes to buy tickets for the showtime at our theater. My manager rings him out, not wanting me to have to deal with him, as he’s continuing to demand I be fired or punished. A few hours later, he walks up to me right as he’s leaving…)

Customer: “Thanks for making me waste $40, you fat hog!”

(He then made pig oinking noises at me, and glared at me as he walked out of the door. Yes, he actually oinked at me… a man who was at least in his mid 40s, making fun of a guy in his 20s, because HE bought the wrong tickets.)

Fandom Gone Rogue

| Anchorage, AK, USA | Friendly | January 16, 2017

(This is a conversation between Friend #1, who is a Trekkie, and my husband and me, in the movie theater before ‘Rogue One’ begins…)

Friend #1: “Okay there are Trekkies, Browncoats, Whovians… What do you call Star Wars fans… Nerfherders?”

Husband: “Until you have a television serial and a bunch of rabid fans takes over the dorm TV room on a weekly basis and piss people off, you don’t get a named fandom.”

Friend #1: “Yeah, but how do they refer to themselves even?”

Me: *waves hand while looking intently at [Friend #1]* “Our fandom does not NEED a label. Move along.”

About To Have A Stellar Argument

| Melbourne, VIC, Australia | Friendly | January 11, 2017

(My friend and I have just seen the movie ‘Interstellar.’ We are walking out of the cinema next to a couple of people. The male figure speaks up)

Guy: “I absolutely hated Interstellar. I HATE SciFi/space movies!”

Me: *to my friend* “Then why the hell did he come see ‘Interstellar’? What did he think it was going to be about?”

Gunning For A Punchline

| NY, USA | Right | January 11, 2017

(Our theater has a “No Weapons” sign outside.)

Customer: “I saw you had a ‘no weapons’ sign out front?”

Me: “Yup. We put that up due to the recent tragedies that have occurred at theaters.”

Customer: *snarky* “Well, how do you know I don’t have a gun under my shirt? I could be packing heat!”

Me: “Well, sir… I’d call the police to inform them of any guest whom I might be suspicious of.”

Customer: “But wouldn’t you get in trouble for disturbing a peace officer for doing something like that?”

Me: “Sir, $9 an hour isn’t worth my life. If you’re trying to tell me you have a gun, I’ll call the police and radio my manager this instant.”

Customer: *lifting his shirt to show me he’s unarmed* “I’m not armed! Jeez, you’re such a kill-joy!”

(He leaves.)

Me: “Who the h*** thinks it’s funny to joke about having a gun in the wake of several real-life shootings?”

Coworker: “He’s the second one this week.”

(Seriously, don’t do this. It’s disturbing and freaks us out.)

Needs More Guidance On Parental Guidance

| Devon, England, UK | Working | January 4, 2017

(I’m working on the counter with one of the supervisors. It’s quiet save for the one customer he is serving at his till.)

Customer: “Can I get two child tickets for [Film]? I don’t want to watch it so I just want to drop them off.”

Supervisor: “Sure, can I ask how old are they, please?”

Customer: “They’re 11.”

Supervisor: “Sorry, [Film] is a 12A, which means under-12s have to be accompanied by someone who is 18 or over. We can’t allow under-12s on their own.”

Customer: “For god’s sake, that’s ridiculous! They want to watch the film! I don’t WANT to watch it!”

Supervisor: “Sorry, I’m afraid it’s our policy. There isn’t anything we can do, unfortunately.”

Customer: “Forget about it!” *storms out with the boys who are now disappointed they can’t watch the film*

Me: “Erm, [Supervisor]? You know you said the 12A thing is our policy?”

Supervisor: “Yeah?”

Me: “More like, it’s the law.”

Supervisor: “Oh…”

Me: *shocked* “You didn’t know that?”

Supervisor: “Erm…” *goes into the office*

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