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(I am helping a woman who is too drunk to use the key card reader to get into her room.)

Woman: “My keyssssh won’t workkkk…”

Me: “You probably aren’t putting it in right.”

Woman: “Noooo, it’s the keysssshhh….”

(I take her key and slide it into the reader on the her door. It beeps, flashes green, and opens after I turned the handle.)

Me: “See? Everything’s fine with the key.”

Woman: *swaying* “Noooo, everything’shhh not ok wif it…Look.”

(She shuts the door, locking it, and stabs the keycard into the reader, too fast for it to read. It beeps and flashes red.)

Woman: “Sheeeee? Told you!”

Me: “Ma’am I just opened it.” *opens it again* “Try again, a little slower.”

Woman: *does it super fast again* “Sheeee? SHeeeee!”

(I advise her to stay in her room and sleep, since it was already 3 in the morning. She ignores my advice, goes into her room, leaves, and was stuck outside again! I had to help her back into her room so many times that I lost count that night because she kept leaving it. The best part was when she complained very sincerely the next day to the manager about me giving her a broken key!)

You’re The Stinkiest Person To Ever Stay In That Room

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(I work in a motel.)

Guest: “I don’t like my room and would like a new one.”

Me: “What was wrong with the room?”

Guest: “It’s a handicap room.”

Me: “Oh, so, you don’t like the additional handicap stuff?”

Guest: “No, I don’t like the smell. Everyone knows that handicapped people smell because they can’t take care of themselves.”

(I know that the room has recently been renovated.)

Me: “Well, actually—”

Guest: “WELL, IT’S TRUE! Give the room to someone else! Let it be their problem.”

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Mothers Can Be Scarier Than Robbers

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(While he was in high school my brother worked graveyard shifts for a rather shady motel. At the time a man had been going around robbing people at gunpoint, and had already killed a clerk who refused to hand over the money. My brother was unlucky enough to have that same man come in and rob him at gunpoint, and he was obviously terrified. He handed the guy the money and luckily wasn’t shot. Later, when the police and ambulance arrive, his boss finally comes down from his room in the motel.)

Boss: “You gave him all the money?! Even from the safe?!”

Brother: “Yeah, he said he’d shoot me otherwise.”

Boss: “That’s no excuse! These people never actually shoot anyone. You should have called their bluff. Now I need you to pay back the money he stole.”

Brother: “What?! I don’t have that kind of money!”

Boss: “Then I’ll keep all your paychecks until it’s paid for. Now finish out your shift. I don’t want to hear anything about you going home due to ‘emotional distress.’”

([Boss] then went back upstairs to his room and my brother finished his shift. My mother was furious when she found out, and stormed in to rip the boss a new one. Eventually the boss decided not to make my brother pay, offered him free psychological services, and gave him three days vacation time. My mom, being similarly generous, decided not to sue. My brother didn’t stay at the job long after that.)

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Behaving Like The Animals

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(I work housekeeping at a motel. One day, there is a terrible snowstorm. A coworker and I are chatting with a truck driver who has stopped for the night.)

Trucker Driver: “I don’t like [Sleazy Motel down the road]. There’s too many lizards.”

Me: “Lizards? In the wintertime?”

(The truck driver and coworker just gave me a look. About 25 years later, I finally got it. And for those who don’t know, a “lot lizard” is a prostitute that caters primarily to truck drivers.)

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No Clean Way To End This

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(My motel uses cleaning chemicals to clean each room, and one day a fussy customer takes offense to it.)

Customer: “Can you tell the maids not to use those awful chemicals to clean my room? I have allergies!”

Me: “Okay, so, you don’t want your room cleaned, then?”

Customer:No, I want it cleaned; I just don’t want those awful perfumes and stink in my room! Can you do something?!”

(I get the manager when she starts screaming, I explain, and the manager and the customer argue back and forth for a bit. She huffs off and the manager tells the housekeepers not to use chemicals to clean. Later, the customer returns, calmer.)

Customer: “The housekeepers did a good job. Tell them thank you. But it smells like feet now.”

Me: “I will.”

(A week later, the customer checked out. The housekeeper told me that the customer’s room smelled so much like dirty hair and cigarettes — we are non smoking — it was unsellable.)

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